Made of Money Chapter 20 Part 4

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Translator: Barb

Editor: WhitesRabbit


Chapter 20: Part 4 — “Xiao Yan, I already have the desire to possess you.”



Su Yan simply didn’t want to have anything to do with Shen Peiran, not because of guilt– this thing can be neglected– but because she wasn’t the real Su Yan. She hadn’t been exposed in front of Jiang Jingchuan till now because the original body and Jiang Jingchuan didn’t have much contact with each other. If the other party was Shen Peiran, Su Yan had no confidence that she would have fooled him. Even with the original body’s family, Su Yan didn’t want to be too close, but it couldn’t be avoided. Since the original body was dead and she was occupying her body, unable to take over the original body’s love, the least she could do was fulfil her filial duties. 


If you can’t meet, then don’t meet. That was Shen Peiran.


Just now she saw that that Shen Peiran was quite impulsive. If that person discovered that his lover was dead and that another person came like a turtle dove which occupied the magpie’s nest1, what would happen? Su Yan did not dare guess. 


After Jiang Jingchuan and Su Yan talked about it, they didn’t mention Shen Peiran anymore (which was the point). Jiang Jingchuan wasn’t in the mood to work, so they returned to the bedroom.  




After taking a bath, Su Yan sat down on the bed and listened to the sounds of the shower.  She had a premonition that tonight would be a turning point, a turning point between her and Jiang Jingchuan. 


Thinking of that, Su Yan lowered her head to look. After thinking carefully she removed her outer nightgown and kept it aside, leaving only a single see-through nightie suspended by two white shoulder straps on her. Then, thinking that it wasn’t enough, she quickly got out of the bed and picked up the perfume from the make up platform. After spraying it on herself a few times, giving her body a light sweet fragrance, Su Yan finally felt satisfied.


She looked around at the bedroom then turned off the crystal chandelier, leaving only the dim light of the desk lamp on the bedside table.


Regarding the matter of having a sexual relationship with Jiang Jingchuan, Su Yan was not at all repelled. From the last time till today, in this period of time, what ought to be adapted to, was adapted to quite wonderfully. 


When Jiang Jingchuan came out of the bathroom, he saw Su Yan sitting on the bed cross-legged, lost in thoughts. The nightgown she had slipped over wasn’t exposing anything because of the outer night robe; however, it became different when she removed the outer robe. The wide expanse of her bosom could be clearly seen. Not to mention, with the position in which she was sitting, the lower skirt rode up to her thighs. In short, to Jiang Jingchuan, it was pure temptation. 


Jiang Jingchuan walked forward pretending to be unaffected and asked: “What’s wrong?” 


Su Yan raised her head, and with a voice filled with particular grievance she spoke, “My foot is swollen. It hurts.”  


She was not used to wearing high-heeled shoes, also the sandals given by Mother Jiang were new. Standing all evening, her calf was feeling weak.


Jiang Jingchuan threw the towel aside and sat beside her on the bed. He reached out and held her foot in the palm of his hand and examined it carefully. The originally smooth, fair, clear, and tender foot had become red and swollen, especially at the heel– there were some blisters.


He lowered his head and helped her by rubbing her foot a few times. In fact, it didn’t relieve the soreness, but Su Yan inwardly felt much better.


Kneading in this way, Jiang Jingchuan’s hand slowly moved upwards from the base of the foot to her calf to her thigh. 


It could be said that the atmosphere was filled with thunder and fire.


At the most critical movement, Jiang Jingchuan suddenly remembered something. With extraordinary perseverance, he rose up from the bed. Su Yan was still confused so she just stared at him.  


Jiang Jingchuan opened the cupboard beside the bed, pulled out a condom and tore it open.  


He had prepared beforehand and kept it inside the cupboard. It came in handy today. 


Looking at the ignorant expression in Su Yan’s eyes, Jiang Jingchuan pressed her down, saying in a hoarse voice: “You don’t want to be a mother soon, right?” 


…oh, it was an unlikely birth control method.


Su Yan’s bright and piercing eyes looked at the junior Jiang covered in a raincoat sheath: Better to remember it.


While engaging in such intimate connection, Jiang Jingchuan finally revealed his true feelings and insisted on doing it over and over again, getting even more reluctant to release her each time.  


After it quieted down, Jiang Jingchuan embraced the already fast asleep Su Yan. He couldn’t help but place a kiss on her forehead, which was damp from sweat, before speaking in a deep and relaxed voice: “Xiao Yan, I already have the desire to possess you.”  



Yes, Xiao Yan.



Barb Notes: How did you like the snu snu 😀 ? More is to come in the future chapters.

Extra facts: European Turtle dove are taken as the symbols of devoted love.

On that note- I would be releasing an extra chapter on Christmas! Keep a lookout. ;D

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