Made of Money Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 — She doesn’t hold just any thigh, first, she appraises his worth.

After Jiang Jingchuan left, Su Yan went back to the little balcony of the bedroom, full of anxiety. While Auntie Wang prepared cookies and biscuits followed by scented tea, Su Yan began to recall the affairs of the previous day.

Yesterday she was too tired to think deeply; but, now that she thought about it, maybe this man and wife had trouble getting along. From what Auntie Wang had said in the last few days, it could be concluded that they had been married hurriedly and for half a year. Could it be that starting from the time that they married they slept in separate beds? Why?

It was highly unlikely that Jiang Jingchuan wasn’t interested in her. Men possess a specific penchant: if such an exquisite wife who was delicate like flowers and jade was left untouched it would be a problem. Yesterday, it seemed that he hadn’t had any such problem.

Could it be that it all came down to the original body? Jiang Jingchuan was a talented man. In her short time with him, Su Yan observed that he was a very prideful person and also possessed a prolific amount of assets. If the original body didn’t allow him to touch her then a person like him would pay no attention to her.

Then the question was since the original body married Jiang Jingchuan, then why continue to reject him?

Su Yan’s brain supplied a series of stories of love, hate, affection, and enmity; the more her brain supplemented, the more uncertain she became. In any case, she would figure things out about this unexpected affair slowly. Regardless, she had no right to interfere between the original body and Jiang Jingchuan’s story. The most important thing now was to find out about Jiang Jingchuan’s financial capacity before deciding if it was worth cultivating good feelings with to continue holding on his thigh.

In the case that Jiang Jingchuan was not only a king eight egg 1but also didn’t have any equipment in this era, it would be better to part on good terms.

Regardless of the era (after ensuring that she wouldn’t be homeless and helpless) she wouldn’t forget to live the best quality, natural, and free life. Previously, she was the hidden master of the Imperial Harem, so it was impossible for her to live an ordinary life. Apologies, but a warm, common, and ordinary life didn’t interest her.

Living in her new environment for 10 days was enough for Su Yan to centre herself and calm down. Though she had died once, what she wanted to pursue wouldn’t change– it was bone-deep. Now that she had become Su Yan, she had to look after herself.

Su Yan didn’t spend her 10 days idly. In the beginning, even though she didn’t show it on the surface, she was really frightened when she saw the figures speak from within the television set. Now, she was comfortable with sitting on the sofa and watching the dramas. She even felt that they were interesting.

It felt like she was watching someone else’s life.

After watching two dramas, Su Yan had already learnt many things; after all, she was quite intelligent to begin with. She was familiar with the ancient books on the art of wars, and was skilled in the Four Arts: Go, Calligraphy, the Zither and Painting. It was not to say she was proficient at everything but knew just enough. She, at least, had enough skills to defeat an Imperial concubine of the Imperial Harem in seconds. Currently, she possessed her original skills and, on top of that processed information at a rapid pace. She learned things extraordinarily fast.

Due to watching the TV dramas she realised that the residence she lived in now was highly expensive and luxurious. Yesterday afternoon she went for a stroll after eating and caught sight of many cars inside the garage. It may be worth looking forward to Jiang Jingchuan’s financial resources, then she would find an opportunity to take a look at his job and his workplace.
She doesn’t hold just any thigh, first, she had to appraise whether he was worth it or not.

Su Yan was quite fond of this era. First, the lamp, the bed, and the bathroom all made her satisfied; second, the food here was more delicious. After eating lunch she returned to the bedroom and watched TV dramas. Auntie Wang just shook her head and went back to her room to take a nap: there was nothing she could do about Su Yan’s actions.

After dealing with the matters at hand, Jiang Jingchuan naturally thought of Su Yan. Since he had intimate contact with her last night it wasn’t unusual; naturally, he would be interested. Jiang Jingchuan stared at his phone hesitantly for a long time. He wanted to make a phone call to ask if she was alright but couldn’t put aside his pride. Finally, he gritted his teeth and dialled the phone in the living room. The butler picked up the phone.

After chatting about some trivial matters, Jiang Jingchuan pretended to casually ask: “Has she gone outside?”

The housekeeper didn’t respond at first, dumbfounded for a while. After his consciousness returned and he realized that the ‘she’ Jiang Jingchuan asked for was Su Yan, he hurriedly replied: “Not at all; Madam is in the bedroom. Do you want me to call for her to answer the phone?”

Jiang Jingchuan thought that if it was Su Yan who answered the phone then he could have talked to her, but he could not let her realize that he took the initiative to look for her, “No, not needed. I was simply asking, nothing more.”

The butler happily said: “Recently, Madam remains at home every day and only goes around the vicinity of the villa to take a stroll after dinner.”

Jiang Jingchuan felt strange hearing that. Previously, he didn’t care about Su Yan; but he was also aware that Su Yan was the same as him, almost not coming home. Now she unexpectedly stayed at home every day and didn’t go out? Quite astonished he asked: “What does she do at home every day?”

“I heard Wang Shen say that Madam stays inside the bedroom and watches television.” This Butler was also full of curiosity ah, but only curious. That was the Madam; and, concerning Madam’s matters, he could not just shoot off his mouth.

“Watches television?” Jiang Jingchuan couldn’t believe his ears. Su Yan stayed at home, didn’t go out and watched television? How was that possible!

Before getting married, according to the usual practice, Jiang Jingchuan checked out Su Yan’s situation. Despite her family’s objection, Su Yan went to the Film Academy. She was determined to advance and become a famous star in the entertainment circle. However, before she received a drama, it was forcefully prevented by Father Su. She couldn’t go against him, so Su Yan’s dream of becoming a famous star remained unfulfilled.

Nevertheless, after marriage, Su Yan never truly relaxed. Not to say that she didn’t go home as he did, but she shopped around all day and used many methods to enhance her beauty. Now she unexpectedly stayed at home and watched TV?

“Need I report the TV dramas Madam watches every day?”

“Let it be.”

He cannot go as far as to examine what she does every day; let her do what she wants.


When it became late afternoon, Auntie Wang was at the end of her patience and suggested something to Su Yan: “Madam, aren’t you going shopping today?”

As soon as Su Yan heard those words her eyes brightened. She liked shopping and buying and buying. She lead the fashion tide at the Imperial Palace. Every once in a while His Majesty would take her out for shopping. Although the ornamental hairpins and clothes outside couldn’t compare to the exquisite craftsmanship of those inside the Imperial Palace, they were more novel and interesting. She really liked shopping.

Su Yan was surprised upon sitting in the car but didn’t show the slightest hint of it on her face.

Auntie Wang looked at Su Yan and also didn’t say anything. They soon stopped at the street Su Yan used to go. A maid quickly followed behind to help carry the bags.

Su Yan was tongue tied looking at everything but entered her buying mode after entering the store.

Stopping in front of the counter, Su Yan looked at a long narrow necklace and couldn’t move her eyes from it.

Under the light, the jewels refracted a brilliance and radiance that nearly blinded the eyes.

Though she still did not understand the standard price, she couldn’t shift her legs away from the necklace. Looking at the price tag also made people unable to shift their legs.

Auntie Wang sent a meaningful glance and the young maid quickly moved forward and handed Su Yan her cardholder and bag containing her credit cards.

Su Yan was somewhat at a loss while opening the bag full of credit cards, not knowing what to do. Doesn’t she need to pay money for it? How can she pay?

“Does Madam like this necklace?”

Su Yan nodded.

I like it very much!

Looking at the string of zeros on the price tag of the necklace, Auntie Wang sucked a deep breath and clicked her tongue inwardly. It was really too expensive for average people, but for Jiang Jingchuan’s wife, it was nothing. Auntie Wang’ eyesight wasn’t that good, but she immediately caught sight of the shiny Gold Card that stood out from the other credit cards. Her memory was not outstanding; however, she recalled that this was Jiang Jingchuan’s substitute card, it was given to Su Yan after marriage. At that time, she had just arrived at Su Yan’s side. Previously, every time Su Yan went shopping she didn’t use the gold card and instead used her own credit card.

When it seemed that Su Yan was still in a trance, Auntie Wang gritted her teeth and pointed at the shiny gold card in the bag and whispered: “Madam, aren’t you Sir’s wife? What’s his is yours. You don’t have to keep him at such a distance, otherwise, the relationship will grow estranged.”

Su Yan felt that Auntie Wang was really good, and had helped her out in time. It seemed that this golden card belonged to Jiang Jingchuan. She pondered for a while and then put it in Auntie Wang’s hand nodding earnestly. “Yes, I know.”

Auntie Wang happily handed the card to the shop assistant to swipe.

Indeed Auntie Wang was correct, Jiang Jingchuan was quite wealthy, so separating themselves and not using his money would be insane.

When Su Yan received the necklace case her entire being was stunned. It turns out that as long as the golden card was there then she would be able to buy?! Very good! So refreshing!

When Auntie Wang saw her cooperating so well, she happily pointed out few more things “The money is here and somebody will always spend it, but you will spend it better than the others, won’t you?”

She said it in a euphemistic way. The main idea was that if you don’t spend it, then perhaps, one day, some other woman will spend it for you. At that time it will be too late to weep! Although there weren’t any goblins around Jiang Jingchuan now, who can guarantee that it wouldn’t be so in the future?

Su Yan understood that and felt that Auntie Wang’s views were consistent with her’s.

For her, comfort is the most important thing. Yes, that’s it.



Jiang Jingchuan had just finished the meeting. He took his mobile from the secretary’s hand and was walking over to the office when a message on the phone made him stop in his tracks.

The text message alerted him to the amount consumed in XX location.

When he married, he gave his substitute card to Su Yan but she had never used it. What happened today?

It seemed that Su Yan had set her mind on being good to him. Now that she had made it clear and given what should have taken place last night… he had to consider whether to respond or not.

The Secretary felt that Chief Jiang was really strange today. In the meeting his face was as black as the bottom of a pan, now; however, he was laughing. What’s going on?

Clueless: …TV dramas

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