Made of Money Chapter 24 Part 2

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Chapter 24: Part 2 —This was the seat of Mrs. Jiang. Until the day she was sick of sitting here and did not want it, she would not let anyone snatch it.


Su Yan looked at Auntie Wang: “Auntie Wang, please take it to husband’s study room first then tell the kitchen staff to prepare scented tea and some light refreshments. We can’t neglect Miss Wang who is our guest.” 


Auntie Wang still felt uneasy, but looking at Su Yan’s expression, she couldn’t say anything. She just nodded and went away. 


“Su Yan, you don’t need to treat me as a guest. I and Jingchuan are good friends. You don’t need to be so polite.” Wang Siqi sat on the sofa and cheerfully said, “Actually I had a hand in the interior decoration of this Villa. I didn’t know you at that time so didn’t ask you. What do you think about the style of the Villa? Do you like it?” 




Su Yan thought that as luck would have it, there were no feelings between her and Jiang Jingchuan. Otherwise, if she had really liked him, would she have felt better hearing these words? 


Wang Siqi wasn’t really an outsider. Thinking of her provocation at the birthday banquet, Su Yan’s smile became even more gentle.


Good, very good.


Su Yan smiled faintly, “Really? I am very grateful to you. Jingchuan did not want me to worry about these things. Miss Wang was willing to handle such trivialities for us husband and wife, it is truly thoughtful of you. Jingchuan is lucky to have a friend like you.”


Wang Siqi’s hatred for her reached new heights, but she still had to smile. She ignored it and got up to smile apologetically at Su Yan, “I still have some work to do. I won’t be able to drink your scented tea. There are too many things to do in the company. I really envy you, living so leisurely and idle.” 






This meant she did not work and lived like a rice weevil1……


Good, very good. She decided to etch each and every one of Wang Siqi’s words into her memory. When Jiang Jingchuan came back, she would apply her best eye drops2. In general, she did not care about this. But this Wang Siqi had challenged her today. If she did not make a move, then people would believe that she was a coward. 


Su Yan also got up and walked with Wang Siqi to the entrance, and said: “Miss Wang is very capable, I am no match for you.”  She paused before changing her tone, “Everyone’s desires are different. I just want to properly take care of Jingchuan and our future child. I feel very happy and satisfied.” 


Had she not seen many women like Wang Siqi in the Imperial Harem? Inwardly brewing hatred, while outwardly smiling and affectionately calling her elder sister, younger sister and so on.


Though she did not like Jiang Jingchuan, it was different from the Imperial Harem now. There were many women in the Imperial Harem, so it did not matter.  She could not stop them. It was not the same now: This world was monogamous. Since Wang Siqi wanted a high position, she would first have to remove her from the way. Su Yan would not let Wang Siqi succeed.  


This was the seat of Mrs. Jiang. Until the day she was sick of sitting here and did not want it, she would not let anyone snatch it.


The smile on Wang Siqi’s face was worth thinking over. It seemed that she didn’t care. After saying goodbye to Su Yan, she put on a pair of big sunglasses and left. 


Su Yan leaned against the door, immersed in thoughts. At that moment, Auntie Wang suddenly came down and whispered from behind: “If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought it was her home.”


“It was precisely because she knows it is not her home that it was like this.” After saying that one line, Su Yan went upstairs. Her mood seemed to be very good. Auntie Wang didn’t understand what it meant, so she hurriedly went after Su Yan. Following Su Yan into her bedroom, Auntie Wang decided not to be secretive anymore, “I’ve seen many people like this. If you don’t take care of it at the beginning, then it will become much more problematic in the future.”   


While working in rich and influential families, she had heard a lot about them even if she hadn’t seen them. Those who had some financial properties, many of them lived an honest and decent private life; however, illegitimate children were also common.   


Su Yan knew what Auntie Wang meant, and also knew that Auntie Wang was on her side. She immediately stopped hiding it. She sat down on the sofa and looked at her hands: “Auntie Wang, you are wrong. I should not deal with these types.” 


Where would she have time to go and deal with a woman? Besides, who was the real troublemaker?


What was it to deal with women? Dealing with men required much more finesse.  


She was fully capable of saying one thousand words and taking ten thousand steps. However, while she could have another 800 word battle with Wang Siqi, it wouldn’t at all compare to the effectiveness of Jiang Jingchuan’s words. Why should she let it influence her mood?


Auntie Wang deserved to be called Su Yan’s teammate. As soon as she heard this, she immediately understood. She nodded and smiled: “Yes, yes. That’s the same thing.”


With her decades of experience, it was better for Madam to go to Sir with eye drops. As long as Sir was irritated at Miss Wang, we’ll see how long she could hop.


After Auntie Wang left the bedroom, Su Yan got up and opened the bedside cupboard. She took out the Wang Zi candies. They may not be delicious, but in Jiang Jingchuan’s memories they were beautiful. After thinking it over, Su Yan tore open the package and ate a few candies. They were soft and the taste was good. She put them on the teapoy in the bedroom at random so that Jiang Jingchuan would see them after he came back from work in the afternoon. 


Unexpectedly, before the afternoon was over, Jiang Jingchuan called to have Su Yan find him at the Jiang Corporation to eat out that night. 


 Su Yan changed into a rose pink one-piece dress. This colour was really popular, but it would appear much darker if the skin wasn’t clear. The design of this dress had some scheming involved. It had a halterneck design, so Su Yan looked very cute yet slightly sexy when she wore it. 


Auntie Wang heaped praises on the dressed up Su Yan.


Su Yan left feeling pleased. Now she was used to these sort of dresses here and had learned to appreciate them. Although she didn’t comment on anything regarding the original body; she had to say that, based on the style of dress and makeup, the original body was completely deserving of her appearance.


Why did Jiang Jingchuan call Su Yan out to dinner? He was in a very good mood and had accidentally heard his assistant and his girlfriend make plans for a candlelight dinner. He thought about it and couldn’t get it out of his head. It had been more than half a year since they got married, but only recently did his feelings for his wife grow.  For Jiang Jingchuan, they were still at the stage of being passionately in love. When he heard others talk about eating delicious food, he thought of Su Yan. Before, he would have never thought of emptying his schedule and working overtime to accompany her to go on a honeymoon. Such impulsiveness was new for Jiang Jingchuan. He felt excited but also had a hint of expectation and satisfaction.


He couldn’t describe this feeling in detail. It was similar to what he felt the first time he closed a business deal by himself, but it wasn’t identical– it felt even more satisfying.


This was the second time Su Yan had come to Jiang Corp. As soon as the receptionist saw her enter, she immediately got up and even sent someone to press the button on the elevator for her. Su Yan took a look at the person who pressed the button for her. The girl appeared to be quite young. She smiled at her and softly said: “Thank you.” 


As soon as she finished, the elevator door opened. She stepped inside and nodded politely at the girl. 


One had to say that this single action of Su Yan garnered an enormous favorable impression. The girl returned to her seat in a daze. She had just placed her butt on the seat when the person next to her grabbed her: “What did Mrs. Jiang say? Oh My!3 How can she look even more beautiful than before……”  


“She said thank you……”


The reception went through Su Yan’s looks, from her makeup to her dress, and even after half an hour of discussion, they still felt like it wasn’t enough. 


When Su Yan arrived at Jiang Jingchuan’s office, Jiang Jingchuan had just finished work. After explaining to his assistant, he took Su Yan to the elevator and went to his car in the parking lot.


Su Yan sat in the front passenger seat. Jiang Jingchuan glanced at her and naturally leaned against her to fasten her seat belt. The two people were very close now. Su Yan felt a bit a bit uncomfortable with Jiang Jingchuan’s movements, but she quickly calmed down. While Jiang Jingchuan straightened, she suddenly hugged him, and with a smile put her head on his shoulder and said: “Feels like a long time since I saw you.” 


These words directly poked at Jiang Jingchuan’s heart. Feeling soft and weak. He didn’t show it on his face and calmly hugged Su Yan back. After a while Su Yan released him. She slyly smiled, “Okay, I cannot delay Mr. Jiang’s driving.” 


Actually, Jiang Jingchuan wanted to hold Su Yan longer. 


It wasn’t rush hour, so they didn’t encounter any traffic and quickly reached the restaurant Jiang Jingchuan had mentioned. After they sat inside, Su Yan turned the menu upside down but still couldn’t understand any of the western food. She had only eaten a little at the birthday banquet that day and at all other times she ate Chinese food. She didn’t know how or what to order. She lifted her head to look at Jiang Jingchuan, and confidently said: “Can you help me order?” 


Jiang Jingchuan chuckled to himself and quickly ordered.


The environment of the restaurant was good. The two people sat near the window and could view the night scene outside. Looking at Su Yan, Jiang Jingchuan’s heart went extremely soft for a while. He suddenly felt that his wife was truly beautiful. 


“What did you do today?” Jiang Jingchuan casually asked. He really wanted to know what she did during the day. Now that Su Yan didn’t go outside, he feared that Su Yan would be bored silly at home.


Su Yan wasn’t sure that she wanted to talk about Wang Siqi now. She looked at Jiang Jingchuan’s expression and thought about the atmosphere surrounding them. She put down that idea for now. It was a good time to discuss about love and feelings. She should not pull down this atmosphere and destroy it due to a woman. It was better to wait till they reached home then explain in detail with the help of eye drops. 


“Watched TV, ate, oh, and also took an afternoon nap.” Su Yan replied honestly. She didn’t feel bored. Compared to the life at the Imperial Harem, it was extremely interesting now.


Jiang Jingchuan was silent for a while before he replied in his deep voice: “If you want to go out to have fun, then go out. It doesn’t matter if you meet with your former friends.” 


Up till now, Jiang Jingchuan thought that she didn’t go out to put him at ease. He took her as his wife but didn’t want to turn her into a caged canary. Su Yan should have her own circle of friends and life.


Su Yan could hear Jiang Jingchuan’s meaning but she didn’t correct him.  She only lowered her head to whisper: “Actually, I find it enjoyable at home.”


It had been a long time since she came here. Just like on TV, she had seen that women here, even if they married, could go out to work. While staying for years at the Imperial Palace, she once yearned for freedom but many years of education had already penetrated her marrow. What Su Yan didn’t know was that although the women here got tired from work, they were much happier compared to the women in the Imperial Harem. 


Maybe one day she might become a woman like those here. But not yet. She was still that recklessly spoiled woman from the Imperial Harem. 


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