Young Master Quan, How Have You Been? Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

“A-Shi! Don’t be rash!”

When he saw that a life was in danger, Su Yi Wen did not have time to care about the wound on his body. He rushed towards Quan Shi and tried to pull apart his hand.

However, Quan Shi who was in the midst of his rage had astonishing strength. His hands did not budge at all.

“Let go of your hand! If you still don’t let go, she’ll die!”

Su Yi Wen watched anxiously as Shen Shenxue’s eyes very quickly rolled back. In the end, he clenched his teeth and picked up a broken vase shard, ruthlessly cutting Quan Shi’s hand.

As the strength he used was not small, Quan Shi finally let go of his hand.

Shen Shenxue fell to the ground, gasping for air.

At this time, the large movement in the study finally attracted the attentions of the people outside. Upon seeing that Quan Shi was not in any danger, the other servants stayed outside, awaiting further orders. Only Li Chuan walked in to the room.

“Sir, you’re injured!”

Li Chuan was slightly surprised. It seems that Sir and Doctor Su had some conflict but what kind of argument could have ensued such a big fight between the two who had been good friends for many years.

Quan Shi picked up the things on the ground and turned to look at Su Yi Wen. The corner of his mouth evoked a smirk. “Well, Su Yi Wen, hero saves the beauty?

He adjusted his clothes and sat down on the sofa, allowing Li Chuan to retrieve the medicine box and bandage his wound. His deep cold eyes swept over Shen Shenxue on the ground, as if looking at a dead body.
“Indeed a beauty….” His tone was ineffable. “ Really worthy for Doctor Su to forget his own loyalty, and would rather injure his old friend to save her.”

Feeling paranoid with lack of security and trust issues, the matter of Su Yi Wen scratching him, in Quan Shi’s viewpoint was an act of betrayal.

Su Yi Wen also understood this point, hurriedly explained: “It’s not like that. I wasn’t trying to save her, I was saving you.”

“Save me?” Quan Shi let out a smile that doesn’t seem like a smile at all.

“Did you not realised that every time you get enraged, you would lose your reason? Even if you kill her, would you feel happy? This kind of extreme emotion would only be bring harm to you. A-Shi, I do not want you to lose yourself.”

Quan Shi remained expressionless, but in his heart, he understood what Su Yi Wen said was right.

“Besides,” Su Yi Wen continued, “That is just a photograph.”

Dragons all have one scale that grows backwards, touching which would enrage them.

Quan Shi does not have many special ‘scales’. However, that photograph just happens to be one. Previously it was crushed into a ball by Su Yi Wen and was then stepped on by Shen Shenxue.

After listening to Su Yi Wen, Quan Shi was somewhat annoyed. But he did not make any moves again.

It’s only a photograph, nothing more. He knew that. But what this photograph captured was the happiest moment in his entire life.

His movement was gentle as he unfolded the photograph. The top of the photograph left behind creases caused by the folds. Two people could be faintly seen from the photograph; a girl with plaited hair and a youth with a vibrant smile plastered on his face.

With close examination, one could notice that the youth’s appearance was quite similar to Quan Shi.

“Think of a way to restore it.” After Quan Shi handed the photograph to Li Chuan, he once again summoned Xiao Wu to enter. His gaze looked towards Shen Shenxue and he coldly instructed “She touched something that she shouldn’t had. Punish her.”

“Yes.” Xiao Wu replied and indicated two servants to drag Shen Shenxue away.

Quan Shi had already made concession when he didn’t sentence her to death on the spot. Punishment was inevitable. Quan Shi’s heart was filled with anger but he couldn’t lay a hand on his old friend. However, he did not have to let off a female servant.


Su Yi Wen knew that he shouldn’t make a sound, but he could not control himself. After all, half of the blame this beautiful lady was taking was his….

“Hm?” Quan Shi looked at him.

In the end, under Quan Shi’s inquiring look, Su Yi Wen could only take a step back and sighed out “Don’t go overboard….”

“Did you hear that?” Quan Shi looked at Xiao Wu and mercifully said,
“Leave her a single breath.”

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