Made of Money Chapter 23 Part 3

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Translator: Barb

Editor: WhitesRabbit

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Chapter 23: Part 3 — In a sense, Jiang Jingchuan’s trust was his way of expressing his feelings.


“Today, grandmother gave me a jewelry set. I will show it to you.” Su Yan turned her body to take the jewelry box from the back seat and opened it to show Jiang Jingchuan. He only gave a sideways glance at the glow coming from the jewels and then looked straight ahead.


“Grandma’s things are always good.” Jiang Jingchuan lightly said.


Su Yan, who wasn’t sure about Jiang Jingchuan’s attitude, put on an appearance of being vexed: “I feared that mother and Jingjing would be angry, but I could not reject grandmother’s kind intentions.”


Even if it was an heirloom jewelry, it should be handed to Mother Jiang first before passing on to her, right? Now it had skipped Mother Jiang; Su Yan felt perturbed.


Jiang Jingchuan didn’t pay any attention to that. “Grandma gave it to you and you took it, no need to feel stressed. Mom and Jingjing aren’t stingy people. They won’t get angry with you.”


That was not the point! Hello!!


Su Yan suppressed the urge to question impulsively. Looking at the scenes outside the window, she quietly said: “I always feel that I will not be able to bear such kindness.”


Sure enough, seeing Su Yan’s appearance, Jiang Jingchuan frowned: “What does that mean? Isn’t it normal that grandma treats you well?”


Su Yan did not ask further after finding no useful information from Jiang Jingchuan. 


Actually, Jiang Jingchuan had no doubts. Just like Jiang Jingjing, he also thought that since Su Yan’s grandfather saved Venerable Sir Jiang’s life, and what’s more, mother and father hit it off with Su Yan. Don’t they say that every other generation was close to each other? Therefore, Jiang Jingchuan didn’t think too deeply on this issue.


Soon they reached the Villa. Su Yan went to the bedroom holding the jewelry box while Jiang Jingchuan returned to the study to deal with any mail.


After some time, Auntie Wang covertly came inside Su Yan’s bedroom to hand over the Wang Zi candies they bought today. She happily said, “Madam, don’t eat too many sweets at night. It is bad for your teeth.”


Auntie Wang used to think that Su Yan was too cold and didn’t like speaking to anyone. After getting close, Auntie Wang found that Su Yan was like her daughter. She was still young and liked to eat sweets that children liked to eat. Auntie Wang undoubtedly became fond of Su Yan.


Su Yan was a little embarrassed and hastily put the sweets inside the bedside cabinet; but, upon noticing the raincoat sheath packets, her face turned red.


While Jiang Jingchuan was seriously handling the documents, the butler came in with some refreshments.


“Thank you. Set it aside. I will eat it later.” Jiang Jingchun shot him a glance before concentrating on the computer. 


The butler had some thoughts running through his mind, but he hesitated to say them. Finally he bit the bullet and said: “Sir, there is a matter which I need to tell you.”


Jiang Jingchuan looked up to see the butler’s complicated expression. He laughed, “What are you thinking about so seriously? Just say what you want to say.”


“Madam’s friend came in the afternoon. They talked for a long time and afterwards Madam made the driver see her off.” The butler had said it with good intentions as a way of reminding Jiang Jingchuan.


The butler had seen Jiang Jingchuan grow up. He was a very sentimental person, and had seen that there were bad feelings between Jiang Jingchuan and Su Yan. Several strands of his hair had whitened due to that. Now he passively looked on as the feelings between Jiang Jingchuan and Su Yan improved. He was happy yet anxious at the same time that it would give rise to some unforeseen incident. He was worried about the changes and wanted to talk to Jiang Jingchuan.


He hoped that Sir and Madam would live happily ever after and have no mishaps so that Venerable Sir could be at ease. 


Initially, Jiang Jingchuan had a smile on his face but as he listened to those words his smile gradually disappeared. His expression became solemn, “Uncle, in the future, what my wife does, whom she meets, you don’t have to watch over them nor tell me.”


“But…” The butler wanted to say some more but was interrupted by Jiang Jingchuan.


“She is my wife and Mrs. Jiang. I will give her due respect. Uncle, I know you think for our good but there is no need to do this again.” Even if he and Su Yan hadn’t reconciled, even if they were estranged as before, he didn’t want people around him to “monitor” Su Yan.


He kept in mind that even if Su Yan was bad, she was still his wife; he ought to respect her and give her the respect and prestige she deserved. 


Even if it was different before, now that he and Su Yan were close, would he still not trust her?


In this world if you can’t trust the person who shared your bed, whom can you trust?


Jiang Jingchuan was willing to believe in Su Yan, believe in what she said about wanting to live happily with him, believe in her when she said that she wouldn’t meet Shen Peiran.


In a sense, Jiang Jingchuan’s trust was also a way of expressing his feelings.


Hearing those words, the butler was flushed with shame. He was only a butler. It was very wrong to report Madam’s business to Jiang Jingchuan.


“Don’t feel sorry. My wife won’t be angry. Just don’t do it in the future.”


The butler hurriedly nodded and left the study. He still felt unbearable shame. How could he doubt Madam? So after squatting in the kitchen for a while he decided to tell the kitchen staff to fill the table with all the dishes Madam loved tomorrow.


Hm, not only that, since Madam had also complimented the flowers in the garden, he would need to plant new varieties one of these days. It would be best to grow some rich multicolored flowers for Madam to view when she came to the balcony in the morning. 


After the butler left the study, Jiang Jingchuan hastily completed the work and rushed to the bedroom. When he returned to the room, Su Yan had already bathed. She had applied a face mask and was comfortably reclining against the bed. 


She felt that it was truly good. So convenient. Applying this sort of face mask made her feel extremely comfortable. 


Jiang Jingchuan sat on the bed and immediately raised her leg slightly causing Su Yan to scream in fear, “What are you doing?!”


After making Su Yan turn pale with fright, this person calmly said: “Checking your feet to see if the blisters have disappeared or not.”


It wasn’t hard to avoid fanning a person’s fantasy. Due to the face mask, Su Yan’s red face was hidden. She made great efforts to take back her leg, but Jiang Jingchuan had a firm grasp on her foot, continuing his careful observation.  


“Don’t wear high heeled shoes for now. If it still hurts tomorrow, I will take you to the doctor in the evening.” 


Su Yan hastily replied: “It does not hurt! It feels much better now!”


“Is it true or are you faking it?” Jiang Jingchuan questioned further without batting an eyelid. 


……this man!


“It really does not hurt.”


Jiang Jingchuan’s face had a small smirk, “Then does it hurt elsewhere?”




Su Yan couldn’t believe her ears. How could Jiang Jingchuan speak so suggestively?!


“You, you, you……” Su Yan was rendered speechless. Her skin had not thickened to this degree.


Jiang Jingchuan continued to ask, dead earnest: “Does it still hurt?”


This man’s face was thicker than the city wall. Su Yan had nothing left to say. She pulled down her face mask and flung it to one side. She sat up and glared at Jiang Jingchuan with her two large eyes, “What pain? It does not hurt at all!”


Jiang Jingchuan’s smile deepened, “If it doesn’t hurt then we can…”


Before he could complete his sentence, Su Yan quickly covered her ears as if she had heard some filthy language.


Her appearance greatly amused Jiang Jingchuan. He got up from the bed and patted Su Yan’s head while laughing: “It’s just sleeping tonight. Don’t worry.”


Of course he would worry about her body. He just wanted to tease her, nothing more. It was really interesting seeing Su Yan bristle her fur. 


Satisfied, Jiang Jingchuan took his nightclothes and went to the bathroom. Su Yan darted a look at the bedside cupboard and inwardly abused him——


Eat? What eat!


I will throw it away tomorrow!


Barb Notes: Omg this chapter, love it. Hahaha Jiang Jingchuan, you are too good, you handsome rascal.  ^.^

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