Made of Money Chapter 27 Part 2

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Translator: Barb

Editor: WhitesRabbit


Chapter 27: Part 2 — As the husband, he had the responsibility and obligation to stifle the conflict between husband and wife in the cradle. 


Jiang Jingchuan had his own ideas, he decided to let a person watch over Shen Peiran. Even though this method wasn’t good, he felt that at this stage, it was the best course of action as compared to refraining Shen Peiran to meet with Su Yan.


He originally didn’t want to confront Shen Peiran directly, therefore he could only watch as the events unfolded.


He drove to Jiang Jingjing’s condominium, even though it was near to her university, it was quite far off from the heart of the city, therefore it was quite peaceful around here.


Jiang Jingjing was already ready. As soon as she received the call she immediately went downstairs. Upon seeing her elder brother, very attentively, opening the door of the car for Su Yan, she wished she was blind.


Early morning she was suddenly fed a big mouthful of dog food1, so damn awesome!


Before leaving Jiang Jingchuan called out Jiang Jingjing to one side, and whispered: “Your sister-in-law hasn’t gone outside much these days. Take good care of her.”


……this wasn’t her elder brother!!


……this really wasn’t her elder brother!!!


……Mom, whom did you pick up!!!


Obviously she was several years younger than her sister-in-law so why did elder brother wanted her to take care of sister-in-law? Such injustice! Such injustice!


It was truly sad that the younger sister couldn’t control her brother, but if the elder brother wasn’t in control of the younger sister, then how could there be a faint indication of development taking place in the direction of being a wife slave? 


She continued to squat in the corner eating dog food! 


However, the condominium was given by her brother, the beetle was also given by her brother, Jiang Jingjing could only groan lightly, “Understood.”


Jiang Jingchuan walked in front of Su Yan, enduring the impulse to pat her head, he spoke in a low voice, “If you have any problem call me. In the afternoon If I have time, I will drop you home.”


“Hm, okay. Drive carefully.” Taking advantage of the time when Jiang Jingjing was gazing into the sky, she stealthy pulled Jiang Jingchaun’s hand. 


After the air was completely clear of the sour fragrance of love, Jiang Jingjing lazily walked to Su Yan’s side, and watched Jiang Jingchuan depart. She sighed: “Sister-in-law, I really admire you.”


Yes, you really can’t help but admire.


Of course, Su Yan understood what Jiang Jingjing meant. She just lightly laughed. Jiang Jingchuan was a very qualified husband. Although the most important reason why she latched on to him was because of wealth and power but if he was a rotten person with bad character she would’ve stayed far away from him.


Jiang Jingjing had asked Su Yan to go with her with the intention of getting close with her, who would have thought that after spending a few hours together, Jiang Jingjing had completely understood why her elder brother was fascinated by Su Yan. It wasn’t because of her casual appearance. Although there were plenty of beautiful women, Su Yan was just superior to them. She felt particularly comfortable with Su Yan. No matter what she said, Su Yan heard it all with a smile, regardless of whether or not she actually heard, anyway, it made people very comfortable.


She did not dare to meddle in her brother’s love life, but it didn’t mean that she wasn’t interested in it. While she was together with Su Yan she could gossip a little. After an hour or two of shopping, the two people found a restaurant to have a break. Sensing the atmosphere to be good, Jiang Jingjing curiously asked: “Sister-in-law, what does my brother call you in private?” 


She always felt that with her elder brother’s honest appearance, not sure if he would call someone’s name without adding any honorifics. _(:3」∠)_


Not romantic at all.


Su Yan seriously thought about it, then found out that Jiang Jingchuan indeed changed the way he addressed her. At first he used to call her Su Yan, now he called Xiao Yan2, perhaps in his heart they had become closer?


“Xiao Yan. Your brother calls me Xiao Yan.”


Jiang Jingjing rolled her eyes at Su Yan: “Doesn’t he call you darling or wife or something like that?”


In a split second, Su Yan’s fair face turned red, slightly nodded, “…….yes.”


Only during those times would he call her darling.


Then after waking up, it would be as if he lost his memory, and continue to call her Xiao Yan.


Although Jiang Jingjing didn’t have the experience, she had seen all kinds of people in manhua3, so with one look at Su Yan’s expression, she giggled, having understood everything. 


Su Yan came out together with Jiang Jingjing, on one hand they wanted to buy buy buy but on the other hand, she also wanted to find out about Jiang Jingchuan’s past through Jiang Jingjing. Su Yan pretended carelessly ask: “Is your relationship with elder brother good? Having an elder brother must be great.”


Jiang Jingjing thought for a moment, then helplessly shook her head, “……no way. When I was in primary school, he was abroad and came back once or twice a year. I was so afraid of him at that time that I  didn’t dare to talk with him.”


Her relationship with Jiang Jingchuan wasn’t very deep. After all the age difference as also there. Since the time she could remember, Jiang Jingchuan had been studying abroad, he didn’t have any spare time so naturally she didn’t have much contact with him. From where would she be brave enough to act spoiled to him?


Su Yan wasn’t surprised on hearing that. When they had dinner together, she had seen that Jiang Jingchuan and his family weren’t very close, moreover he rarely, if at all spoke to Jiang Jingjing.


Jiang Jingjing slowly lowered her guard in front of Su Yan. She believed in Su Yan inexplicably, and felt that Su Yan wouldn’t say any of this to her brother. In one day, Su Yan dug up many of Jiang Jingjing’s small worries.


For instance, Jiang Jingjing liked that performer who soon after they debuted, didn’t become popular. The reason why she contacted Huang Yu Wei before, was only because she wanted to know that person through her.


For example, as of recent she didn’t like that 18th generation little artist because she heard from others that for the sake of getting a role he unexpectedly accepted the unwritten rule4 and Jiang Jingjing couldn’t tolerate such things.


To make a long story short, Su Yan had roughly understood Jiang Jingjing. She was a person who knew how far to go and when to stop. She didn’t put on airs like a young lady who had a lot of money, she was sophisticated yet also displayed some innocence. Su Yan truly respected Mother Jiang, she had educated her two children excellently.


In the future as long as Jiang Jingjing didn’t change her character suddenly and started putting on airs, her future life wouldn’t be bad.


There weren’t many who had a sense of propriety, knew when to advance and retreat, and knew how to behave in a delicate situation. They were especially born in such families.


When they were about to go to eat some sweets, Jiang Jingjing ran across her classmate.


“It’s you!” After greeting Jiang Jingjing, Lu Jiaying noticed the beautiful woman beside her. When she clearly looked at her appearance, she couldn’t stop herself from yelling excitedly. 


Su Yan definitely did not recognize this person. Was it a friend of the original body?


Jiang Jingjing frowned at Lu Jiaying and asked uncertainly: “You know my sister-in-law?”


Su Yan was also confused.


Lu Jiaying was very excited she desperately nodded, “Yes yes yes, that day I was in too much of a hurry, and couldn’t thank you properly, afterwards my family members also said that I shouldn’t have let you go, and also said that I should treat you to a great meal.”


At last, it was cleared up. Lu Jiaying knew the original body. It happened 2 years ago. At that time, Lu Jiaying was going to undertake an extremely important exam. Who would have thought that half way through her journey her taxi got into a small accident and since it was the rush hour she couldn’t hail any cabs. While she was bawling in anxiety, Su Yan happened to pass by that area. She rolled down the window and asked a few things, after that she dropped Lu Jiaying to the examination centre. Since she was hurrying up to not be late, Lu Jiaying had no time to ask for Su Yan’s phone number.


Su Yan was rather embarrassed to accept Lu Jiaying’s gratitude, while inwardly thinking that although in other people’s eyes the original body was quite aloof, but, in fact she was a very kind-hearted person.


Lu Jiaying said that anyhow she must invite Su Yan and successfully managed to achieve her goal. She gave her contact details before she went. 



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