Made of Money Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 — Jiang Jingchuan

When the evening lights lit up the street, the city entered it most bustling time: all of the office workers were out to relax, and the nightlife had just begun.

Su Yan, however, had long showered and was getting ready to go to bed. The auntie who looked after her was already used to it and was even inwardly satisfied. Previously, the Madam used to work very irregularly— sleeping every day at dawn— which resulted in her complexion being very poor; but, these two days it seemed to have become a bit rosy.

After the auntie went downstairs, Su Yan quickly shut the door behind her. Standing by the doorway, her face was filled with curiosity and excitement as she turned the lights on and off.

She looked at the big bed inside her bedroom, and pursed her as she chuckled. After making sure no one was around, she nimbly dashed over and threw herself onto her bed. Feeling the softness underneath, she turned over and looked at the beautiful crystal chandelier on the ceiling. She couldn’t help but sigh, “Even though it is a bit peculiar, I still kind of like it.”

She previously thought that the lanterns inside the palace were already bright enough, but didn’t expect that the oil lamps around the room would be much better than the palace lamps. Su Yan smelled the faint fragrance of the duvet and recalled the things inside the palace, making her feel a bit melancholic.

Just as she was about to become the person who was beneath one and above ten thousand people, at that critical juncture, an accident occurred. Even the Phoenix coronet and the embroidered tassel cape — made especially for her— turned out to be useless. She met with an unexpected failure and couldn’t figure out who had outmaneuvered her. But Su Yan’s heart was still faintly relaxed. His Majesty was very good to her, but she knew that he had already begun to expect that same affection from her. Reciprocating his affection, however, was something she had never planned to do.

Since she transmigrated, it had already been ten days; and she had understood all that needed to be understood. Though she didn’t know if it was reincarnation into another’s body or a butterfly dream, either way, it was certain that she had become someone else and wasn’t in her original era.

Unexpectedly, the appearance and name of this body were precisely the same as her own, which made her wonder. Whatever connection there was, though, she still did not know. Right now, she had no time to ponder on this question; first, she needed to adapt to her environment as quickly as possible.

Su Yan had emerged as the winner of the struggle within the Imperial Harem. Her psychological capability and ability to analyze things was naturally, top-notch; hence, while facing this kind of situation, she certainly wouldn’t act outside the norm.

She used her fingers to count the amount of information she had observed over the past few days. It could be considered rather fruitful. In this era, she had already married— her cheap husband had yet to make an appearance. From the equipment around the house and the food items, it seemed she had married a wealthy and respectable person.

This made Su Yan feel especially pleased. At least she need not worry about food and clothing.

Other people take a step then look around before taking another step, but Su Yan takes a step, then waits until the road is smooth enough to take another step.

Jiang Jingchuan had boarded a flight at a moment’s notice to attend a close friend’s dinner party. Afterwards, dead drunk, his assistant supported him and placed him in the back seat of the car.

AdvertisementHis assistant Sun Yanping whispered: “Chief Jiang, should we go to the villa in the north of the city?”

On this matter, he didn’t dare to decide on behalf of his superior.

Jiang Jingchuan closed his eyes so that he didn’t have to acknowledge Sun Yanping’s words. He did not reply.

Sun Yanping gritted his teeth and spoke to the driver: “Go to the Xi Shan villa; drive steadily.”

He felt that as an assistant, he was always on tenterhooks; especially in this sort of matter, and it was a very troublesome matter. This President Jiang was already married, but who didn’t know that his and Mrs. Jiang’s feelings were not good. If not, why would the pure actress declare herself and Jiang Jingchuan to be friends overseas?

Even Sun Yanping, who was Jiang Jingchuan’s assistant, didn’t understand. Jiang Jinghuan’s private life was entirely neat and upright; however, it wasn’t due to his loyalty to his wife. In fact, he had always treated Mrs. Jiang with an attitude that was neither cold nor warm. They looked more like strangers than husband and wife.

Su Yan was sleeping soundly but awoke at once. Her eyes still heavy with sleep, she unhappily looked at Auntie Wang.

Upon seeing Su Yan’s expression, Auntie Wang felt that Su Yan was acting like a child. She wanted to smile but didn’t forget to remind Su Yan of the prime business. She couldn’t help but be excited: “Madame, Sir has returned, you have to hurry up and take care of Sir!” Thinking further, she also added: “Madame, Please don’t blame my mouth. In this Jiang family, Sir has the final say therefore you must…”

Su Yan had already woken up. She thought that Auntie Wang was probably asking her to curry favor with her cheap husband.

This matter, even if Auntie Wang didn’t say it she was going to do it anyway.

For Su Yan to be happy, latching on to the rich and powerful wasn’t hard. Previously, she used to hold His Majesty and the Empress Dowager’s thighs. She was just like a fish that had been put back into the water: natural and unrestrained. Though she was someone else now, in a matter of minutes, she reverted to her previous occupation.

She might not be good at anything else, but she was an expert at latching onto a rich and powerful thigh.

Settling down, Su Yan lightly wore her nightgown and followed the gratified Auntie Wang.

As soon as she descended the stairs, she saw few people in the living room. She recognized the butler. Upon looking at the nervous eyes of the Butler, which were darting everywhere, Su Yan immediately concluded that the drunk man was her husband. Once she understood the situation, Su Yan glanced up and supporting Jiang Jingchuan’s arm, asked in a soft and gentle tone, surprising everyone, “Are you alright? What happened?”

Sun Yanping had already seen Su Yan several times, but every time he looked at her, his response was rather slow. Whenever he comes home after seeing her, he shakes his head, pleased. This Mrs. Jiang was undoubtedly a great beauty. Yet Mr. Jiang had no reaction at all? It made Sun Yanping question whether Mr. Jiang had problems down there.

Perhaps he had already seen her attractive features several times, therefore wasn’t shocked this time.

Based on his impression of her, Mrs. Jiang was cold to Mr. Jiang too. This husband and wife looked even more distant than strangers, yet Mrs. Jiang’s current affectionate tone was undeniable. Was there a misunderstanding before?

The butler and Auntie Wang were also astonished, but quickly put their attention on supporting Jiang Jingchuan’s body.

Finally, with the help of the Butler, Su Yan managed to get Jiang Jingchuan into the bedroom. Su Yan was sweating quite a bit as she smiled at the Butler: “You go down first, I will take it from here.”

The butler stared blankly, thinking that there was something wrong with his ears, but still didn’t say anything. After taking three steps, he hurriedly backed out of the bedroom and quickly went to his room: dialing a telephone number to report the situation.

Su Yan looked at the contours of Jiang Jingchuan’s face. She had seen what he looked like from the pictures before, and Auntie Wang had also said that he was handsome, but Su Yan paid no heed to it. Caring for a husband based on his looks was too superficial; but instead, caring for a husband due to the power and influence in his hands, as well as his wealth, was a bit meaningful.

After feeding Jiang Jingchuan some honey water, Su Yan ran to the washroom, grabbed a wet towel and used it to wipe his face. She removed his clothing, followed by his shoes and socks, and then covered his body with the duvet. She left him and went into the bathroom to take a bath. Looking at her fair and tender arm covered with fragrant bubbles, Su Yan finally felt better after being woken up from her sleep.

Coming out of the bathroom, she noticed that, on the big bed with half narrowed eyes Jiang Jingchuan was looking at her. Su Yan’s expression was unruffled, she slowly walked towards him, and sat on the bedside. Faintly leaning her body, she lightly asked with a face full of concern: “Are you alright now? Do you feel any better?”

It would be good if he was too drunk to be conscious, then she could quickly go to sleep.

Since Jiang Jingchuan had drunk wine, his body was already slightly radiating heat. Looking at Su Yan, though her appearance was rather unclear and his senses were also somewhat hazy, he was still aware inside that this was his own wife. He groaned and turned over again, his back towards Su Yan.

AdvertisementSu Yan looked at his actions, though her heart was somewhat impatient, but her facial expression didn’t change even a bit. She crawled back to the bed, and placed a hand of Jiang Jingchuan’s shoulder, said with a warm voice: “Do you have a headache? Do you want some honey water?”

“Troublesome.” Jiang Jingchuan had a terrible headache. He lightly groaned, but this time he turned around to look at Su Yan.

Inside the Imperial harem, with the experience of dealing with the Emperor and Empress Dowager, Su Yan had become the living divine tortoise; therefore, Jiang Jingchuan’s little temper was nothing at all. Upon careful consideration, no matter who this body’s family was, currently all she could count on was this cheap husband. Thinking about it, Su Yan smiled a bit with a gentle expression. She was always extraordinarily patient with the thighs she could hold.

Su Yan picked up the wet towel from the table stand near the bed and carefully wiped his face. After Jiang Jingchuan opened his eyes, he looked at Su Yan in confusion.

Su Yan again pulled his hand and grinned. She carefully and gently rubbed his hand, this time she didn’t say anything.

Who would have thought that when she finished this task and was about to get off the bed, Jiang Jingchuan would abruptly seize her arm. His gaze implied some other emotion that Su Yan wasn’t unfamiliar with. As she was already married, in this kind of affair, it was better to adapt as early as possible rather than late.

Thinking of it, she pliantly lied down, slowly leaning in Jiang Jingchuan’s embrace.

The next second Jiang Jingchuan pushed her body down. She looked at the crystal chandelier above and closed her eyes. Hesitating for a moment, she then put her arms around him.

After so much experience, she had already realized that living in luxury in this world was much more significant.

Jiang Jingchuan, under the influence of wine, became entirely dependent on his physical instinct; and could only think about how touching the person beneath his body eased his headache.

A sting traveled from her lower body, which became even more intense as time passed. So much so that she forgot to shout in pain, as she was utterly stupefied.

Su Yan, whose theoretical knowledge was rich, was dumbstruck at this moment.

After everything calmed down, Su Yan’s spirit returned. She then used all her strength to push Jiang Jingchuan away. She didn’t have time to bother about their nakedness. She lifted the duvet and looked at the bloodstain on the sheet. With just a glance she felt as if a huge lightning bolt struck her head. Su Yan couldn’t believe her eyes as she looked at the close-eyed, panting Jiang Jingchuan—

Don’t tell her, unexpectedly this body… was a virgin?

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