Young Master Quan, How Have You Been? Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

“Yi Wen.” Quan Shi stopped him, sighed “I regarded you as a friend.”

This was the man that could decide who lived and who died and viewed everyone coldly and mercilessly. Yet in front of him this man earnestly said, I thought of you as a friend, not just a doctor. At that, Su Yi Wen’s heart somewhat softened.

“You are also a friend that I view importantly. Otherwise, with your ‘Owl’ title, where would I find the guts to risk speaking to you like this?”

Su Yi Wen’s voice was slightly mocking as he impatiently sat back down before looking at the photo frame on the table. He sincerely tried to persuade: “A-Shi, just let the past be the past if nothing can be done about it. Let it go.”

“Let go?” Quan Shi followed his gaze, eyes seemingly lost. He laughed bitterly, “If I let go of the past, then what am I living for?”

“Live for the present, live for the future.” Su Yi Wen looked at Quan Shi seriously as he slowly spelt out.

He took a deep breath. In that instant, Su Yi Wen made up a bold decision. He took advantage of the defenceless Quan Shi and with a sleight of the hand, he raised up the photo frame and smashed it towards the ground.



The sound of the photo frame shattering and Quan Shi’s angry voice, resounded in the room. After which was yet, a plain of silence. Only the breathing sound of the two could be heard.

Quan Shi stared intensely at the broken glass on the floor. His eyes turned scarlet red, as if he had reached the peak of his anger. Yet also appeared to be deeply hurt. After a while, he slowly crouched down, ready to pick up the photograph inside the broken frame.


Su Yi Wen also did not think that he himself would commit such an impulse act. Though he felt a strange sense of thrill, but when he saw the look on Quan Shi, he inevitably became apprehensive.

Quan Shi was completely silent. Carefully, he wiped the dust off the photograph. His hands were cut by the broken glass, but his mind was too muddled to care.He was dazed, as if the one that was broken was not the photo frame…

But his heart.

“Since you can’t let it go, then I’ll do it for you!”

Since he already did it, he might as well see it through thoroughly. Su Yi Wen suddenly snatched the photograph and quickly crushed it into a ball. Just as he planned to throw it out of the window, he felt a violent prick at his chin.

Su Yi Wen teared up from the pain and unknowingly released his hand to cover his chin.

“Su, Yi, Wen.” Quan Shi violently grabbed at his collar, with eyes filled with coldness, resembling a demon. “Do you want to die so badly?”

“Keke, Young Master Quan, if you want my life, all it takes would be a word from you.” Su Yi Wen immediately counterattacked with his fist, eyes displaying ridicule. “Today I will look for death. Trouble Young Master Quan to offer me a way to die!”

Both of them rapidly engaged into a fight, resembling a child’s scuffle, rough and direct. There was no technique, but serious injuries could be inflicted.

Very quickly, clatter of noises echoed in the study. Many precious collections of books and valuable antiques fell onto the floor. If such a scene was seen by collectors, they would bound to feel distressed until they spit blood.

“Quan Shi!”

As the two were fighting, the study’s door was pushed open with a loud bang. Shen Shenxue anxiously rushed into the room and upon seeing that the room was in a complete disorder, was worried that something bad would happen to Quan Shi.

At this moment, Quan Shi was having the upper hand, sequence of punches that were directed to Su Yi Wen missed. Angered to his eyes became red, he turned his head and fiercely warned: “Who let you in here? Scram!”

“You…..” Shen Shenxue has not figured out the current situation and subconsciously make a step forward, stepping onto something.

Before getting the chance to lower her head to check, she saw Quan Shi as if going crazy, released Su Yi Wen and dashed towards Shen Shenxue. His huge hands stretched out, abruptly pinching her neck.

Ruthlessly, he directly lifted her off the ground.

“One by one seeking for death?” ferocious eyes that revealed a gleam of bloodthirst, Quan Shi gnashed his teeth and bite out “Fine, I’ll fulfil your wish!”

In the midst of the pain caused by suffocation, Shen Shenxue could clearly see that, in his eyes, contained a deep hatred.

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