Young Master Quan, How Have You Been? Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Quan Shi paused and asked in a slow voice: “ That woman…How is she now?”

Li Chuan was stunned for a second before he realized who the “woman” Quan Shi was referring to.

“Miss Shen, she…her wound is infected and has a slight fever.” Li Chuan looked carefully at his master’s face and continued, “The subordinates were worried that it was fatal, and without your permission, they allowed her to return to her room to recuperate.”

Quan Shi was startled for awhile and said: “ I see, you can continue with your work.”

He did not regret that Shen Shenxue was punished. She touched his sore spot and trampled on his most cherished things. It was impossible to expect to not pay any price for it.

However, when hearing Li Chuan’s words “worried it was fatal”, somehow panic formed in his heart fearing that she would indeed die.

How could there be a woman like that?

By the time Quan Shi regained himself, he found himself standing in front of Shen Shenxue’s bed gazing at her troubled sleeping face. Her body covered with motley bruises and scars, causing his emotions to waver.

He still recalls the night on the cruise ship. He was lying on a cool water bed, yet, it felt like lying in a sea of fire, suffering and powerless. He almost thought that he would die so ridiculously.

But she saved him.

Although he was cold-blooded and heartless, he was not really ungrateful. When she went in and offered her life to save him, he was grateful, or at least felt a little gratitude in his heart.

But she despised him from the very beginning, mocked him, and provoked him. On one hand, she would have sex with him, while on the other, she would look down on him, as if he were just her plaything and the man she despised most in the world.

There was no doubt that he was hurt.

Although unwilling to admit it, Quan Shi knew that the only woman who had “intimate contact” with himself was strangely scornful of him. And the fact that there might be someone instructing her made him felt unbearable.

“Shen Shenxue….” he gently mumbled her name and whispered “ How can there be a woman like you?”

She obviously didn’t do anything, but he couldn’t help but always think of her.

Quan Shi reached out and smoothed out the creases on her forehead.

The sleeping woman felt something and shook her head to avoid it. She whispered in her sleep: “ Don’t…..Don’t……”

Quan Shi’s fingers stiffened and his face was somewhat ugly. He pulled back his hand and looked coldly at Shen Shenxue on the bed.

She looked as if she was in pain, like someone who was struggling and drowning. Herer mouth was vaguely shouting “Don’t”. Gradually, a string of tears oozed out from the corners of her eyes. On the beautiful and stubborn face was a rare expression of vulnerability.

Does she often cry like this in her dreams?

Quan Shi’s mind shook and thought of the image that he saw in the monitoring room before. The dissatisfaction in his heart gradually disappeared. He pressed his lips and endured it. However, he could not hold back his hand to help her tuck in the quilt, and turned to leave the room.

“Sir.” Xiao Wu waited respectfully outside the door.

“Call the doctor to take a look.” Quan Shi tried to keep his voice cold and steady. “When you are free, take care of her and let her get better soon.”

“Yes, Sir.” Xiao Wu acknowledged.

Looking at Quan Shi’s disappearing silhouette, Xiao Wu finally believed in what Li Chuan had repeated emphasized to her before. It seems like the master sure enough treated this one differently.

Quan Shi didn’t know what Xiao Wu thought. He knew it in his heart.

What kind of compassion was there, it was merely because Shen Shenxue weeped helplessly in her dream, like a little lark in heaven.

What Quan Shi did not know that.

Just after he left, the tears in Shen Shenxue’s eyes became more turbulent.

“Brother, Don’t……”

She sobbed, struggled, and tried with no avail to catch something in the air. “Don’t leave me, Brother A-Yuan…”

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