Made of Money Chapter 7

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Translator – Barb

Editor – WhitesRabbit

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Chapter 7 — The business community said that he was on bad terms with his wife, and they were only playing husband and wife to save face.


When Jiang Jingchuan woke up the next morning, Su Yan was already dressed and sitting in front of the dressing table choosing jewellery. Jiang Jingchuan went directly to the restroom.


The two people didn’t converse.   


When he came out, Su Yan was still sitting blankly in the bedroom. It seemed as if she wanted to say something to him.


Jiang Jingchuan murmured in his deep voice while buttoning his shirt: “Something on your mind?”  


Su Yan thought inwardly: she not only wanted to go to his workplace to look but also wanted to go to banquet together with him. While his workplace may hint at his financial resources, only a banquet would confirm his social status. Frittering away her time was not something she liked to do. She must first get to know the ins and outs of Jiang Jingchuan. 


After coming to a decision, she walked to him with a smile, naturally straightened his collar and carelessly pretended to say: “Come to think of it, I am ashamed… husband. For the sake of our household, husband, you work tirelessly every day. I do not even share a bit of responsibility with you. Tsk, such shamelessness.”


These kinds of words came easily to Su Yan. Though Jiang Jingchuan couldn’t adjust to her change in manner, his heart still felt somewhat joyful. His face that was formerly stretched taut slowly relaxed. 


He coughed lightly and his voice softened, “It’s nothing.”


Su Yan felt satisfied with this warm atmosphere. She lifted her eyes and stared at Jiang Jingchuan before softly saying: “Before, I was wrong. As your wife, one has to share one or two responsibilities. If in future you need me to attend any occasion, I will definitely go.”  


Jiang Jingchuan was stupefied. He looked at Su Yan with a strange expression. In this half a year he thought that he had roughly understood her temperament. Despite Su Yan’s ordinary background– owing to her excellent skills and beautiful appearance– the Su Family practically gave their all to raise her. As a result, her temperament was extremely arrogant. Even his pampered and spoiled sister dare not provoke Su Yan to her face. 


He understood that Su Yan, except for her own family members and his grandparents, didn’t even spare others a glance. Indeed, as Mrs. Jiang, she didn’t need to cater to others; yet, these two days, Su Yan had overturned everything Jiang Jingchuan knew about her. He couldn’t help but ask: “What happened to you?”  


Su Yan was dumbfounded at first but quickly understood what Jiang Jingchuan meant. Certainly, these two people’s relationship wasn’t particularly good. How she acted now as compared to how she had before were too different. Don’t know how many people would believe her about being reincarnated in another’s corpse, but she wasn’t stupid or muddleheaded enough to be candid. Regardless, there must be some doubts in Jiang Jinchaun’s heart. Su Yan’s mind turned quickly. She immediately smiled as if nothing had happened, “Merely straightened out my thinking regarding a few matters.”   


Correct– she didn’t need to explain.


Whether her attitude was good or bad, it didn’t require her to explain it to others. Merely saying a few words were fine. Some matters, the more you explain, the more likely you are to expose the horse’s leg.1


Jiang Jingchuan accepted her answer. He gave a profound glance to Su Yan and thought that she had finally understood her responsibilities. Although he didn’t use to come into contact with Su Yan much, he was aware that she was not only proud and aloof but also had a bit of an ego. The old and young2 of the Su Family had always flattered her and since she was raised in such a way, it was natural to have an arrogant disposition. He did not dislike marrying Su Yan, but that did not mean that he agreed with his grandfather and grandmother’s vision. Before getting married, he thought that, since she had consented to be Mrs. Jiang, he would wholeheartedly and sincerely treat her as his wife– even if he didn’t like her.  


It was obvious that Su Yan didn’t share his sentiments, but he didn’t feel disappointed. Although she possessed the title of Mrs. Jiang, she clearly didn’t want to invest in the relevant responsibilities. Jiang Jingchuan didn’t blame her, because he was no better than her. He thought that there would inevitably be a day when their relationship would shatter and collapse. It was only a matter of time.  


In a million years he never would’ve imagined that she would take the initiative to reconcile with him.


It was impossible for Jiang Jingchuan to not have any views on Su Yan, it’s just that he was too busy. His relationship with Su Yan wasn’t good. Whenever they met, they did not talk much. As a result, in his heart, this wife was not essential. 


Previously, rather than saying he was responsible for Su Yan, it would have been better to say he was responsible for Mrs. Jiang, regardless of who Mrs. Jiang was. Now, Su Yan wasn’t only his wife in name but also in fact. Considering this, Jiang Jingchuan said in his low voice: “Well, there is a banquet in two days. You will come with me.”  


The business community used to say that he was on bad terms with his wife and that they(he and Su Yan) were only playing husband and wife to save face.


“Okay.” Su Yan was endlessly pleased but did not show it.


As a matter of fact, Jiang Jingchuan was very good. From her experience, without a doubt, Jiang Jingchuan had no feelings for her original body. But in this way, she would do everything to please him so he might give her face. Hence, it may be worth figuring him out. This was quite an interesting person. 


She loved to deal with this sort of person.


Jiang Jingchuan looked at her smile. Suddenly his brain recalled yesterday’s matter. At first, he did not want to explain it to her, but now that she was acting like this… He should say a few words lest she thought too much, “Yesterday Jingjing called me and said that she had run across you in the streets.”  


Su Yan had almost forgotten yesterday’s affair; but upon hearing Jiang Jingchuan mentioning that matter, she blinked, “En, I purchased a long necklace yesterday.”   


He wouldn’t be that stingy, right?


Eh, but that necklace was really good to look at, it ought to outstandingly expensive, no?


Before Jiang Jingchuan could speak, Su Yan hurriedly turned to the dressing table. After taking out the necklace from the jewellery box, she went to him. Her face filled with satisfaction and a bit of bashfulness “Yesterday, I fell in love with this necklace after looking at it. It is very splendid, is it not?” 


At her interruption, Jiang Jingchuan couldn’t make heads or tails of her explanation. He looked straight ahead. Of course, he wasn’t looking at the necklace but rather at Su Yan’s hands. 


Su Yan’s whole body, from top to bottom, was beautiful. Among her features, the most remarkable (excluding her face) were her two hands. The fingers were like scallion root. Her nails had an extraordinarily healthy light pink tinge to them. Compared to her hands that were holding the necklace, the expensive diamond necklace looked like average foil in comparison.   


Jiang Jingchuan possessed a secret that couldn’t be spoken. He had a weakness for hands. It wasn’t that serious but looking at Su Yan’s hands, it was hard to move his eyes.  


“Beautiful, right?” Su Yan asked.  


Jiang Jingchuan snapped back to the present. Quickly moving his line of sight, he nodded, “Beautiful, beautiful.”


His manner of speaking sounded unusual; immediately Su Yan’s smile waned slightly.


Could it be that he was in a daze a moment ago?!


Jiang Jingchuan naturally didn’t take the heaven-defying amount of money she spent yesterday seriously. After a period of silence, he took the initiative to speak, “Tomorrow I have time and can accompany you to buy more jewellery.” 


Was Su Yan short of money? Of course not. However she still didn’t know how to use the money of this era; so, upon hearing Jiang Jingchuan’s words, she at once beamed with smiles, “Yes, good!”  


She loves to buy buy buy! \(^o^)/~


Jiang Jingchuan then remembered the matter at hand and tried hard to refrain from staring at Su Yan’s hands. He said calmly: “Jingjing said that she was with some Lady Huang. There were rumours about me and Lady Huang outside but they were not true at all. I only met with her a few times because of a reason.”  


Young Lady Huang??


Su Yan tried her best to recall until she finally remembered who he was talking about. As a matter of fact, even if he and that Young Lady Huang had something between them, she wouldn’t pay any attention to it at all– at least not now. But since he explained his involvement to her in this way, Jiang Jingchuan must be telling the truth. 


Since he was like this, her expression must show some understanding, right?


Don’t men like to see women being moved by them?


Su Yan’s expression was extremely gentle. She reached out her hands to embrace Jiang Jingchuan’s waist. Su Yan then rested her face on his chest. Hearing his heart beating so fast, she smiled faintly. She slightly loosened her hold to look up at him and whispered, “En. I understand. Yesterday my mood indeed was not very good. But I know that you are not that kind of person.”


Jiang Jingchuan’s body that was still stretched tautly relaxed at once. He didn’t hesitate to embrace her back.  


That morning, after they finished eating breakfast, Su Yan escorted him to the car just like yesterday and stood till his car was out of sight. She then turned to go back inside the villa. 


Jiang Jingchuan sat on the car, feeling delighted for no reason.


At this moment, his mobile phone rang. It was his close friend Sui Sheng calling.


Just as he picked up, Sui Sheng loudly said, “The day after tomorrow is Master Chen’s birthday banquet, are you going?”




It was important to go. Though Master Chen had retired,  he was still Jiang Jingchuan’s superior and had an enormous influence. He couldn’t help paying attention to it.  


“I don’t have a female companion for that day. Anyway, I am tired of them. Let’s just go together.”    


A faint smile appeared on Jiang Jingchuan’s face, “Not my problem: I have a female companion.”


“F*ck! Is the Iron tree in bloom?3 Who? That Huang Yu Wei, or Young Lady Wang?” Interested, Sui Sheng began to meticulously question Jiang Jingchuan. 


“No.” Jiang Jingchuan frowned slightly, “Su Yan will go with me.”


“Huh…wha?!” What was he talking about? Su Yan??




In a time span of less than a day, the entire circle knew that Jiang Jingchuan was taking his wife to Master Chen’s birthday banquet.


Barb Notes:

The Author started to use cute emoticons to show feelings, isn’t that adorable, especially when you can visualise Su Yan.

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Now some notes and Info:

You can see the meaning of some idioms or sayings etc. by clicking the small number that appears above that line. Or, you can also see below as I add some extra information for our charming readers.

  • To expose a horse’s leg – Meaning to expose a secret, the similar English saying would be- To let the cat out of the bag.
  • Iron tree in Blossom- Meaning an extremely rare occurrence or impossibility, the similar English saying would be- Don’t hold your breath.
  • Scallion root- Search it, you might imagine how our ML sees it.


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