Made of Money Chapter 25 Part 3

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Translator: Barb

Editor: WhitesRabbit

Chapter 25: Part 3 — He didn’t want to be troubled and didn’t want anyone to trouble his marriage. 



The next day, Su Yan was still feeling down while eating breakfast. Auntie Wang didn’t forget about the Wang Siqi matter. She inwardly made preparations. Stepping forward to fill Su Yan’s glass with milk; then, as if talking about domestic trivialities, she spoke to Jiang Jingchuan: “Sir, I put the coffee maker in your study. Did you see it?”


Su Yan almost immediately came back to her senses and looked at Auntie Wang. If the situation wasn’t so odd, she would have hugged her. 


Fortunately Auntie Wang raised this matter or else she would’ve forgotten it!


Wang Siqi’s affair had to be said as early as possible; otherwise, if it was said after several days, the effect would minimise!


Jiang Jingchuan frowned, “What coffee maker?”


Yesterday, he had immediately gone to the bedroom after taking a bath. He didn’t go to the study.


Auntie Wang threw a glance at Su Yan. Su Yan understood instantly. In this matter of tattling on someone, she had to begin while Auntie Wang would pour petrol. She pretended to lightly say: “Oh look at my memory, I forgot to tell you yesterday. Miss Wang, whom we had met at Venerable Sir Chen’s birthday banquet, came yesterday and bought a coffee maker with her. She said that you used to really like it, so she specially came over to deliver it.” 


Jiang Jingchuan frowned even harder, “She came yesterday?”


“Yes.” Su Yan took a sip of milk then continued with a smile, “Miss Wang has a good eye, that coffee maker looks really good. Oh yes, she also told me that she had designed this Villa’s interior and asked if I liked it or not. I am not an expert at interior design, but it’s very comfortable. I did not expect that Miss Wang would be so talented.”


Jiang Jingchuan put down his glass of milk. He clasped his hands together and rested his chin on them, pondering.


Su Yan sighed in admiration: “I wanted to chat with Miss Wang for longer as we drank afternoon tea, but she said that there were a lot of things to do at the company. Jingchuan, am I not good at looking after guests?”


Auntie Wang silently praised Su Yan in her heart.


Jiang Jingchuan shook his head and comforted her, “No, don’t worry about it.”


Su Yan stopped at the right feeling and didn’t continue. Jiang Jingchuan asked Auntie Wang to help him get the coffee maker before going out.


Just as usual, Su Yan escorted him till the doorway and straightened out his tie. She then said with grievance in her voice, “Do you think I am useless?”


Jiang Jingchuan stared at Su Yan then smiled and stroked her hair, “As I said yesterday, don’t worry too much and just be Mrs. Jiang.”


Su Yan gazed at Jiang Jingchuan then, ignoring the driver standing on the side, threw herself into Jiang Jingchuan’s embrace and whispered: “I am a little afraid of losing you.” 


The two of them stayed in the embrace for a while. After some time, Su Yan let him go and watched as he departed. She watched till the car could no longer be seen before walking back into the Villa and sharing a look of victory with Auntie Wang.


She understood Wang Siqi excellently. No matter whether it was a man or woman, there would always be people willing to climb up beside them once the previous one fell. It was even more so for Jiang Jingchuan. But coming to make trouble for her and even darkly mocking her in front of her face. Su Yan would not tolerate it. If Wang Siqi had the ability, she should directly chase after Jiang Jingchuan. What did she want to demonstrate by intentionally coming before her? What did it mean?


On the other hand, Jiang Jingchuan was sitting in the car lost in thought. He said to the driver: “Go to Wang Company first.”


Now what else did he not understand? Su Yan’s strange behavior yesterday evening along with the things Su Yan said today, just by using his head a little Jiang Jingchuan could join the links. 


He still remembered that Sui Sheng had told him that Wang Siqi liked him. At the time, he didn’t pay it much attention. Now it seemed that maybe Sui Sheng wasn’t cooking it up after all.


As for the interior designing of the Villa, Wang Siqi did ask a few questions and helped with it. But the interior designing was clearly done by the expert to whom it was assigned. What did she mean by deliberately mentioning it to Su Yan?


Based on Jiang Jingchuan’s understanding of Wang Siqi, he believed that she didn’t have the courage to go and brazenly speak to Su Yan. Regardless of what was said, it had affected Su Yan. Furthermore, he also had to worry about the gains and losses. So whether Wang Siqi explicitly said it or even hinted it, it wasn’t good at all.


Jiang Jingchuan was very satisfied with his present life; he didn’t want it to change because of other’s interference. Moreover, he always thought that even if the relationship between him and Su Yan wasn’t good, she was his wife, Mrs. Jiang. No one could make her complexion change, no one could make her feel ill at ease. If Wang Siqi had any such thoughts, then he would have to take steps to ensure she gave up on that idea.


When Wang Siqi reached the company, she heard from the secretary that Jiang Jingchuan from the Jiang Corp. had come. She became so filled with joy that she couldn’t even think about anything else. She couldn’t make him wait any longer. Coming to the office, when she saw Jiang Jingchuan standing in front of the window, her heart became content.


This was the man she admired and loved.


As long as she could get together with him in the end, she didn’t mind what cost she paid in between.


“Jingchuan.” Wang Siqi imagined running her fingers through his hair, keeping these thoughts carefully in her heart, she walked forward while softly calling out to him. 


Jiang Jingchuan turned on hearing his name. He never paid attention to other women’s eyes. But today, when he looked at them carefully, he saw that Sui Sheng wasn’t lying. Wang Siqi’s eyes had a very strong purposeful glint in them which he had overlooked before.


He didn’t want to be troubled and didn’t want anyone to trouble his marriage. 


Wang Siqi appeared to be at a loss, she felt very nervous, “Jingchuan, did you have breakfast?”


Jiang Jingchuan nodded and looked at Wang Siqi. He indifferently said, “Thank you for the coffee maker. I brought it back to you today.”


Wang Siqi, who was lying on a cloud of happiness, felt alarmed when she heard that. She followed Jiang Jingchuan’s line of sight to see the coffee maker that she had given up yesterday on her desk. Her face changed almost instantly. What did this mean?


“My wife perhaps forgot to tell you, but I don’t drink coffee very much. I am very busy at the company so it’s useless. Don’t waste it on me.” Jiang Jingchuan spoke very smoothly, no fluctuations in his voice, “But, still, thank you. My wife hates it if I drink too much coffee at night. Siqi, whenever you are free, you are welcome to eat at my home at any time.”


No matter how polite Jiang Jingchuan’s words were, Wang Siqi still recognized his meaning.


In her impression, Jiang Jingchuan wasn’t like this. The only option was that Su Yan must have said or done something. Of course, that didn’t matter: What mattered was that he did it for such a cheap woman. Wang Siqi was furious for a moment and forgot to answer.


“You are still busy, I won’t bother you anymore. I will leave first.”  After Jiang Jingchuan said that he politely smiled at Wang Siqi and turned to leave.


“Jingchuan, you don’t like Su Yan, right?” Wang Siqi knew that what she asked was completely inappropriate, but she couldn’t help it.


You don’t like Su Yan, right?


Isn’t it too late to turn back?


How can you not know that she has already betrayed you?


Jiang Jingchuan’s smile had already disappeared from his face. He turned to say, his voice serious, “Marriage is like a fish drinking water, only those who drink it know it best. I never said I didn’t like her.”


No matter how much Jiang Jingchuan didn’t like Su Yan, he never mentioned his marriage in front of others. No matter what Su Yan did before, she was his wife. The things between he and his wife, he wouldn’t speak of them to others.


Wang Siqi was almost unable to stand. Whatever joy she had before turned into resentment.


Why? Why!


She has nothing except for that face!


Why would you like her!?


Wang Siqi couldn’t bear it anymore, “Don’t you know she……” She is cheating!


Before she could finish speaking, Jiang Jingchuan interrupted her. His had recovered his calm smile and spoke with a firmness which couldn’t be ignored, “In addition, if you can, it’s more appropriate to call her Mrs. Jiang.”


Barb Notes: K.O

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