Made of Money Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 — He did not want to force Su Yan.


Even if Su Yan had a thick face, she would still be embarrassed when she went to bed that night.  


After showering, Su Yan didn’t come out of the bathroom. Instead, she sat on the toilet seat and wiped her hair, her head drooping, wondering what to do next. She was actually feeling a bit sore. If Jiang Jingchuan insisted, what should she say? It was the original body’s first time and Su Yan’s first time. If that was exposed in the Imperial Palace, one estimates that flock of Imperial Concubines were unlikely to believe it. 


Su Yan unwittingly began to recall past matters.


In the Imperial Harem, she was regarded as a special person and was the most spoiled.  However, if truly asked, her status couldn’t hold a candle to anyone, because she was the only child the Empress Dowager had ever adopted. Since, as a child, she had seen her whole family exterminated before her very eyes; she believed that she would be homeless and live a lonely, wretched life. However, the Empress Dowager placed her in the Imperial Palace and showed her the utmost consideration, keeping in mind to marry her into a respectable family when she came of age. In a million years the Empress Dowager never imagined that the taciturn Emperor would become absolutely smitten with Su Yan. 


His Majesty wouldn’t let her marry someone else while the Empress Dowager wouldn’t let her marry His Majesty. Two of the most influential and most noble people of the Imperial Palace secretly competed, as a result, she was sandwiched between them for many years in the Imperial Harem. After the Empress Dowager collapsed, His Majesty became even more unscrupulous. 


Other people had assumed that she and His Majesty were engaged in an improper relation when, in fact, it wasn’t true at all. That reticent man had already assured her that his Imperial Harem would have no women other than her, and after the period of filial piety1, he would let her stand by his side. 


When he said these things, Su Yan perceived that the man sincerely loved her. The Imperial concubines of the Imperial Harem cursed at her behind her back. However, it didn’t bear any influence on Su Yan. She just wanted to live well, gain power and influence, and also…find out the truth regarding her family to take revenge.  




At this moment Jiang Jingchuan was busy with work in the study room. Suddenly his mobile began to vibrate. One glance at the caller-id made his brows furrow.


He picked it up reluctantly. The person on the other side didn’t speak first. Both parties refused to budge so after a few seconds, the other person said: “Jingchuan, are you in the Xi Shan Villa?”


The person calling was Jiang Jingchuan’s father, Jiang Shaoyan.


Jiang Jingchuan guessed that it was about the progress in the relationship between Su Yan and himself. Every detail about the situation would have already been passed on by the butler to his father in the city. Jiang Shaoyan would know that Su Yan and his relationship was nothing out of the ordinary but Jiang Jingchuan decided to graciously answer, “Yes.” 


Jiang Shaoyan sighed in relief: “Jingchuan, father knows that you did not desire this marriage, but still you should know that I and your mother were unable to change your grandparents’ mind. No matter what anyone says, Su Yan is our Jiang family’s daughter-in-law. You need to treat her properly. Anyway, since you have married and embarked on a career you should also consider adding heirs to the Jiang Family.”


Originally these words shouldn’t be said by him to his son, but he had no alternative. His wife was careless regarding this matter and wasn’t willing to take responsibility. Since it concerned the future of the Jiang family, he had to toughen his scalp and speak.  


The father and son pair both felt awkward following that talk. After a moment of silence, Jiang Jingchuan pinched the space between his eyebrows and replied, “I understand.”


After hanging up the phone, Jiang Jingchuan couldn’t concentrate on the contract. He turned off the computer and walked towards the window. It wasn’t that he didn’t realise that he had this important responsibility, but he didn’t want to force Su Yan. Of course, he also didn’t intend to fool around and have an illegitimate child, embarrassing Su Yan and his family. He wouldn’t have thought about this matter previously, but– with today’s reminder– Jiang Jingchuan began to seriously consider this matter. 


But it was still a bit early to talk about this matter, better to put off until later…   


Previously, even if Jiang Jingchuan stayed at Xi Shan Villa, he wouldn’t stay in the same room as Su Yan. He would go to his own room after finishing his work. As usual, he walked in a daze until he was standing in front of his room. He then thought about his father’s words and the changes in Su Yan. Jiang Jingchuan hesitated for a while then turned around to go to Su Yan’s room. 


The very moment Jiang Jingchuan stepped into the room, Su Yan came out of the bathroom. Two people again came across each other.  


Su Yan was dressed in a white nightgown, rubbing her half wet hair. Upon noticing Jiang Jingchuan her heart was filled with unease, yet not a shred of it manifested on her face. Su Yan didn’t take the initiative to speak. 


Jiang Jingchuan silently walked towards the sofa and sat down. 


She went and sat in front of the dressing table, enthusiastically dabbing creams from various bottles on her face. Su Yan was really interested in this: it was a woman’s natural instinct. When she first arrived in this era, the first thing she mastered, was the use of skin care products and the application of make-up. 


The fragrance the creams emanating after she smeared them on her face and the curve of her neck put Su Yan in a pleasant mood. 


“I will take a shower.” Jiang Jingchuan stated this one sentence after a long period of silence. 


Auntie Wang normally didn’t do as she saw fit; however, that afternoon she had moved all of Jiang Jingchuan’s toiletries and clothes from his room to Su Yan’s room. 


Jiang Jingchuan went to the bathroom. After completing her beauty regime, Su Yan sat on one side of the sofa in a daze. How should she express to Jiang Jingchuan that she didn’t desire it in a way which was mild, roundabout, and still expressed her meaning? 


She truly had a big headache. Su Yan had never encountered such type of situation before. For a short while, she won’t be able to turn on her occupational skills. 


Jiang Jingchuan was also dawdling in the bathroom. Usually, at most, he took 10 minutes to bathe; but today– without any good reason– he stayed inside the bathroom for 20 minutes.  


After lying down on the bed, Su Yan glanced at the clock– it was 10 O’clock. Normally by this time, she would already be asleep, but she didn’t feel sleepy at all right now. 


In fact, Jiang Jingchuan also wasn’t himself: all of his nerves were stretched taut. The two people who didn’t have much contact before were now laying down side by side in a bed, sober. Truly an awkward moment. 


Fortunately, at this moment, Jiang Jingchuan’s stomach made a gurgling noise.


Su Yan who couldn’t find anything to say, just in time, found the words to say. She whispered: “Are you hungry? I am also hungry.” 


At first, Jiang Jingchuan felt embarrassed. But after Su Yan’s interruption, he waited for a while before replying: “Somewhat.” 


Since he had not eaten dinner, he would certainly be starving now. 


“If so, then shall we look around for food?”  


5 minutes later, Su Yan and Jiang Jingchuan snuck down the stairs like thieves. The servants didn’t live here, (except Auntie Wang and the butler who resided on the other side and went to sleep by 9 O’clock) hence the living room was very quiet.    


Since it annoyed Jiang Jingchuan, Auntie Wang naturally wouldn’t leave any leftovers in the kitchen. As a result, even after turning the place upside down, Su Yan and Jiang Jingchuan didn’t find anything and could only look at each other in dismay. Finally, Jiang Jingchuan found instant noodles deep inside the cupboard. 


Jiang Jingchuan at the moment couldn’t understand how their home possessed instant noodles. He asked Su Yan, “Should we eat or not eat?” 


“…eat.” As a matter of fact, she thought, this thing can be eaten? 


Jiang Jingchuan had the experience, while he was studying abroad. At that time he had just arrived there, he wasn’t accustomed to their food and drinks. Once he had spotted instant noodles in the supermarket and immediately brought off a huge pile of it. He still remembered the experience of slurping the instant noodles that night.   


He found two saucepans and as practised, set the water to boil. Since he remembered eating Instant noodles, he knew that making it in a saucepan was much delicious and better than just soaking them in hot water.   


While the instant noodles were boiling he cracked in two eggs, as everything was in its place and getting ready, the kitchen was filled with the intense aroma of instant noodles. Su Yan’s expression while looking at Jiang Jingchuan also changed.    


He was truly preparing a meal?!


Though Su Yan didn’t doubt Jiang Jiangchuan’s financial resources, she dare not believe that he would cook. When all was said and done– according to her knowledge– other than the cook, males didn’t go into the kitchen. There’s even a saying that ‘a nobleman stays clear of the kitchen.’ Yet Jiang Jingchuan was unexpectedly cooking?  


Jiang Jingchuan had already put all the seasonings in it and deeply inhaled the aroma of the instant noodles. Yes, even without eating, the smell of the instant noodles felt really flavorful. He probably wouldn’t touch them for a month or two after eating them tonight though. Becoming conscious of Su Yan’s stare he turned around to face her and couldn’t help but ask dumbfounded, “What’s wrong?”


Su Yan quickly adjusted her expression and diverted the topic, “It smells quite appetizing.” 


Jiang Jingchuan didn’t plan on questioning her closely, so he just carried the two bowls of instant noodles to the dining table. Su Yan and Jiang Jingchuan sat opposite of each other and the atmosphere was quite harmonious. Su Yan probed by taking only one mouthful: her eyes widened. Though she hadn’t eaten this thing before the flavour was unexpectedly not bad!  


Su Yan always felt that no matter what kind of person she confronted, she had learnt to praise without being stingy. 


“The taste is truly great, didn’t expect your cooking skill to be this good, truly excellent.” Su Yan put down her chopsticks, turned to look at Jiang Jingchuan, and began to praise him free of charge. Her eyes truly had worship in them. Jiang Jingchuan’s cooking skills were much better than hers. 


Jiang Jingchuan almost choked. At first, he thought she was making fun of him and he carefully looked at her expression. When he discovered that she was earnest, he didn’t know why but a feeling of self-satisfaction and a little pride welled within. That’s right, he cooks the best instant noodles in the world.


Since Su Yan made Jiang Jingchuan quite happy, he couldn’t help but put the poached eggs in Su Yan’s bowl.


“?” Su Yan looked at the egg-shaped thing inside the bowl in confusion.


“You must eat a bit more.” 


Su Yan readily took the hint and lowered her face to continue eating, but with a smiling expression gracing her face. 


After eating, they cleaned up and went back to their room and lied on the bed after brushing their teeth. No one spoke. After a few moments of silence, Jiang Jingchuan listened to the soft sounds of even breathing. For the first time, he felt that Su Yan was quite cute.


After they slept, the butler woke up feeling hungry and came to the kitchen. He opened the cupboard but after patting inside for a long time he was dumbfounded——  


Who ate my instant noodles?!



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