Made of Money Chapter 21 Part 2

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Chapter 21: Part 2 — Emotions are the most powerful weapons.


Jiang Jingchuan thought that Su Yan was too cute now. He felt himself agreeing with his grandparent’s words: They had said that Su Yan was the most suitable person for him. Though he hadn’t said it before, he was inwardly sneering at that thought.  


“I know a little about what they do. I am not you nor am I in a position to ask you to make allowances for them. Nevertheless, we are one family. It’s up to you to visit them or not on normal days, but we must go to your grandparent’s birthday banquet.” 


Jiang Jingchuan thought that Su Yan was not a child; she must have her own thoughts regarding the matter.  Even if he was her husband, he couldn’t demand or command her to do anything. 


Listening to those words, Su Yan felt better about Jiang Jingchuan.  She couldn’t help giggling, “I know, it’s my family after all. I do not bear grudges against them.” 


Forget about bearing grudges, she was already married now. The coarse rice had already been boiled and cooked. There was no meaning in dragging out past matters and punishing the family members. 


Besides, even if there were grudges, those belonged to the original body. She had no ill will. She just feared exposing the truth, hence didn’t want to go. 


“Take a good rest at home. I will go to work.” At this point, Jiang Jingchuan felt that Su Yan had truly become his wife, not some decoration. He didn’t understand too much about what love was exactly; but thinking of a future together with Su Yan, then perhaps her bearing his child, raising them, Jiang Jingchuan felt that this marriage wasn’t so hard to accept after all. 


Su Yan knew that Jiang Jingchuan’s good impression of her was very high compared to before. Though there was no lack of strenuous physical exercise last night, but the most important fact was that, yesterday evening, she had revealed her heartfelt wishes and promised him. To some extent, Jiang Jingchuan was a poultry raised for meat. Although he was a successful businessman, Jiang Jingchuan was a green hand1 regarding feelings. It was precisely because he was a rookie that he didn’t know to conceal anything. She knew that Jiang Jingchuan truly valued her as he expressed. 


“En, well, will you come earlier today?” Su Yan didn’t care if his necktie was skewed or not, she still naturally stood on her tiptoes to straighten out his necktie. 


Jiang Jingchuan lowered his head and kissed her forehead, not at all uncomfortable, “I will come back early.”  


The company hadn’t had any major deals recently and the merger case had already been dealt with nicely. If he somehow managed to raise his working efficiency then he could get off work on time without any problems. 


Previously, he liked staying at the company or at the study room since he didn’t have any hobbies, but it was different now. Su Yan didn’t need to go to work; she must be bored at home. In the future, he might as well work to the best of his ability to get off work on time to eat together with her   


Actually, Su Yan was never bored at home. She was very fond of catching up with the TV dramas. Even if online everyone terribly roasted the drama, she would still watch it with great interest. Sometimes when Auntie Wang couldn’t stand by and watch her any longer, she would end up dragging her to shops to buy buy buy. Even if she did get bored, she could go to the Ancestral Jiang Mansion to embrace the thighs of the Retired Empress and the Retired Emperor. It was a very simple schedule and not too busy.      


She couldn’t say these words to Jiang Jingchuan. It was said that it was better to let a man concentrate on his career and work hard. It wouldn’t be practical at all for Jiang Jingchuan, because he was already a successful businessman, to give attention only to her instead of giving undivided attention to work. Arriving at this conclusion, Su Yan took the opportunity to encircle her arms around his waist. With her head resting on his chest, she murmured in a kittenish voice: “You must come back soon. It is too boring to eat alone. I will wait for you to eat together.”  




Driving the car until he left the villa, he felt as if Su Yan’s fragrance was still lingering in his nose.




Wang Siqi practically didn’t sleep the entire night. Sitting in front of the vanity, she felt that the foundation couldn’t conceal her poor complexion at all. Eventually, becoming annoyed, she swept all the cosmetics onto the ground. 


She sat on the bed, dialled a certain number, and spoke in a grim voice, “Keep a close watch on Su Yan for me. If she goes out she will definitely try to tell her whereabouts to Shen Peiran.”  


So far, she didn’t believe that Su Yan truly wanted to reconcile with Jiang Jingchuan. When she came to know that Su Yan was marrying Jiang Jingchuan, she had already thoroughly searched up every little detail about Su Yan. It was because she knew that Su Yan had something going on with Shen Peiran that she managed to calm herself down and not get furious. She always thought that Su Yan would divorce Jiang Jingchuan soon. But then, which link went awry in the end?


At this moment, Wang Siqi’s partner from yesterday evening came in. Seeing the broken fragments lying on the floor, he immediately realized what probably happened. He wasn’t happy and clearly gave her an annoyed look, “I have looked into Su Yan and that Shen Peiran’s matter. You can be at ease. This cheating couple had a quarrel and are in a temporary cold war. As long as Shen Peiran coaxes Su Yan nicely, they will return back to how they used to be.”   


“Oh?” Wang Siqi picked up a comb and slowly combed her hair. She remarked sarcastically: “Quarreled? No wonder.”  


She had never paid attention to Su Yan. Fortunately, this woman was intelligent enough to not pester Jiang Jingchuan otherwise, she would have made her move earlier. She had previously thought that she should wait quietly till they get divorced, but who would have thought that this matter would become so troublesome? How could she not be angry? 


“Is it worth getting angry over? Siqi, you don’t understand men. An appearance such as that of Su Yan’s greatly arouses the interest of men. Didn’t you see that yesterday, Jiang Jingchuan’s eyes never strayed from her? This is the truth. Don’t glare at me. Men, what they love is only women’s appearance. You better not show mercy to Su Yan. Today I will give you a method that will make them divorce within 3 months.” The man seemed confident. 


Although Wang Siqi felt that these words were not pleasant to hear, the idea of divorce in three months was attractive. She couldn’t help but question minutely: “What is it?” 


She really felt the danger. After knowing Jiang Jingchuan for many years, she had never seen his eyes linger on a woman for such a long time. If it continued this way then the situation might roll out of control. 


“You have people following Su Yan. Wait till she meets with Shen Peiran, then think of a way to let Jiang Jingchuan see them with his own eyes. I don’t believe that he will tolerate his woman with another man.”


There was no man who could tolerate his wife’s infidelity, especially a person like Jiang Jingchuan. Once he finds out, he would definitely want to divorce Su Yan. 


“But…” Wang Siqi felt hesitant. Although the method was good, she didn’t want to harm Jiang Jingchuan in this way. He was a person who was conscious of his reputation……


The man rolled his eyes, “If you remain so indecisive then don’t cry when Jiang Jingchuan truly falls for Su Yan.” 


Wang Siqi once again thought of his words and his gaze. She gritted her teeth and, hardening her heart, nodded, “Okay.”


Su Yan that two-timing2slut. She simply didn’t deserve Jiang Jingchuan. It would be disastrous if she stayed beside him. 


Then in the future, Jiang Jingchuan would realise that only she was sincere to him; only she truly loved him. 


Not long after Jiang Jingchuan arrived at the company, Sui Sheng came over. He propped his hands on the desk and carefully looked at Jiang Jiangchuan’s expression.  He happily said after a while: “How do you feel?” 


” ? ” 


“Yearning for a beautiful woman.” Sui Sheng winked, “You have the aura a person whose long accumulated desire has been appeased. You can’t hide it from me.” 


Jiang Jingchuan was too lazy to entertain Sui Sheng. He continued with his work.


Sui Sheng wasn’t at all offended and continued his monologue out loud, “Su Yan is very good: Very beautiful and doesn’t act like a pretentious prick at all.” 


Jiang Jingchuan didn’t even twitch his eyelids. He continued to ignore Sui Sheng.


“Unlike a certain person who was acting like a pretentious prick and made others feel nauseous. Jingchuan, considering that you are like my younger brother, I decided to go against my principles today. You know that I don’t love to speak ill about anyone, especially a woman……” Sui Sheng’s manner suddenly turned serious. Jiang Jingchuan put down his pen and lifted his head to look at him calmly. 


“Jianghuan, you don’t know but Wang Siqi is interested in you.” Sui Sheng’s words made Jiang Jingchuan frown. 


Sui Sheng saw Jiang Jingchuan’s expression and thought that he didn’t believe. Dragging over an office chair to sit, he patiently said: “At first I didn’t feel like exposing this matter. Relationships aren’t my concern; however, it isn’t the same now. The relationship between you and Su Yan is good, and I am happy for you as your brother. But you need to be on guard regarding this matter in advance. Don’t underestimate a woman’s jealousy, especially Wang Siqi’s. She is not a good person, very aloof and reluctant to make friends. In short, be a bit careful. Don’t let anyone trap you when the moment comes. You won’t know which direction to go in.” 


Jiang Jingchuan didn’t make a sound: He was deeply pondering the credibility of Sui Sheng’s words. 


At the end of the day, he and Wang Siqi were only friends. When they meet, they usually greeted each other and ate together– that’s all. Jiang Jingchuan wasn’t at all interested in Wang Siqi. He dare not jump to conclusions in a short time. 


“I have watched Imperial Harem dramas with my maternal grandmother many times. Some women not only love to fabricate something out of nothing but also love to show off their cleverness. I just want to remind you that paying attention to it yourself is not always a bad thing.” Sui Sheng gestured with his hand, “As a man, you can’t argue too much with women, but you also can’t avoid clashing with them.” 


Sui Sheng never liked Wang Siqi. He didn’t like her when he was a child as he felt that she was too extreme of a person and later thought that her thoughts were too much. Really didn’t want to become close to a person like that. Originally he didn’t want to expose Wang Siqi’s matter, but it had all changed now. If Wang Siqi dare to stir trouble between Jiang Jingchuan and Su Yan then he would put her in her place. 


Jiang Jingchuan didn’t pay any attention to Wang Siqi but felt that Sui Sheng’s words were pretty reasonable, and keeping a lookout wasn’t a bad thing. Therefore he nodded to show that he understood. 


“I have another question.” Upon noticing that his words were getting to Jiang Jingchuan, he again smiled cheekily. 


Jiang Jingchuan looked at him, “What is it?” 


“Does Su Yan have any sisters? Who are almost as attractive as her?” 


Jiang Jingchuan looked down, picked up the reference materials from the table, and hit Sui Sheng, “Get lost.” 


Sui Sheng managed to attain his goal. When he got off the elevator, he happened to run into Qin Zeyu and happily said: “Tell your cousin that she owes me a meal.” 


Qin Ze Yu didn’t know why, but it seemed that his cousin’s relationship with Jiang Jingchuan’s best friend wasn’t bad, so he smiled and nodded.


Since knowing that Jiang Jingchuan’s relationship with Su Yan had begun to break the ice, both the Qin family and Su Family were delighted beyond measure.




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