Made of Money Chapter 27 Part 1

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Translator: Barb

Editor: WhitesRabbit


Chapter 27: Part 1 — As the husband, he had the responsibility and obligation to stifle the conflict between husband and wife in the cradle. 

Jiang Jingchuan was hesitating. Actually he didn’t want to tell Su Yan because he didn’t want her to know that Shen Peiran had called. Due to this matter, Jiang Jingchuan didn’t get any sleep that night. He was on pins and needles1 the whole night.


Early next morning, when Su Yan woke up and came downstairs, Jiang Jingchuan was sitting in front of the dining table and reading the newspaper. She went to sit down opposite him.


“Just now Jingjing called to ask me to go shopping.” Su Yan said while eating congee.


Jiang Jingchuan nodded and then thought of something: “Take the card with you and  have fun with Jingjing.” 


After marriage, no matter whether Su Yan was willing or not, he gave her his secondary card. Regardless of how their relationship was, he must support his wife. Previously Su Yan never used his card but some time ago she swiped it once. Jiang Jingchuan was again especially reminding her. 


Su Yan didn’t need to treasure that card too much2. Several times when she went out with Auntie Wang the card had been used. Although she didn’t know how much money was in the card, she always felt that she couldn’t use it up completely no matter how much she bought.


“I see. Oh, what happened yesterday?” When Su Yan got up today she wasn’t seriously angry, yesterday she was glaring at him in fury for a long time before ignoring him and going back to sleep. Now that she recalled it, it seemed that yesterday he had said that he wasn’t happy?


Jiang Jingchuan’s face was somewhat unnatural, he lightly coughed: “Nothing.” Auntie Wang and the butler were just standing beside them, how could he say it now?!


“……oh.” Su Yan didn’t question further and continued to eat her breakfast. 


Looking at Su Yan’s manner, Jiang Jingchuan decided to tell her. He had no experience in love, yet no matter whether in dating or marriage, he needs to respect others. He picked up her call, no matter who was calling and what the topic of discussion was, he should pass it to her. 


After breakfast, Jiang Jingchuan told Su Yan: “You go and get ready. I will take you to Jingjing.”


“Are you free today?” Su Yan was rather surprised, usually Jiang Jingchuan left for work just after eating breakfast. He actually had the time to take her to Jiang Jingjing today? Why did she think it was strange? Could it be that he had something to say to her? 


Jiang Jingchuan nodded: “Yes, go and get ready.” It was just as Sui Sheng said, whether or not Wang Siqi could make stormy waves depended on his attitude, similarly, it was the same regarding Shen Peiran’s matter. It depended on Su Yan’s attitude.


Although his possessiveness was intense, he also wanted to know what Su Yan thought.  He didn’t wish to be kept in the dark.


Seeing Jiang Jingchuan’s abnormal attitude, Su Yan was alarmed as she went upstairs to change her clothes and put on makeup. As she was going shopping today, she selected a pair of soft sole flat shoes, dressed up nicely and then came downstairs to follow Jiang Jingchuan to the garage. 


The gears in Su Yan’s brain were turning very quickly. She hadn’t made any mistakes recently– she had little contact with the outside world, her behavior was very good, yesterday she was honey sweet with Jiang Jingchuan. There was nothing that should be able to make Jiang Jingchuan as grave as he was now. Either something happened to her family or……it was Shen Peiran.


If something happened to her family, someone would have surely called her, therefore that reason could be eliminated. It was highly possible that it was because of Shen Peiran.


Su Yan was itching to wail piteously: Seeing that she was living very comfortably, the Heavens decided to specially design a plan to suppress her. She herself was already vexed on how to resolve the Shen Peiran issue, now she wasn’t aware of what had gone wrong. In short, it didn’t look good. Su Yan’s expression was somewhat downhearted.


It was over; she wasn’t in any mood to buy.


After leaving the Villa area, Jiang Jingchuan stopped the car in a comparatively quiet roadside. He then rolled down the window of the car; the early morning air was especially fresh which slightly reduced the agitation in people’s hearts. After he deliberated for a long time, he slowly said in his deep voice: “Yesterday your phone rang, you were asleep, I answered the phone for you……”


Su Yan’s heart was beating loudly, she didn’t need to think anymore, it must have been Shen Peiran who called!


The Heavens were playing with her! Shen Peiran calling her at night, how can one not misunderstand!?


She was done for! She was done for! She was done for! How could she explain it?


Jiang Jingchuan however didn’t give Su Yan time to ponder, he shot her a glance: “I won’t talk about what was discussed during the call. I don’t want to say.  But I also don’t want to hide it from you. Xiao Yan, I believe that you will take care of this matter well so I won’t interfere.”


Su Yan didn’t want to scoff at him but, what not interfere? Why did he keep staring at her? He better not expect her to take a vow or something.


However, she didn’t expect Jiang Jingchuan to tell her about it. He could have hid it from her and not spoken about it.


Wang Siqi’s matter made Su Yan have certain degree of vigilance; she realised that she might have to rely on her own capability. Now she could not deal with Shen Peiran, because she had promised Jiang Jingchuan to not see him in the future. She thought of being like an ostrich3, but if Shen Peiran kept calling frequently at night… it would undoubtedly end up wearing down Jiang Jingchaun’s trust and patience. She did not want to place herself in such a passive position. 


She couldn’t avoid Shen Peiran’s matter, Jiang Jingchuan was also aware of this. If she further procrastinated, she could possibly very well cover up the lurking danger but now was the right time to seize the initiative. She would tell Jiang Jingchuan of the matter tormenting her while he was still patient. That way, even if in future some observant and conscientious person wished to make an issue holding Shen Peiran’s affair, she too wouldn’t be afraid. Now the most important thing was to bring Jiang Jingchaun to help.


She believed that he would be happy to lend a hand.


Su Yan silently apologised to the original body inwardly: She wasn’t a kind hearted person. For achieving her purpose, she didn’t care about the other person’s life or death. It was just that since now she occupied the original body’s body, she was extremely fortunate; therefore, it was hard to avoid feeling remorseful and uneasy.  From now on, however, she would not. Her guilt would only make her unfavorable situation becomes all the more disadvantageous.


Thinking of that, Su Yan toughened up like never before, she dropped her head and whispered: “Jingchuan, would you please help me?”


Su Yan was in a a dilemma. Her feelings were complex, as she deliberated thoroughly on the problem, it ranged from being sentimental to frustration before finally becoming resolute. 


Jiang Jingchuan thought he heard wrong, so he asked: “What?”


“I do not know how to deal with this. I thought that it would be good as long as we did not contact each other or met, but now the way the situation is going, does not make you happy. Jingchuan, I know no one would believe in my words, because I and he……in the past were truly together. I am sure that someone will ask, how can you start with another person so soon, but you know, I sincerely want to be with you, wholeheartedly want to live with you.” Su Yan choked with sobs.


She was not sick, she was not impatient. As long as she could live while occupying this body, she would live well. Her situation4would make anyone feel grateful. 


Jiang Jingchuan was frightened by her tears and at a loss.  He was alarmed and bewildered, quickly consoling her, “I……I believe in you.”


He truly trusted her. What kind of person was Su Yan? He knew that she was arrogant, if she really didn’t want to be with him, why would she be on intimate terms with him? He had observed her behavior these days. He had the most fundamental ability to distinguish between right and wrong. It was because he trusted her that he could tell her of each and every single matter, even though in his heart he rather wanted to hear her assure it but, at the end it all boiled down to the fact that he trusted his wife.


“In fact as long as you believe me, that will be enough for me.” Actually Su Yan didn’t hope for Jiang Jingchuan to help her with Shen Peiran, that wouldn’t be too kind of her, she couldn’t do this kind of thing. The reason why she said those words, squeezed out those tears, was because she hoped that he would trust her if anything happened in the future.


Having the love and trust of a man, she would not be afraid of anything.


“I said some stupid words. Of course, I trust you.” Jiang Jingchuan vigorously rubbed her hair and sighed.


Whether it was Jiang Jingchuan or Su Yan, both hoped that Shen Peiran would as quickly as possible, disappear from their life, and hoped that no one would cause disturbance in their not easy to come by peace.


It seemed that this matter was turned over, however in her heart Su Yan was still a little uncertain. She wasn’t used to dealing with such situations. On one side it was because she wasn’t sure on what was the suitable way to treat Shen Peiran, on the other hand she was also afraid, but there were some matters which she didn’t want to face even if she wasn’t afraid.


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