Young Master Quan, How Have You Been? Chapter 1

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Note: There is NO explicit content in this novel. It’s not a smut type novel ^^ so please give it a chance before directly dropping it. There is a motive behind her actions.

The bright moon hung in the sky, reflecting on the boundless oceans.

The waves surged as a cruise ship speedily sailed along the horizon, cheers and laughter ringing on the vessel. It was illuminated with dazzling lights, forming a stark contrast to the dimness of the moonlight.

Shen Shenxue slipped out from the boisterous lounge filled with songs and dance. One hand lifted the edge of her dress and the other carried her heels as she briskly strided to the obscure, motley corridor, resembling a butterfly under the moonlight.

“Lilith, Lilith! Boss Fu wants to ask a dance with you!” Her manager Molly called out from the side of the lounge, her voice quickly drowned in the music.

Shen Shenxue bent her waist and hid, evading Molly’s sight as she quickly went down a floor, running into the guest bedroom hall.

This was Boss Fu’s private cruise ship. Every time it went out to sea, it was always filled to the brim with the most extravagant lords and most stunningly beautiful ladies. It truly deserved the name “Cavern of Ecstasy” as it was not only in name, but also in reality; A city that never sleeps.

As Mo City’s rather famous actress 1, Boss Fu had naturally invited Shen Shenxue many times but was always rejected by her.

This time, she finally yielded and accepted his invitation, wearing her best attire to board the cruise ship. However, she…… never came here with the purpose of dancing with him!

While Shen Shenxue was running, her eyes rapidly swept over the room numbers; 419, 419, where was it……

The cruise ship’s guest rooms weren’t evenly distributed like a hotel’s but instead dispersed so it resembled a maze. The halls intertwined, mixing the room numbers out of order.

She had ran a circle trying to find it and gasped a little for breath, thin beads of sweat appearing from her forehead. She flurriedly watched out of the corner of her eye until she suddenly saw it…… found it! Room 419!

Shen Shenxue took a deep breath and pushed open the door.

The split second the door opened, a thread of dim light and obscure odor assaulted her senses. A man stiflingly gasped for breath, sounding as if it was right beside her ear.

The main light in the room wasn’t turned on. There was only a dusky floor lamp shining, allowing her to, with difficulty, see the man on the bed.

Shen Shenxue threw the heels in her hand beside the door and step by step, approached the king sized water bed.

The man’s body was clothed in a high-grade, black, western styled suit, with both his hands bound behind him as he laid on the water bed. Only his tall, straight nose bridge and thin lips could be made out, his bangs sheltering away the rest of his face. His beauty was simply blinding.

Shen Shenxue’s heart suddenly jumped as a wave of resentment and bitterness swept through it.

Ever since the event four months ago, she had always thought that she’d never take the initiative to see him again. She didn’t expect that today, she would actually painstakingly come to meet again.

She couldn’t make him have an accident; after all, he is……

The man’s complexion was currently flushed as he breathed heavily, laboriously rubbing against the ice cold water bed. From his appearance, it was obvious that he had been drugged by a strong aphrodisiac.

“Quan Shao.” Shen Shenxue towered above the man on the bed and called out his name, her voice cold as jade.

Hearing a woman’s voice, the man’s breaths got even more rough. He forcibly restrained the lust burning everywhere on his body and turned his head, revealing his stunning face.

“Who are you?”

Quan Shao’s face was cold as he stared at her vigilantly; clearly, he no longer had the least bit impression of her.

But with his flushed face and rough breathing, no matter what he said now, it’d still all carry a lustful flair. Any other woman that stood there right now all wouldn’t help but have their legs turn soft。

Unfortunately, the one that faced him right now was not any other woman.

Shen Shenxue looked down at his lower half and extended her slip, jade like hand. Her face didn’t change as she pointed at Quan Shao’s belt.

“Me? I am your……” Her eyes were clear and cold as her red lips slowly blossomed into a cool and elegant smile. She slowly enunciated each syllable, as if each one was like giving alms to the poor.

“Sa, vi, or.”

He was drugged with “Crazed Night”, one of the strongest aphrodisiacs. The consequences if he couldn’t obtain release were terrible; if it was light, he’d be crippled and lose all chances of having descendants in the future. But if it was serious, a vein could explode during the torment and he would die.

Right now, his whole body was weak, he was bound in a room that nobody knew about, and one could very well imagine the outcome if he waited for everything to finish. In the current situation, it wouldn’t at all be an exaggeration to call Shen Shenxue his savior.

“Oh?” Quan Shao raised a brow, allowing her finger to somewhat awkwardly move about. His hoarse and penetrating voice was filled with matchless arrogance, “You wish to give yourself to me? Untie the rope and then, I…… will do just as you desire.

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4 thoughts on “Young Master Quan, How Have You Been? Chapter 1

  1. the summary really attracted me lol, im hoping the FL will be just as cold and arrogant as it implies. so far, it seems interesting. im wondering why she has a manager (she’s a socialite, right? or an actress as well??) and why does she call her by an english name? can’t wait to find out!

    BUT…i’m really hoping the FL didn’t drug the ML….i don’t like when the ML does it, so it’s no different if the FL does it. sexual assault / rape is a serious issue, whoever the perpetrator is, so im hoping it’s not the case. i’ll read on to find out i guess.

    thanks for the chapter!!

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