Young Master Quan, How Have You Been? Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Shen Shenxue felt her heart tremble. The meaning of “leaving her with a single breath” was to torment her over and over again until she was on the brink of dying but wouldn’t. Quan Shi was still him after all- he Owl that was rumored to be cruel and ruthless.

Even if she had saved him before, he would still be able to kill her without any hesitation.


Shen Shenxue was brought to a dark underground punishmentroom. Both of her hands hung onto the ice-cold shackles, just like livestock waiting to be slaughtered.

A barbed whip was even brought in and this time, they even meticulously soaked it in chili water. Viciously, they thrashed her body. Every stroke brought forth scorching pain.

“Wu…..” Shen Shenxue bit her lips until the skin tore, mouth reeking of blood yet she tried not to utter a single sound. Eventually, she still couldn’t help it but let out small painful cries.


Xiao Wu was vicious in her action yet her face did not display any hatred. It’s as if what she’s doing seemed to be of no difference to wiping the table and arranging flowers.

In a one breath, Shen Shenxue had already been whipped 50 times until she did not even have to call out. Her consciousness started to slip, and just when she was about to faint, the whipping stopped. Perhaps Xiao Wu was tired, she went to sat down at the side and unhurriedly spoke.

“I do not know what did you touched that aggravated Sir but……Sir’s study should not be entered as one wishes. Especially when Doctor Su was there. This is the rule.”

“You only have to do the duties assigned to you. I did not ask you to go to the study but you acted on your own accord and even broke the rules.”

“I di-, didn’t…..” Shen Shenxue refuted weakly, “It’s her, she purposely tricked me to go there….”

“Who?” Xiao Wu suddenly stood up.

Even though punishing Shen Shenxue was a considerably pleasing matter, but she hated it even more for someone to play tricks under her watch.
“You said someone purposely set you up? What’s the name? Do you have evidence?”

Shen Shenxue sobered a little bit, slowly recalled. Her heart turned cold as she inwardly scolded herself for being too stupid.

She doesn’t even remember the appearance of that female servant. Checking the footage would not be of use either. The footage could clearly only show that the tea was brewed by her and not someone else. Mere interaction with her could not be counted as evidence.

She let out a bitter laughter, resigned to her fate as she shook her head. She softly said, “…….None.”

Xiao Wu did not chase any further and once again picked up the whip. “Since there is no evidence, there are still 10 more strokes remaining. You can only bear with it yourself.”

Pa! Pa! Whipping sounds once again ensued. Stroke followed by another, her whole body felt as if was engulfed in a sea of fire, severe pain caused her to lose herself.

Not long after, Shen Shenxue finally could not hold on anymore and completely fainted.

Groggily, she woke up. As before, she was in the same dark room. Her shackles were removed and Xiao Wu was crouching down beside her, applying medicine for her. Every single time the medicine was smeared, sharp intense pain courses through her body
“Today’s punishment was an order from the Sir. I did not miss nor did I add a fraction.” As if she was aware that she woke up, Xiao Wu applied the medicine as she spoke. “Assistant Li Chuan have me find some medicine for you, I’ve also tried my best. It’s now up to you whether you can make it through this.”

Shen Shenxue wasn’t fully sober yet. She pulled up the corner of her lips and revealed a strange mile that even her herself did not understand.

Before she lose consciousness again, she vaguely had an idea——

So it’s like that. She finally knew the reason behind Xiao Wu’s strange dislike towards her.

Li Chuan would definitely not expect that his extra good intentions to “Find her medicine”, not only failed to get her any care, but rather garnered more hatred.

Xiao Wu was really trying to buy his feelings, huh. Even though she had only been here for a few days, the amount of medicine she needed was so much.

Hah, women.

Shen Shenxue pondered blurrily. No matter how level-headed Xiao Wu was, she ultimately could not escape jealousy.

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