Made of Money Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 — Auntie Wang is extraordinarily gratified that Su Yan has truly opened her eyes.


Even after Jiang Jingchuan married, there wasn’t a lack of women casting greedy eyes in his direction. The most popular one in line was the pretty, innocent actress Huang Yu Wei. She was remarkably beautiful and outstanding in all aspects, but there was one matter that kept all the anti-fans clinging to her. Even though her family standing on the web was really clean and neat, she was an illegitimate child and her mother was a mistress.

Hwang Yu Wei was a promising, new generation actress: her acting ability was quite good and she hadn’t gone under a knife. Being a famous actress wasn’t what she wished for, however. She only wanted to use her status to marry into a wealthy family. She had been in the circle for many years and been pursued by many heirs of wealthy households. Compared to her mother, she was much more clever as she knew that they were just looking to have fun, play, and toss her aside when they tire of her. Yet, just like her mother, she unexpectedly made the same mistake again.  

Jiang Jingchuan was the person she wanted to marry. She had observed that he was different: unlike those second generation heirs who only knew how to play, drink and make merry, Jiang Jingchuan possessed real power. Most importantly, he wasn’t the kind of person who toyed with flowers and grass. 1

The only blemish in Hwang Yu Wei’s otherwise perfect choice was that he already had a wife. But that didn’t matter. She had asked about it, and the relation between Jiang Jingchuan and his wife wasn’t good. They had merely married under pressure. Though Huang Yu Wei hadn’t seen Mrs. Jiang, she imagined that Mrs. Jiang was rather average in looks. If not, then why wouldn’t Jiang Jingchuan escort her to social engagements?    

A woman not only needed to possess a bright outer appearance but self-accomplishments. Huang Yu Wei felt that she couldn’t be inferior to that Mrs. Jiang. After enquiring about her over a period of time, Huang Yu Wei’s confidence increased. Removing that woman to become Mrs. Jiang wasn’t impossible at all!

One thing she hadn’t expected was that Jiang Jingchuan would be so hard to approach. Generally, people like her, if given some initiative, weren’t afraid that the man wouldn’t get hooked. But at the moment Huang Yu Wei was somewhat impatient. Her half-sister from the same father but different mother was soon to get married, and marrying quite well at that. Over the years she clearly understood that though her father didn’t love his wife, he wasn’t ready to divorce her. What she wasn’t willing to admit was that her father still loved her elder sister a bit more.

In case her elder sister got married then her sister would have more chips in her hands, and when the time arrived wouldn’t her elder sister retaliate against her and her mother? Though it was hard to tell, she still remembered the look of bitter hatred in her sister’s eyes.

If she got together with Jiang Jingchuan, she would be able to put her elder sister in her place. At that time, her father would also divorce his wife and she would take that opportunity to shed the label of an illegitimate daughter.

Though Huang Yu Wei was impatient, she was not brainless. She had even taken Jiang Jingchuan’s younger sister, Jiang Jingjing, into account. As a matter of fact, they had agreed to go shopping today; and Jiang Jingjing had been delighted at the invitation.

After speaking a lot of nonsense Huang Yu Wei finally got to the main point, pretending to casually ask: “Jingjing-ah, what is your elder brother doing currently?  He seems to be very busy.”

Jiang Jingjing was still young, so hearing those words she just buoyantly laughed: “He’s not always busy with the corporation’s affairs.”

Huang Yu Wei again probed: “During Mr. Zhong’s dinner banquet, I caught sight of Chief Jiang; he had no female companion by his side. Is Mrs. Jiang’s health not good?”  

“My elder sister-in-law is not too fond of those types of occasions.” Jiang Jingjing smiled lightly.



Meanwhile, Su Yan walked contently out of the shop followed by Auntie Wang. Su Yan was considering to indirectly ask about the matter of the card when she saw Auntie Wang stride forward and greet pleasantly: “Young Lady Jingjing?!”

Jiang Jingjing and Huang Yu Wei turned around simultaneously. After seeing Auntie Wang and Su Yan, Jiang Jingjing contemplated for a while then went ahead with greeting them affectionately, “What a coincidence, Elder Sister-in-law! You are also out shopping?”   

After hearing Jiang Jingjing call out ‘Elder Sister-in-law’, both Su Yan and Hang Yu Wei were stunned.


Su Yan didn’t expect to meet Jiang Jingchuan’s sister so couldn’t react immediately.

Huang Yu Wei was extremely shocked. She couldn’t believe, looking at Su Yan, that this was Mrs. Jiang?! How could it be? She had quickly rejected this possibility in her heart.

Su Yan quickly recovered from the shock, and her smile turned thoughtful, “En, just came to relax.”

Jiang Jingjing’s face showed traces of doubt. She had assumed the scenario would be her showing warm feelings and being met with cold rebuke. Though she wasn’t too fond of Su Yan, her years of upbringing had taught her that, even if she wasn’t fond of her, Su Yan was still her elder sister-in-law. More so, it was in front of Huang Yu Wei; so she had to give Su Yan face even though she didn’t like Su Yan and, without a doubt, Su Yan also didn’t like her. Each time they met her frosty countenance it was like someone owed her a hundred million yuan.

Su Yan not only acknowledged her but also smiled while meeting her today?! This made even Jiang Jingjing’s smile come to a halt.

Su Yan looked at Huang Yu Wei’s expression and instantly associated her with the women in the Imperial Harem. It couldn’t be helped: the impression was really too profound. Su Yan would always recognize that sort of expression. Although she does not know this woman, her woman’s intuition was saying that she had some relation with Jiang Jingchuan.

Su Yan noticed the expression of disbelief on Huang Yu Wei’s face at once, which just served to confirm her assumption.

She felt that her emotions were well in control. In case the original body knew this woman, she would wonder why this person was here. If the original body didn’t know her, Su Yan was convinced that someone would introduce the woman to her.

Sure enough, Jiang Jingjing opened her mouth right then with some uncomfortableness on her face, “Sister-in-law, this is Huang Yu Wei. Today I came to shop and have a meal with her.”  

Su Yan realized that Jiang Jingjing hadn’t introduced her to Huang Yu Wei, on one hand, it could mean that Huang Yu Wei already knew her; or, on the other hand, it could mean that Jiang Jingjing didn’t want to mention her to Huang Yu Wei. Generally, you could guess who the other party was.

As for whether this person possessed a high status or not, she still didn’t know. It was better to probe it out from Jiang Jingchuan when she returned.

Su Yan smiled politely at Huang Yu Wei, then immediately said to Jiang Jingjing: “I won’t delay your shopping, as it happens that I have to return back. If you have time, come home to sit and have a meal.”

Jiang Jingjing felt that the atmosphere was a bit awkward so hurriedly nodded and watched Su Yan and Auntie Wang walk away.



Looking back, she caught sight of the distracted Huang Yu Wei and Jiang Jingjing sneered inwardly. She was clear about Huang Yu Wei’s plan. Though she did not like Su Yan, Su Yan was also her true sister-in-law. How can an illegitimate woman like Huang Yu Wei compare? The reason why she made contact with Huang Yu Wei was due to her own selfish intentions.

Su Yan and Auntie Wang were sitting in the back seat of the car. Auntie Wang recognized Huang Yu Wei from before when she was still performing in TV dramas. Auntie Wang thought about the rumours regarding Huang Yu Wei and Jiang Jingchuan and felt a bit apprehensive so looked at Su Yan again. She couldn’t bear to see no reaction so she cautiously said: “Those were just rumours. They aren’t true at all. Sir is not that kind of person.”


En, at least not currently.


Su Yan had already guessed that woman’s identity. Now listening to Auntie Wang’s words, there weren’t any feelings in her heart: she did not have any feelings towards Jiang Jingchuan. At present, it didn’t matter to her which women he had illicit relations with. But since Auntie Wang had opened this topic, she had to ponder over what to respond. After thinking, she asked: “Why were there such rumours?”

Auntie Wang decided not to waste this opportunity again and carefully said to Su Yan in a profound voice: “Because Madam doesn’t accompany Mr. Jiang to these social engagements, people started to have wicked thoughts. You are Mrs. Jiang. On some occasions, you need to accompany Sir.”  

Su Yan understood that the original body never participated in any banquets. Since the original body didn’t join there would naturally be some other woman who would be willing to accompany Jiang Jingchuan.


“I understand.” Su Yan pretended to nod earnestly.


Auntie Wang was extremely pleased that Su Yan had finally opened her eyes.


Huang Yu Wei also wasn’t in the mood to go shopping anymore so made an excuse and left. Jiang Jingjing sat in a cafe and, after hesitating for a long time, dialled Jiang Jingchuan’s number.

Jiang Jiangchuan was dealing with some official documents when Jiang Jingjing called. He gave a glance at the caller id and didn’t think twice before putting it on speaker, his tone casual, “What happened? Don’t have money?”

Jiang Jingchuan obviously wasn’t criticizing his younger sister. During his sister’s childhood, he was studying in abroad; as a result, they were not that close. But he always fulfilled his duty as an elder brother. As long as she opened her mouth to ask, he would give it to her.  

Hearing those words, Jiang Jingjing stubbornly replied in a low voice: “Brother, I already have money. I wanted to sincerely apologize.”

“En?” He continued in a perfunctory manner.

Jiang Jingjing felt that her brother wouldn’t care about this matter. She knew that Su Yan didn’t like them and that brother didn’t like Su Yan. They had only married due to pressure from their grandparents. Thinking like that Jiang Jingjing’s heart felt a bit relieved, “Actually, it’s alright. I was invited to go shopping and have a meal by Huang Yu Wei today and I was bored so I agreed. Who knew we would run into Sister-in-law? Anyways, we ended up chatting a bit.”


“…” Jiang Jingchuan looked at the document and listened to her words without saying anything.


Jiang Jingjing’s heart felt a bit empty. She couldn’t help but ask the question: “Brother, should I explain it to sister-in-law? I know that you and Huang Yu Wei were ordinary friends…”

For Jiang Jingchuan, unimportant people and things were flung to the back of his mind. Currently, his attention was occupied by the contents of the official documents before him. Jiang Jingchuan raised his hand and pinched his nose slightly as he couldn’t help but ask: “En, who is this Huang Yu Wei?”

Jiang Jingjing: “……”



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