Made of Money Chapter 23 Part 2

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Translator: Barb

Editor: WhitesRabbit


Chapter 23: Part 2 — In a sense, Jiang Jingchuan’s trust was his way of expressing his feelings.


“Elder brother and sister-in-law’s relationship is really good.” Jiang Jingjing was, inwardly, already prostrating herself in front of Su Yan in admiration. This elder brother of hers talked very little and didn’t mince words while talking to her– his little sister. Now seeing him show consideration for Su Yan so naturally, Jiang Jingjing immediately decided to follow her elder sister-in-law whenever free.


Jiang Jingjing had no personal ambitions; she just wanted to eat, make merry and have fun for the rest of her life. But when she grew up, her parents planned to take her to a few occasions. Mother had told her many times to pay attention to the words of the madams of those houses.They were even more useful than school knowledge. At first, she didn’t understand; but, when she was with her friends, she would hear the gossip of a number of rich and influential clans. For example, Mrs. Zhang looked honorable on the surface, but in reality Mr. Zhang didn’t pay any attention to her and even intended to raise his lover to the position of wife. Or for instance, Mrs. Li and Mr. Li were a married couple very much in love……


At the banquet she focused on those two people. She found that Mrs. Zhang was too stuck-up, arrogant and considered everyone to be beneath her. She wanted to have nothing to do with that shit*y person. Mrs. Li was different. She spoke in a soft and gentle voice and was polite to everyone.


Jiang Jingjing didn’t feel that she could be as fortunate as her mother and come across a person who sincerely loved her. She knew that in future she would marry into a family of about equal standing of Jiang Family and didn’t expect things to go smoothly. Living a comfortable life was something she’d see to herself. 


That said, regardless of which family’s wife you were or what you did, it was always better to be a charming person.


Now that she had a very successful example beside her, she would naturally learn a lot. 


She was a young miss of the Jiang Family. She would naturally put forth her strength to help the Jiang Family in the future. Not only that but later her children would also be the heirs of certain financial groups. For that she must turn into a charming person. 


Su Yan merely twinkled bashfully and didn’t speak.


Seeing Su Yan like that, Jiang Jingchuan couldn’t help laughing, remembering the scene of her cursing him today morning while lying on the bed. When he noticed that he lost control of himself in front of his family, he quickly restrained his laugh and continued to eat as if nothing happened. 


Father Jiang and Mother Jiang looked at each other and reached a conclusion. It seemed that a grandson could be expected soon.


After eating, Jiang Jingjing took Su Yan to her room to help with matching the clothes. Jiang Jingchuan was once again called into the study room by Father Jiang to receive education. 


“It is very good for you now. Regardless of whether or not you like this marriage, you are already married now and should behave accordingly. Properly take care of Xiao Yan. As for that Huang something Wei, I have already let someone clean that up. Don’t meet with her again.” The ‘cleaning up’ which Father Jiang mentioned was no more than pressuring the agency managing Huang Yu Wei. The other party had already warned Huang Yu Wei many times. She shouldn’t be able to stir up any wicked ideas for now. Currently, the gossip circulating the net was regarding her ambiguous relationship with her modern drama co-star and lead actor. No one could connect her with Jiang Jingchuan.


Jiang Jingchuan found out he would always have to carry the pot. Anyways, in the heart of his family, the reason why his and Su Yan’s relationship wasn’t good was, without exception, his fault. 


“I don’t know her. Father, would you like to check it out later and be clear?” Jiang Jingchuan also had a little temper of his own. From where would he become close with other women? Why would you think he was this kind of person?


Father Jiang glared at him. He angrily beat the desk, “I wronged you? Why wouldn’t people connect you with other women? Would you like to talk about it?”


Seeing his father lose his temper, Jiang Jingchuan could only endure it.


He was a man, so he should carry the pot on his back.1


Father Jiang and Jiang Jingchuan stared at each other for a long time. Afterwards, Father Jiang relaxed his tone and again urged him: “Let alone that Huang something Wei, in the entertainment circle are there any women who look like Su Yan? You think I want to take care of your matter? I am not that free. When you aren’t at home, your grandfather ends up venting his anger on me. Anyway, what I want to say is that, next year by the latest, you must give birth to a child!”


On this kind of matter, Jiang Jingchuan didn’t want to give in. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to have children himself but he recalled Su Yan’s answer from last time. After a slight hesitation he said: “I’m afraid I can’t agree to that.”


Father Jiang had just calmed down when he exploded again, “What?!”


Jiang Jingchuan prepared some words inwardly before speaking indifferently: “I want to mainly focus on my work now, and also, I am not ready. Dad, wouldn’t it be better to let me and Xiao Yan discuss this matter between us and make a decision?”  


Naturally, he wouldn’t pull in Su Yan to carry the pot. Since he had been carrying one pot, it wouldn’t make much difference to carry another.


Finally, Father Jiang and Jiang Jingchuan parted on bad terms. Till Jiang Jingchuan and Su Yan left, Father Jiang’s mood hadn’t improved.


“Who angered you?” Mother Jiang was sitting in front of the vanity and fiddling with her jewelry. Seeing her husband’s face black as the bottom of a pan, she casually blurted this out. 


Father Jiang suddenly got up, still angry, “Who else but Xiao Chuan? I told him to have a baby by next year. He reversed it good, said he can’t promise anything. And even said that we shouldn’t meddle in this and leave it to them to discuss amongst themselves. What does he mean?”


Sometimes, Mother Jiang felt very distressed. She always felt that her nature and status clashed against her husband’s. Usually it was a mother-in-law who cared about this kind of matter and urged them to have a child but it was better now. It was the exact opposite.  


“Is it worth getting angry over?” Mother Jiang turned her body to look at her husband and explained patiently: “Xiao Chuan isn’t wrong. On the subject of giving birth to a child, as husband and wife, naturally they have the final say. Why are you in such a hurry?”


“It’s understandable for Xiao Chuan and Xiao Yan to want to live in two people’s world for a few years. Don’t meddle.” 


Father Jiang: “How can that be? Father scolds me every time.”


Very aggrieved due to continuous attacks. qaq2 


Did he have to enquire about his son’s and daughter-in-law’s daily bed activities? (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻


Mother Jiang was even more helpless, “You can tell mother and father that you have already advised Xiao Chuan, but Xiao Chuan doesn’t want to rush it. If father and mother want to hurry it up, let them pressure Xiao Chuan and Xiao Yan directly. It has nothing to do with us.” 


Mother Jiang didn’t care about these sort of matter, that’s just how her nature was. In her opinion, it was a matter between her son and daughter-in-law. It didn’t require her parents-in-law’s meddling.


After listening to his wife’s words, Father Jiang also thought about it. He decided to take his hands off that matter.3 “Okay. If my father instructs me again then I will direct him to Xiao Chuan. Anyway, I don’t care about it.”



Su Yan was inwardly pondering some matters and stayed silent during the ride back home. Jiang Jingchuan assumed that she was also urged to have a child soon. In fact, he could understand why Su Yan wouldn’t want to have a child right now.  After all, Su Yan wasn’t very old; she had officially graduated last year. At this age, women more or less were opposed to the idea of giving birth to a child. Thinking so, Jiang Jingchuan warmly said: “You don’t need to worry about having a child. If you aren’t willing then no one will force you.”


The matter regarding a child could be avoided for a period of time since she would always be together with Jiang Jingchuan but couldn’t be avoided forever. She wanted to test out Jiang Jingchuan’s bottom line, so she asked: “What are your thoughts?”


“Me?”Jiang Jingchuan was stunned then smiled: “It’s good with me, be it now or wanting it later.”


It was the truth. He had just tasted these emotions and didn’t look forward to raising a child now. If he wanted a child, it can be thought of later. He also felt that what Su Yan had said that day was reasonable. He just wanted to enjoy his time together with her– alone. It would be better for them to wait for each other to be prepared before having a child.


In some matters, Jiang Jingchuan was a fine man. Although he occupied a certain status, he never forced her to do anything she didn’t like. He was a person who was hard to come by. When she was in the Imperial Harem, though His Majesty would dote on her very much and treat her as a person favored by the Heavens, sometimes he had a tendency to come on very strongly. 


Su Yan feigned calmness and asked: “Before which age do you want to become a father?


Jiang Jingchuan, after all, was an ordinary man who would certainly want to become a father. 


She wanted to see how long it could be delayed.


Jiang Jingchuan rose a brow; he understood what Su Yan was meaning to say. He couldn’t help laughing. But Su Yan’s question was very good. He had it the best right now and truly didn’t care about it, but he also had a day when he might not be able to handle the pressure.  He carefully thought over it and replied: “Before 33. I don’t wish to be unable to play football with him when my child becomes a teenager.”


Su Yan started counting with her fingers. Jiang Jingchuan was 28 years old this year, which meant she had at most 5 years before giving birth to a child. 


Well, it was still acceptable.


Su Yan knew she was being very contradictory. At present, if there were no earth shattering accidents, she should be able to live with Jiang Jingchuan and could not avoid giving birth to children. However, she wanted to delay it even for one day.  


She knew that in accordance with what was expected of her, if in 5 years she didn’t give birth to a child then not only Jiang Jingchuan, but she would also be under huge amounts of pressure.


When she lived in the Imperial Palace before, a so-and-so minister’s official wife for several years did not go out of the house. She had a very unsatisfactory life at home, then was finally abandoned by her husband. At that time, she had also defended that woman. 


She was certain that she wanted to have children, but she was not sure whether or not she was qualified to be a mother.


Seeing Su Yan lost in thoughts, Jiang Jingchuan thought she felt pressured. He comforted her: “Let nature take its course in this matter. Maybe one year or two years later, you may want to be a mom. Don’t feel too burdened now, just do what you want to do.” 


“En. Oh…” Su Yan remembered the main matter and pretended to carelessly say: “Grandfather and grandmother are very kind to us.”


To be precise, kind only to her.


So kind that it exceeded common sense; she must remain vigilant. 


Jiang Jingchuan nodded. He concentrated on driving, looking at the road ahead.



Barb Notes: Really love the way the different perspectives of the characters are written, makes you aware, not just see the gravity of their situation. And of course–

Full marks for such an understanding ML!!

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  1. Their baby might be the second coming of the messiah that’s why they urge for it lol. Our mc is the key Mother so that’s why they dote on her so much.

  2. Yes. Jiang Jingchuan is an understanding ML, very patience and you can reasons with him. May be lacking in the emotional areas but eh that can be improved with careful nurture from Su Yan (¬‿¬)
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