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Translator: Barb

Editor: WhitesRabbit

I was Clueless before but became Barb.

This is the same translator. 

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Chapter 9 — This was another trial.


Since Jiang Jingchuan was in the process of finishing up his work, he let Su Yan wait. Su Yan was idle, hence naturally had time. While Jiang Jingchuan earnestly worked, Su Yan reverted to the usual of feeling drowsy after a meal. This had become habitual while living in Imperial Palace: taking a short nap after the noon meal. Even if the body had changed, the habit was still deeply ingrained. She leaned back on the sofa and, in less than a minute, her eyes half-closed she fell asleep. 


The sofa in the office was quite big. When Jiang Jingchuan lifted his head and pinched his brow, as was his habit, he noticed Su Yan asleep on the sofa. 


Jiang Jingchuan didn’t realise that the corners of his mouth slightly lifted up. After a brief moment of hesitation, Jiang Jingchuan got up from the chair and left his work behind. He took off his western-style coat and walked towards Su Yan. Standing in front of the sofa, with the utmost gentleness, he covered her with the coat.


Su Yan woke up as he finished putting the coat over her, but she did not open her eyes. She was inwardly appraising. With her eyes closed, she moved lightly underneath his coat somewhat fondly.


Despite the fact that Su Yan could not see Jiang Jingchuan’s expression, she was aware that this action represented that she did not put up a defence against him. Whether or not he would be happy, she did not know. In these sort of little details, it was always much easier to add flowers to the brocade1


Jiang Jingchuan looked at Su Yan below. Although he wasn’t interested in his feelings, his territorial awareness was very strong. Granted he did not have sexual relations with Su Yan, in his heart, Su Yan was quite different from other women.  He was responsible for her, so she was his people. Even though in the past he used to treat Su Yan as a person for whom he assumed responsibility, now it began to become a bit different.


Not only did he have a strong territorial awareness but a strong danger-instinct as well.


Although in his heart he felt that this circumstance was already spiralling out of his control, he did not want to ponder it too deeply. It wasn’t like he was in the business world: Su Yan wasn’t his enemy or opponent, she was his wife. Even if she became different, she was still herself.


Jiang Jingchuan went back to his seat and continued his work, but Su Yan could not go back to sleep anymore. She was slowly becoming more aware of her current situation. Su Yan gave thought as to whether or not she could depend on the original body’s family members. That person’s manner just now, as well as his extremely deferential way of calling Jiang Jingchuan as CEO Jiang, made her heart sink. 


The original body’s family members were unreliable, let alone friends, so not pondering it. When she first arrived in this strange era, at that time and even now, she only had herself to rely on. 


The only thigh she allowed herself to hold was that of Jiang Jingchuan. 


In future, let us take one step at a time.


Su Yan pretended to sleep for another 10 minutes, but she could not hold back. She opened her eyes and looked blankly at Jiang Jingchuan. After she got up, she stretched. Jiang Jingchuan, who was observing her series of actions, couldn’t help but laugh under his breath.


Half an hour later, Jiang Jingchuan left the office with Su Yan. Standing inside the elevator, Jiang Jingchuan, who hadn’t said anything so far, spoke a few words, “Wife’s meal was much more delicious as compared to the company’s.” 


Su Yan’s heart jumped, but in a split second she understood what Jiang Jingchuan meant. Though he did not speak much, he was unlikely to talk domestic trivialities with her.

Wife’s meal was much more delicious as compared to the company’s.

But today, these words came out of Jiang Jingchuan’s mouth, which was worth pondering.


Could it be, that he wanted her to come over to deliver meals to him every day? 




Su Yan had not been analyzing men’s psychology for a day or two. Like today, if she came to deliver meals to him once in a while, Jiang Jingchuan would be absolutely delighted as compared to her delivering meals every day. No way it could be done. If one gets nice things every day, it becomes a habit, hence one would not feel anything, and perhaps later one will end up climbing over another2


Keeping this in mind, Su Yan smiled, “The kitchen auntie’s skills are indeed good.”


She would not take over that opportunity; otherwise, would it not be as he desires? 


Jiang Jingchuan did not say anything else. He was already very much astonished that she came to deliver meals to him once.


At the Jiang Corporation, Jiang Jingchuan had an exclusive elevator which lead straight to the parking area. Su Yan followed behind Jiang Jingchuan and got in the car. After sitting down, she felt a bit different and more comfortable. Evidently this car compared to the family car was much better.  


Neither of them spoke along the way. Maybe due to these two days, the atmosphere wasn’t awkward.


Jiang Jingchuan took Su Yan to the store operated by their group. Before they could enter, all the shop assistants came out to greet them. When they saw the woman beside Jiang Jingchuan, although several people were stunned, they still had a warm smile on faces due to their professionalism.  


“Look at whatever you would like.” Jiang Jingchuan had accompanied his mother while shopping so he was familiar with it and went to sit down on the sofa inside the store.  


Su Yan took a quick glance at Jiang Jingchuan. After determining that Jiang Jingchuan wasn’t just being polite, she headed to the counter and began to look carefully. She took a fancy to a pair of diamond earrings. Each and every one of the salespeople were very clever; and, upon noticing the expression in her eyes, quickly smiled and said honeyed words: “Young Lady, this pair of earrings is precisely a limited edition with only one such pair in the whole A city.”


“I will try it at once.” 


Su Yan looked at the perfectly clear mirror that could even illuminate a person’s pores. Those small and fair ears wearing those earrings made the entire person look dazzling. 


Looking at herself in the mirror, Su Yan truly loved the earrings and wanted to obtain them. She walked towards Jiang Jingchuan like a child and expectantly asked: “Is it beautiful?”


Jiang Jingchuan raised his head to look. Not in a perfunctory manner; but, rather, he observed her carefully and nodded, “It is beautiful. Buy it.”


The salesperson knew Jiang Jingchuan but wasn’t sure about the identity of the beautiful woman, only thinking that it wouldn’t be Jiang Jingchuan’s new lover. No wonder people couldn’t relate to Mrs. Jiang. It was rumoured that her appearance was so ordinary that Jiang Jingchuan was extremely unhappy, hence, their relationship was in trouble. 


Su Yan loved the way Jiang Jingchuan said buy buy buy. She ended up unfurling a smile at Jiang Jingchuan without being even a bit stingy, causing the latter to be in a daze.


In order to match the earrings, Su Yan brought another necklace which was settled with a swipe of the card. Although Su Yan did not know how much it cost, she thought that it would definitely not be cheap. She stood aside and carefully observed Jiang Jingchuan’s expression and found that his brows were not furrowed. It was as if she was merely buying a few scallions.


Connecting the extremely deferential manner of the staff at the company just a moment ago with the extremely fawning eyes of the shop assistants, Su Yan’s doubts deepened. This Jiang Jingchuan was wealthy and good-looking and he does not look like he ostracizes himself, but his relationship with the original body was not good. In the end, what was going on?


After swiping the card, Jiang Jingchuan put the card back into his wallet and asked casually: “There is a good formal dress store in front of this store. My mother often goes to that store to get her dresses custom made. Do you want to take a look?” 


In that case, naturally, it would be first rate.


Su Yan lightly lowered her head and smiled, stepping forward she grabbed Jiang Jingchuan’s arm and softly said: “Mother’s foresight is really good.” 


This answer not only flattered Jiang Jingchuan’s mother in front of him but also expressed her desire to see it.


Whilst Jiang Jingchuan wasn’t aware of Su Yan’s little thoughts, after hearing those words his mood became indescribably good. On the other side the salespeople, upon hearing Su Yan’s answer, were brimming with curiosity but did not dare jump to conclusions. Which ordinary lover dare to call Jiang Furen3as Mother in front of Jiang Jingchuan and not be crazy?


All the sales people quickly exchanged glances and the guesses in their heart were slowly confirmed. This beautiful woman was probably the highly respected Mrs. Jiang!!


Among them, one of the sales personnel was especially smart and good at handling people. He sweetly asked Su Yan while handing her the shopping bag, “Mrs. Jiang, if it’s okay with you, can I leave you my card? If supposing you ever require, you may give me a call and you will be the first person to know of the new trends.”


When the salesman saw that Jiang Jingchuan wasn’t offended, he became even more convinced of his guess.


Su Yan hesitated initially but nodded.


Suddenly all the salespeople in the shop became filled with jealousy. This guy was too charming. By currying favour with Mrs. Jiang now, he wouldn’t have to worry in the future. 


Su Yan accepted the salesman’s card and, clinging to Jiang Jingchuan’s arm, left.


Several salespeople gathered together for a heated discussion. 


“So that was Mrs. Jiang. I read the post the other day and thought that Huang Yu Wei was going to take that position.”


“Ah, I really dislike that little b*tch. Not just me but if you were a man, would you like Mrs. Jiang or Huang Yu Wei?”


“It is said that Mrs. Jiang is way ahead of Huang Yu Wei! She has such a good personality and Mister Jiang also treats her well. I may as well consider looking for a man who will let me buy buy and buy to my heart’s content.”


“It’s not even night yet why did you start dreaming?”





Today was a working day and since it was still the office hours there weren’t many people on the street. But the combination of Jiang Jingchuan and Su Yan still attracted second glances.


Jiang Jingchuan helped Su Yan carry a few bags, which was solely the result of the training from going out shopping with his mother, yet this single move made Su Yan greatly increase her favourable impression of him.


In the past, His Majesty treated her very well, but during shopping, he was unlikely to assist her to carry things. Naturally, she would not blame him. He was the Imperial Emperor, the most honourable person under the heavens. It was already extreme when he was kind enough to deign his extremely valuable time to accompany her to go shopping. When Jiang Jingchuan did such a thing, Su Yan– who was seldom dazed– was stunned for a long time.


Though they had only started getting along with each other recently, Jiang Jingchuan made her feel very good. Although the relationship between husband and wife was not good, he did not fault her for eating and drinking. Furthermore, the servants inside the house were very respectful to her. After that night, though he did not enquire about her well being, he expressed concern for her in the tiny details. Though this man talked very little, Su Yan still trusted him. 


During the process where Su Yan was feeling deeply moved that Jiang Jingchuan was quite good, his phone rang. Jiang Jingchuan took out the phone from his pocket. With one look at the caller-id, his expression became somewhat mixed. 


But he quickly picked it up, “Grandpa, what happened?”


Don’t know what was said, but Jiang Jingchuan looked at Su Yan and his voice became even more downcast, “Okay. I got it.” 


After hanging up the phone, Jiang Jingchuan said to Su Yan: “Grandpa and Grandma have called us to come back and have a meal in the Ancestral Home tonight.” 


Su Yan was startled upon hearing that but quickly gave a response. She had been here for more than ten days. Finally, she was going to meet Jiang Jingchuan’s family. This was another trial.





Barb notes: I am sure most of the readers have a question in mind which the Author has addressed in her post which I have translated below. However, caution is to be taken as it reveals a potential spoiler regarding The Emperor’s name.

The Author has something to say:

Some readers have raised some doubts that Huang Sang treated Su Yan too well even though she wasn’t in any kind of relationship with him. And that Su Yan’s relationship with Jiang Jingchuan, it seems a bit unrealistic. What does all this mean?

How to say this… Su Yan is a 100 percent rational person. Even if Huang Sang treats her really well, given those situations in ancient times, Su Yan won’t reply to his interest. As for the Emperor and her not having a sexual relationship, from the Emperor’s point of view, he wants to treasure the person he holds dear. When she becomes his wife, only then will he touch her. Su Yan, however, could care less.

In view of the circumstances at those times– also due to the status of The Emperor– she curried favour with him. In the event that Su Yan did not traverse, she would have wed him, held his hand, and would have accompanied him till old age; but she would not have genuinely fallen in love with him. 

As for Mr. Jiang, it is not that dramatic. After a long time of pursuing his wife and being abused without any complaint nor regret, he is finally able to truly taste the sweetness.

Su Yan is a “I know you want me to love you and I will show that I love you; but, in reality, I only love myself” kind of person.

Previously a reader sighed ruefully at the first chapter, Mr. Jiang honestly has great luck. My previous male protagonist couldn’t eat meat until the final ending. He unexpectedly ended up eating at the beginning. He is truly not bad Hahahahaha 

In short, when Jiang Jingchuan truly falls in love with the Wuli woman, at that moment, he will be forced to suffer bitterly. 

Keep reading^_^


Barb notes: A big thank you to our wonderful Editor- WhitesRabbit~ 😀 who has made our very own mascot for this story. Without further adieu meet-

Su Scallion. – Personally loved by Jiang Jingchuan.

Su Scallion is owned by and belongs to WhitesRabbit.


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