Young Master Quan Chapter 2

Hearing that, Shen Shenxue’s lips curled slightly, a small, mocking light appearing in her eyes.

Haa, he really deserved to be called the owl who causes terror, Quan Shao. Even now, he still refuses to be in a disadvantageous position.

“Give myself to you?”

Successfully untying the leather belt, Shen Shenxue swiftly pulled off the pants of Quan Shao’s suit before raising her eyes to look at him. Her red lips softly opened, but the words that came out were enough to fume with anger——

“You, still aren’t worthy.”

Her eyes were cold yet charming and gentle. A raging inferno ignited at Quan Shao’s lower abdomen and all he desired was to press this vixen that came from who knows where under his body.

“Then you, what are you worth?” He looked at her hand peeling off his pants and straightened his back, his lips hooking into a sneer, “The mouth says no, but isn’t the body very honest?”

Shen Shenxue gripped him and her body slowly sunk down. Because of it happening so suddenly, a sharp pain arose as she bit her lips, no longer paying any attention to Quan Shao.

Now, Quan Shao felt many times better than her.

The landslide like tsunami of desires seemed to have just been unleashed as it poured out in torrents uncontrollably as if he didn’t vent, he would explode. He couldn’t help but arch his waist as high as he could, the hindering layer broken through——


Watching the face of the woman riding him pale, thin beads of sweat falling down as she stubbornly refused to make a single sound of pain, Quan Shao who had always avoided female charms suddenly felt an indescribable tender and protective feeling in his heart.

“Untie the rope,” Veins protruded on his forehead as he forcibly restrained himself to stop arching his waist and raised his head to look at the woman on him. He clenched his teeth and spoke, “Let me do it, I can make it feel a lot gentler and better.”

“Shut up!”

Shen Shenxue gave him a cold glare. Big beads of sweat rolled down from her temples and from biting her lips, Shen Shenxue’s lips appeared to be even more red. Her fair, helpless hand stretched towards Quan Shao’s neck.

“You just need to watch, just remember.” She stroked the arteries on the side of Quan Shao’s neck as if she was cooing over him, “It’s me who’s bedding you. You’re bottom, I’m top.”

“You can only, look up at me.” She enunciate each word like ice.

Being provoked by this woman with no background, Quan Shao’s heart lit with nameless rage, immediately sweeping over and englufing him like a wave. He no longer cared, directly sinking into the ultimate delight.


“Oh~ why isn’t this here our Lilith?”

When Shen Shenxue came back up, Molly was leaning on the railing at the top of the stairs. She looked Shen Shenxue up and down with something that was a smile yet not a smile, “What happened? You look like you’ve just been wrecked by somebody.”

Shen Shenxue originally wanted to use diarrhea as an excuse, but seeing Molly’s already knowing appearance, she also already no longer had the mood and just curled her lips into an overflowingly sarcastic smile.

“Yeah, I just wrecked a man.”

“What?” Molly was startled.

By the time she realised what just happened, Shen Shenxue had already walked past her into the lounge. She twitched her mouth and hurriedly ran up the stars, treating Shen Shenxue’s words as a joke.

As her manager, she naturally knew that the flirtatious rumors around Lilith, the wanton and indulgent socialite had no truth to it and she was in fact, no more than a baby chick.

And her goal tonight was precisely to take this colorful, budding flower and send her to the romantic, highly respected Boss Fu.

The ball had already finished. Young men and women decked out in gorgeous clothes formed pairs, with starlets scattered in every nook and cranny.

There was only one man, standing alone on the deck at the prow of the ship.

The bright moon hung above his head as his windbreaker blew sightly in the wind. His tall figure casted a shadow over the deck of the boat, the incredible beauty of the scene giving off a movie-like feel.

Shen Shenxue’s heart skipped. The hand which was lifting the skirt of her dress tightened as she stepped forward, enduring the discomfort.

She had to think of a way to drag him away from here so there would be one less risk for Quan Shao when he left.

A slim, white hand propped her on the railing, allowing the sea breeze to tousle her long hair. She tilted her head, her eyes lively and clear like moonlight as a trace of a small, rarely seen smile formed on her face.

“Boss Fu, why are you up here alone?”

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