Young Master Quan, How Have You Been? Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

All the servants in the castle were here voluntarily. Under Quan Shi’s iron fist, loyalty did not need to be said. Somebody that acted as suspicious as Shen Shenxue would normally be handled accordingly to how a spy would normally be dealt, regardless if they ended up injured or dead.

Sometimes, they would even be directly shot.


Amongst the bodyguards, the ones that brought Shen Shenxue over, recognized her. They hesitated for a moment before deciding to report to Li Chuan for him to manage this matter.

Shen Shenxue let out a sigh of relief. Thank God, her gamble was successful.

Shortly after, Li Chuan rushed over and looked at her, feeling a slight headache, “Miss Shen, why did you have to go so far? Once you entered this castle, even if you managed to grow a pair of wings, you still wouldn’t be able to escape from here with your abilities.”

“Escape?” Shen Shenxue blankly blinked her eyes, “I have never thought of running away. I was just too hungry and wanted to come out to look for some food to eat.”

“Then, how come….” Li Chuan stopped, seemingly understood the situation.

Even though in Sir’s eyes, he doesn’t seem to express any concern, but Li Chuan could tell that this lady is special to him. He wouldn’t dare to allow any mishaps to happen to her.

Li Chuan let out a sigh as he reached out to support Shen Shenxue. She stumbled before she could stabilize herself.

“Ah! Painful!”

“Did you sprain your leg?” Li Chuan looked at her before crouching down, “Here, let me carry you.”

Shen Shenxue’s heart warmed slightly as she looked at Li Chuan’s slender shoulders. Very quickly, she regained her composure and with an expressionless face, she climbed up on to his back.

When Xiao Wu saw Li Chuan was carrying Shen Shenxue back, she anxiously went to find a doctor. Xiao Wu slightly frowned and went up to help let Shen Shenxue down.

“Just what happened to you?” Xiao Wu’s tone was filled with rebuke, “Not only did you not come for your breakfast nor did you retrieve your assignment, you even made yourself into such a state.”

“You can’t blame me, someone locked me in the room.” Shen Shen Xue replied indifferently.

Even though she did not have enough power, she also could not simply let off those who plotted against her. She could only use Li Chuan and borrow his influence.

“So it’s like that. I understand.”

Being in this castle for so many years, Xiao Wu naturally understood those female servants’ jealousy-filled heart.

As long as one gets slightly more attention from Master, they would immediately get outcasted. With such an outstanding beauty appearing so suddenly, and even rumoured to have ambiguous relationship with the Sir, the servants staying put would be strange.

While the resident doctor examined Shen Shenxue’s leg, Li Chuan pulled Xiao Wu to his side, warned her repeatedly. He told her to take extra care of the newcomer, not to instruct others to bully her, in order to avoid incurring Master’s displeasure when he finds out.

Xiao Wu dully responded, feeling a sense of disapproval.

To her, all these words are merely Li Chuan’s wish, and was borrowing Master as a pretext. How could she fail to notice how the ever cold Special Assistant Li’s eyes regained a trace of warmth whenever he looked at Shen Shenxue?

Regardless, she still have to leave some face for Li Chuan. Furthermore, she also did not dare to allow the lower servants to be overly arrogant or else it would make Master lose faith in her capability to discipline her people.

That day, Xiao Wu swiftly uncovered the culprit who tampered with Shen Shenxue’s room lock. It was a very charming female servant called Mei Xiang.

She was different from the many who were sold to the castle due to financial shortage. It was said that Mei Xiang came from a family that was considered to be well-off. Just that, she fell in love at a first sight with Quan Shi and came up with every possible means to enter into the castle to work. She thought that she could enjoy the moonlight first by becoming the pavilion closest to the water.[1] But she didn’t expect that despite having being in the castle for more than a year, she had only seen Quan Shi’s face just a few times.

However, she was arrogant and was very ostentatious whenever she acted. She even formed connections with a few other girls to form a small group. As such, anyone who was displeasing to her eyes, she would willfully push them around. Xiao Wu would often turn a blind eye to this, and only when things goes overboard will she then reprimand her.

But this time, she would not be let off so easily.

[1] – to benefit from intimacy with an influential person, or in this case, to better their relationship by being closer to each other.

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