Made of Money Chapter 26 Part 1

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Chapter 26: Part 1 — She admonished herself to not expect anything, but Su Yan couldn’t help but feel overjoyed.  

Su Yan had already learned some simple functions of a mobile; but she was only at the stage of making a phone call, receiving a phone call, and reading a text message.


During the day, after watching those palace dramas, Su Yan was bored and didn’t know what to watch for a while. She was sitting on the tatami mats in a daze. Then she remembered the scene where the female lead of the drama had written a letter; Su Yan suddenly became interested. She called out to Auntie Wang and excitedly asked: “Auntie Wang, do we have a Chinese brush1and calligraphy paper?” 


Auntie Wang didn’t know what Su Yan wanted to do, but she dutifully brought back what Su Yan wanted in an hour. Grabbing the familiar writing brush, Su Yan almost cried. If not for the embellishments on its surface, she would have thought that she had returned to the Imperial Palace. 


Su Yan’s style of calligraphy was very graceful. Giving the calligraphy sheet her full attention, she began to write characters on it. It flabbergasted Auntie Wang regardless of the characters Su Yan wrote.


Auntie Wang was marveling in her heart. Venerable Sir and Venerable Madame were truly far sighted. Even if the Su family weren’t a Noble, wealthy, and influential family; they were still a family of scholars. They had raised their daughter to not only be beautiful and intelligent but also highly proficient in calligraphy.


Su Yan put down the Chinese brush and looked at the characters written on the sheet for some time. She shook her head inwardly: Indeed, it had been too long since she wrote. It seemed she had become a bit rusty.    


When Auntie Wang came over to take a look, she was extremely amazed, “I see that Madam’s written characters are much better compared to those people writing on TV.” 


These words weren’t mere flattery– it was the truth.


Su Yan didn’t turn that down and smiled, “It is just normal.” 


After she had written enough, she cleaned her hands and looked at the time. It was time for lunch; the kitchen staff were busy. She thought that Jiang Jingchuan must also be off work now; therefore, she dialed Jiang Jingchuan’s number clumsily. He picked it up after a few moments, “Hm?” 


Su Yan didn’t have anything to say, she just called to brush up her existence in his heart. After a few seconds of silence, she spoke with a smile: “I borrowed your study. You do not mind, right?” 


There was only one study room in the Villa and it belonged to Jiang Jingchuan. 


Jiang Jingchuan was currently eating with his subordinates. All of them saw Jiang Jingchuan attend the call, and the formerly noisy hall was immediately enshrouded in pin drop silence.


“Of course not. Have you eaten?” Jiang Jingchuan soon noticed that his subordinates were behaving strangely. He gestured for them to continue eating, but who would be brave enough to make even a bit of noise. All of them strained their ears to eavesdrop.


Su Yan wasn’t at all an inherently clingy person, but she was aware that the feelings between them had just grown recently. Right now they talked after dinner when he had returned home, but she wanted to brush up feelings during the day even if the conversation was nonsense. She continued, “Not yet, the kitchen Auntie is still preparing. Did you eat? What are you eating?” 


Actually, men secretly enjoyed it when people expressed concern for them: It made them feel like they were cared about.


Jiang Jingchuan looked at the dining table filled with food, “I’m having West Lake fish in vinegar gravy, Dongpo meat, Sai Crab Soup…..and, by the way, what’s this dish2?” 


Jiang Jingchuan asked the person sitting beside him, who immediately whispered: “CEO Jiang, this is small abalone with scallion oil.” 


“Yes, along with some homely dishes.” Jiang Jingchuan continued to speak on the phone.


Su Yan’s soft coquettish voice came, “I want to eat it too. Will you take me next time?” 


Jiang Jingchuan’s tone was light to the point that it could be regarded as him being delighted, “Okay; next time I will take you to eat.” 


At first everyone was still debating on the identity of the caller, but after hearing this they immediately understood. It was definitely Mrs. Jiang. Nevertheless, CEO Jiang had been married for more than half a year, yet even now they were still tired and crooked3. It could be seen that their relationship was very good!


“You said it. You cannot back out now. I am serious. You must take me to eat.” Su Yan warned him again.


What you ate didn’t matter, you just needed to be a bit sentimental.


Jiang Jingchuan chuckled under his breath, “Okay, okay, okay. Will definitely take you to eat.” 


Having achieved her objective and even scheduled a next date, Su Yan was perfectly content but didn’t forget to add, “The next time I find any tasty food place, I will take you there to eat.” 


This type of dialogue was akin to a lover’s talk between students; surprisingly, Jiang Jingchuan found himself liking it.


“Okie then, I will not disturb your lunch anymore. Eat enough to be energised to work in the afternoon.” 


After Jiang Jingchuan hung up the phone, a gentle smile still remained on his face. He was in a really good mood. 


The subordinates, upon looking at the spring expression on their CEO’s face, understood something. Each and everyone of them lowered their heads to continue eating. They were somewhat sour in their heart; how could their mood be good? Having a great beauty waiting for you at home. It was so sour4 to think about.


At late noon, having nothing to do, Sui Sheng dropped in to visit. Jiang Jingchuan was almost done with his work, hence he could drink coffee with him and chat casually. 


Jiang Jingchuan trusted Sui Sheng a lot. It was also because Sui Sheng told him about Wang Siqi that, after hesitating for a while, Jiang Jingchuan told him about the incident in the morning. 


“Siqi is very obstinate. I’m afraid it won’t end with just this.” 


This was what nagged Jiang Jingchuan. No matter what he said, as long as Wang Siqi held on to her ideas, he had no way to apprehend her. He wasn’t worried about her but was anxious about the effect it would have on his life.


Sui Sheng’s voice had irritation in it, “I know that she has bad intentions. What did Su Yan say?”


Men and women thought differently. Women loved to talk more while men loved to resolve more.


Jiang Jingchuan recalled Su Yan’s expression, “She didn’t say anything but was depressed. She even asked me if I felt that she’s useless.”


“According to my understanding of Wang Siqi, she is an extremely arrogant person who, if she could, would ascend to Heaven. I can guarantee you that she would have said something about admiring Su Yan for not working or stuff like that.” Sui Sheng’s words made Jiang Jingchuan frown.


“I didn’t tell you but during my childhood when we were very small, many families had once gathered to eat together. She had tumbled over and broken a flower vase in the hotel, but she pretended as if it had nothing to do with her. As a result, the most naughty child Wang Chuan was scolded. All the adults thought that he did it. Since then I have stayed away from her.” To tell the truth, Sui Sheng and Wang Siqi should’ve been close friends. Their families knew one another and they had played together since they were babies. But Sui Sheng never smiled at her, he didn’t even hide his dislike for her.


Jiang Jingchuan thought that even if what Wang Siqi did wasn’t proper, he didn’t want to comment on her character; so he didn’t say anything.


After Sui Sheng finished ridiculing her he seriously said: “Actually it isn’t important what Wang Siqi will do. As long as your attitude remains firm, she won’t be able to make any storms or winds and you can go back and explain it to Su Yan nicely.”


“My attitude is the same.” Jiang Jingchuan said, “If we could be together, we would’ve already gotten together. I only regard her as my friend.”


If it was upto Jiang Jingchuan, even if he didn’t marry and remained single, he wouldn’t have gotten together with Wang Siqi. Jiang Jingchuan decided to keep an eye on her. Wang Siqi’s last words really made different thoughts arise. Jiang Jingchuan guessed that, if she truly meant that, she had carefully investigated Su Yan and definitely knew of the matter between Su Yan and Shen Peiran. But she probably didn’t know that he had known about it since the beginning.


He felt that perhaps Wang Siqi might make an issue of this matter in the future. Well, from an average man’s point of view, certainly he wouldn’t accept Su Yan’s cheating, but Jiang Jingchuan wasn’t your average person. He himself wasn’t particularly interested in love, of course he was angry due to Su Yan’s affairs, but he was also rational. Although they both were husband and wife, they were no less than strangers.


Since there were no feelings between them in the past, he got angry but didn’t lose his rationale.


Let alone now, he and Su Yan had already talked about it. Who would want to bring up this issue to trouble him?

Jiang Jingchuan got off work early; it hadn’t even struck 5 o’clock. He picked up his car keys and left the office. The assistants and the secretaries were already used to it.


After he reached home, when Auntie Wang told him that Su Yan was still napping and hadn’t woken up yet, he couldn’t stop himself from laughing. He looked at his wristwatch, “It’s 5 o’clock.”


Although he said that, Jiang Jingchuan didn’t go to the bedroom, he instead went to his study. When he came in front of his desk, he saw several calligraphy sheets on the desk. While he was puzzled, Auntie Wang entered with the hot sweet soup, looking at the puzzled Jiang Jingchuan, she felt happy in her heart, went forward and happily said: “Madam has written this. I never knew that Madam had this skill, it isn’t different from those on TV.”  


Jiang Jingchuan couldn’t believe his eyes and ears because previously Su Yan had never displayed any such talent but he quickly calmed down. In accordance with Su Family’s traits, Jiang Jingchuan wasn’t surprised. He very carefully put away her calligraphy, thinking to himself, he would ask his assistant to help him mount the calligraphy to the wall. He would hang it in his office. If anyone asked, he would say it was written by his wife.


Seeing Jiang Jingchuan treasure Su Yan’s calligraphy, Auntie Wang’s smile deepened. According to her vision and experience, it was impossible for that Miss Wang to be in superior– she wouldn’t be able to match her Madam!


Recalling Wang Siqi, Auntie Wang was prepared and was on the verge of fanning the flames when she stopped herself. Enough had already been said this morning. She could say more about how he should take note of Wang Siqi’s actions, but it wouldn’t be worth it.  


When Su Yan woke up, the sun was almost setting. She felt that a good sleep cleared out a person’s every anxiety. When she came down the stairs, she saw Jiang Jingchuan sitting on the sofa and watching TV. Without thinking she rushed up to stand in front of him and asked in surprise: “You came back? When did you come back? Why didn’t you wake me up?”


“You have too many questions, I will answer them one by one. I came back at 5 o’clock. You were sleeping soundly. I happened to have some work to deal with so didn’t disturb you.”


Su Yan felt somewhat muddled as she had just woken up, after she recovered her senses she sat down beside him and leaned against his arm and happily said, “Good. It is nice to see you after I wake up. Today is a good day.”


Jiang Jingchuan felt very happy on hearing those words; the corners of his lips raised in a smile.


After dinner, Su Yan suggested they take a stroll on the strolling area outside the Villa. Jiang Jingchuan had no problem: The area around the Villa was well landscaped. On their way, they came across several couples who were also taking a leisurely walk. Su Yan stretched herself and let out a contented sigh, “Feels so good.”


This was just the life she wanted.


Free from all worries, comfortable, not a thing to worry about. Too good.


Jiang Jingchuan patted her head and said with a smile: “Isn’t it relaxing. After your maternal grandfather’s birthday party, shall we go for a vacation? I didn’t take you for a honeymoon, can I do so now?”


Su Yan didn’t understand the concept of going out to have fun. She asked blankly: “Vacation?”


“If you want to go shopping, we can go to Europe. If you want to relax, we can look for an island to stay on for a period of time.” Jiang Jingchuan had no interest in travelling. After all, he had been to many countries. Although those were just for business trips, for him, as long as he was together with Su Yan, he could find scenic spots in their own country. 


Su Yan was somewhat in a trance. In the past, His Majesty had also said to her that when they would be free, he would take her to travel incognito. At that time she was very excited to go out and travel, so she expectantly kept waiting and waiting. But he never had time, there were too many matters and too many folded booklets with slipcases5 which required his attention. And she died while waiting expectantly. Now that Jiang Jingchuan raised the topic to go out to have fun and let go of her worries, she did not know what would be good to say.


“I will go wherever you want to go.” She admonished herself to not expect anything, but Su Yan couldn’t help but feel overjoyed.  


Jiang Jingchuan nodded, “Okay, then I will ask the assistant to arrange plane tickets.”


Barb Notes: Jiang Jingchuan is the best friend and the best dream husband one could find.

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