Made of Money Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 — On the surface she was very touched yet on the inside there were no great waves.


Su Yan felt that Jiang Jingchuan was extremely sensible: since he had already given her face, she should also make efforts to do what a good wife does. Shouldn’t she? 


Soon noon arrived. Su Yan found the butler to ask: “Generally, how does husband settle lunch at work?” 


Although Su Yan had already upended what everyone thought they knew about her these past two days, the butler was still shocked. He knew that the ice had already been broken between the madam and sir; yet, when Su Yan asked this question, the butler was still shocked, “The Jiang Corporation has a canteen.” 


Canteen? What was that?


Su Yan tentatively asked: “Why does he not come back here at noon for his meal?”


It ought not be because of her, right?


“…” The butler respectfully answered, “Sir said it was too troublesome, and the Jiang Corporation’s canteen was also not bad.”


“So it was like that. Let the kitchen prepare a few dishes that husband likes. I will deliver his meal to him.” After saying that, Su Yan turned around and went upstairs– leaving a stunned butler behind.


Was he already unable to keep up with the times? The relationship between those two people just thawed and they immediately ended up sticking to each other like glue? Ai Ma! This is indeed good! The butler patted his forehead and, with large strides, ran over to the kitchen.  He then took a deep breath to say: “Prepare and pack Sir’s favourite dishes. Madam will go and deliver it!” 


The maids and the kitchen auntie at the side of the kitchen were stunned.


Originally, the butler intended to phone Jiang Jingchuan and tell him about this matter; but, before the number was dialled, he immediately put down the phone. If he told Sir now, wouldn’t it ruin the surprise?  Happily, the butler retreated back ten thousand steps1. Even if Sir had already eaten before the Madam arrived, the happiness and the effect of the surprise would only lessen a bit! 



Su Yan entered her walk-in closet. The fair and flawless finger brushed against the row of clothes. She sighed: “Why do all these clothes reveal the arms or thighs?”


When it came to showing so much skin, she still could not accept it. After all, a different idea had been deeply ingrained in her since childhood. 


Su Yan finally chose a grass green coloured chiffon dress with a long skirt and unique pleated designs. Su Yan had fair and clear skin along with a slender figure. After putting on the dress, it gave off a little spring desire and appeared as if the seasons of spring and summer were coexisting. She looked both graceful and elegant.


She looked at her reflection in the full-length mirror. Her face was full of confidence.


Regardless of the era, she was going to be the sort of person who lived a first-rate, comfortable life.


At 11 o’clock, Su Yan took the lunch box prepared by the butler and headed out. Su Yan looked at the passing scenery outside from within the car. Rather comfortable, her eyes half-closed: it was truly very good here. Previously, even if once in a while one used to go out of the Imperial Palace, even in the magnificent horse-drawn carriage it was hard to avoid all the bumps on the road. The body would feel somewhat unwell. It was a great deal better now. 




When Su Yan reached the Jiang company, the chauffeur followed behind her, carrying the lunch box in one hand. Su Yan and Jiang Jingchuan’s marriage was a very low key affair therefore not many people knew about her. Now when she appeared at Jiang company, the receptionist stood up and somewhat hesitatingly asked: “Young lady, excuse me please but who might you be looking for?”


The people at the reception desk of the Jiang Corporation were extremely sharp. Their tone was extremely polite. They noticed at once that the outfit of this young miss wasn’t cheap. 


Su Yan looked at the receptionist ladies; and, just as the chauffeur was about to speak, someone suddenly called her. “Xiao Yan2.”


En, the unusually loud voice attracted the attention of all the people on that floor. 


After that, a man in formal dress rushed up. Looking at her yet not believing his eyes, he happily said: “Are you looking for CEO Jiang?” 


The young lady at the reception was somewhat fidgety. Not only was this man the group leader of the Marketing Department, but also the older male cousin of the boss’s woman. Ultimately, he could be regarded as the kinsman and relative of The Emperor3. His manner was very affectionate with this young lady, it couldn’t be?? 


Although Su Yan didn’t know who the man was, she nodded, “Yes.”


Qin Ze Yu looked at the lady on the front desk and immediately understood what was going on. He frowned and said in a voice that was not very loud but could still be heard by everyone around him, “This is Mrs. Jiang. Pay more attention in the future.” 


Actually, Qin Ze Yu wasn’t the kind of person who was like a fox who borrowed the tiger’s fierceness4, but he also wasn’t a straw sack.5. Even before Su Yan married Jiang Jingchuan, he had already begun working at the Jiang company. But people were still people– when they came to know that he had such a connection with Jiang Jingchuan, he was fawned upon a great deal. Though Qin Ze Yu found it a bit hard to avoid a little flattery, he fortunately managed to stand his ground and put a stop to it. He also gave his best efforts at work. He knew he must not hold his cousin back.   


As far as his relationship with Jiang Jingchuan was concerned, even if he wasn’t extraordinarily excellent, he would rise faster than others as long as he worked diligently. 


Although the young lady at the reception had already guessed Su Yan’s status, she was very surprised when told directly by Qin Ze Yu.


“Come, brother will take you to CEO Jiang’s office.” Qin Ze Yu escorted Su Yan to the elevator.


After the people got into the elevator, the ladies in the reception looked at each other blankly. They sat down and immediately began typing on their keyboards. 


【Oh my God!! OMG!!  CEO Jiang’s wife is so beautiful!! She came, and tossed behind several hundreds of Huang Yu Wei behind!! That disposition is unlike anyone’s!!】


【Yes, super beautiful!! Ah! Ah! Ah ah ah! Regret not taking pictures!! 】


【Do you dare take pictures? I do not dare. TAT 】


Since it was Su Yan’s first time taking the elevator, nervousness was hard to avoid. She pursed her lips tightly and didn’t speak. Qin Ze Yu, unconcerned about the chauffeur’s presence, whispered in her ear: “Xiao Yan, you are very good. Since you have now married Jingchuan, you must be thoughtful. You should not be like how you were at home.”


Qin Ze Yu doted quite a lot on his younger female cousin. Su Yan was not only a Su Family member but also connected as a Qin family member. The two families gave their all to raise her. Though they hoped that she would take on the duties of Mrs. Jiang, all the old and young6 were truly fond of her. The two comparatively well-off families had pooled their efforts to raise Su Yan to be more precious than Young Lady Qian Jin.


Su Yan was roughly clear about Qin Ze Yu’s identity. He seemed to be the original body’s family member. 


She nodded and softly replied: “I understand.”


As the elevator slowly opened, Su Yan walked out hesitantly. Qin Ze Yu waved at her, “You go ba7. I still have work to do. And if you have time, remember to come home and see us. My family members are concerned about you. What’s a feud between loved ones?”


Qin Ze Yu’s words made Su Yan more confused and puzzled. Listening to this, the relationship between the original body and her family was not good? But the good intentions released by this man were truly heartfelt. Having mixed in the Imperial Harem for many years, Su Yan could distinguish whether the other was sincere or pretending.


So what had happened?


Su Yan hesitated then nodded. Qin Ze Yu felt relieved when he saw her reaction. With a smile on his face, he closed the elevator door. 


Jiang Jingchuan also knew about the arrival of Su Yan. He first thought to personally meet her at the elevator, but he didn’t think it was good to go by himself. He let his assistant stand to wait for her.


Upon turning around, Su Yan noticed a highly refined gentleman wearing black-framed spectacles waiting on one side. Noticing her, he came over to lead the way: “CEO Jiang told me to escort you.” 


Su Yan was inwardly passing judgement on Jiang Jingchuan’s financial resources. Looking at it now, her convenient consort was extremely wealthy.


She had been paying attention to the architecture of the building⁠—Jiang Company appeared to be first-rate. In addition to the respectful manner of the people here, Su Yan had already thought this over in her mind.


Following the assistant, she arrived at the CEO’s office. Jiang Jingchuan was in the process of dealing with some documents– his head bowed. Hearing a knock on the door he answered then remained calm and composed while handling work, awaiting Su Yan’s entrance. 


Su Yan entered leisurely while carrying the package of food. Upon noticing Jiang Jingchuan’s face, she laughed sweetly, “Hubby, have you eaten?”


This form of address gave Jiang Jingchuan goosebumps. 


Jiang Jingchuan shook his head, “Not yet.”


Although his heart had already accepted the change in Su Yan, he still couldn’t adapt to it yet. Whenever he thought that he had adjusted to her surprises, she would go ahead and do even more confusing things.


“Good, I have also not eaten. Let us eat together?”


Su Yan did not feel nauseating. Acting had already become an instinct to her. Her acting was so true to life that sometimes she herself felt moved. But she knew better than anyone else that it was too difficult for her to fall in love with anyone in her previous life or in this life. In her former life, The Emperor had accomplished that for her to an extent. Though on the outer surface she was extremely touched; but, on the inside, there were no great billows. She had not even fallen in love with That Person, let alone others. 


A few moments later Jiang Jingchuan and Su Yan sat on the sofa to eat. 


Since childhood Su Yan felt that while eating one should not speak; as a result, she did not talk. Jiang Jingchuan didn’t know what to say to Su Yan. Even though the two people were husband and wife, they had too little understanding of each other. Since he didn’t even know what to say, he might as well not make a sound. It was extraordinarily peaceful.  


After eating, Jiang Jingchuan paused for a while then asked: “Do you have anything to do this afternoon?” 


What matter could Su Yan have? She shook her head, “Nothing to do. What happened?”


“After I have finished my work since you have time, I will take you shopping.” Though Jiang Jingchuan immediately thought of letting her shop and buy by herself, he had already opened his mouth to speak those words that morning. He must not back out. Su Yan had presently come over and, as it happened, he also had time. 


“Alright.” Su Yan did not mind having more jewellery. Hearing Jiang Jingchuan speak those words, she smiled from her heart.


Meanwhile, Su Yan’s arrival had given the people in the Jiang company topics to gossip about. Some said she was more beautiful compared to those famous tv stars. Some people took a picture of her from the back. A crowd of men sighed secretly with emotion. How many people have been killed from that back view. Really envy CEO Jiang TAT.


Then again people couldn’t help but question since Mrs. Jiang is such a beauty, who on earth was it that told them that the husband and wife were not in harmony? And CEO Jiang didn’t like her?


Now it seemed that it was very much possible that CEO Jiang hid her because he refused to let anyone see her!


Someone in a corner whispered in a phone: “Peiran, today she came to the company. It is being said that she came to deliver meals to a person named Jiang.”


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