Made of Money Chapter 20 Part 2

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Chapter 20: Part 2 — “Xiao Yan, I already have the desire to possess you.”


It wasn’t that Su Yan hadn’t thought about Shen Peiran’s advantageous position before. She wasn’t a fool. But after looking at Qin Xuan’s and Qin Zeyu’s manner, she reached a conclusion: Since the Su and Qin families had placed all their hopes on her, if Shen Peiran’s financial resources and influence were able to compete against that of Jiang Jingchuan’s, the original body would have not been married off to Jiang Jingchuan.


The reason why she was married to Jiang Jingchuan must have been because Shen Peiran and Jiang Jingchuan were completely uncomparable.


With regards to this person, Su Yan simply couldn’t be bothered. But now, this person not only knocked on her door but also threatened her future life. Even if he was the original body’s lover and she had no right to interfere, she also wouldn’t be so kind-hearted.


With such thoughts, Su Yan came out from behind Jiang Jingchuan. She looked at Shen Peiran. In all fairness, this Shen Peiran was quite handsome; but compared to Jiang Jingchuan, they simply belonged to two different categories. Jiang Jingchuan looked like a capable and mature social elite while Shen Peiran looked more like a disciple who still possessed the innocence of childhood. Su Yan quickly prepared some words and phrases before saying in a firm, low voice: “Requesting you to not say such words. The relationship between me and my husband is very good. This friend, if you don’t have any more to say, we will be taking our leave.”


Jiang Jingchuan’s gaze deepened as he looked at her, but he didn’t say anything.


Shen Peiran looked at Su Yan in a daze. His voice was no longer as bold as when he had talked to Jiang Jingchuan. The whole person appeared as if he had lost his soul, “Xiao Yan…”


Su Yan didn’t want to comment on the vision of the original body, because she was an outsider and didn’t know the feelings between the original body and Shen Peiran. It was because she didn’t know that she couldn’t sympathize, let alone feel sorry for Shen Peiran. Her mind was filled with thoughts of how Jiang Jingchuan would think about her and how to mitigate their relationship. She knew these types of thoughts were self-centred. After all, being able to occupy this body was already a huge advantage, yet she was also forcefully pushing away the person whom the original body really loved; but she had no choice. Unless a man looked out for himself, Heaven and Earth would be out to destroy him1. At least at this critical juncture, she had no other choice but to think of herself. 


Jiang Jingchuan also didn’t want to continue this stalemate; he opened the door of the car and guarded Su Yan as she entered. He then quickly got in and drove the car out of the parking lot, leaving behind a stunned Shen Peiran.


When Hu Hang arrived, he found Shen Peiran sitting in a nearby bar. He wasn’t drinking, just staring at the glass of wine. It was the first time Hu Hang had seen this type of Shen Peiran. Having known Shen Peiran for many years, he had never seen him this depressed. Hu Hang guessed it must have something to do with Su Yan. He sat down beside him and asked tentatively: “Did you see Xiao Yan today?”


Shen Peiran was half a beat slow in reacting. After a while he nodded, his voice rather empty, “Hu Hang, did I do something wrong?”


Hu Hang didn’t understand what Shen Peiran was talking about.


“In fact, I wasn’t unaware of Jiayu’s thoughts.”   


Hu Hang was left stupefied by that sentence. He couldn’t believe and asked: “What? What did you say?”


“Xiao Yan had told me many times that she hoped I would maintain a distance with Jiayu, yet each time I didn’t pay attention. I just felt that what qualifications did she have to command me; wasn’t she married to Jiang Jingchuan? I really loved Su Yan, sometimes…” Shen Peiran couldn’t say anymore. He emptied the glass of wine in one gulp and looked ahead sad and dreary.


Hu Hang could understand Shen Peiran. Since childhood, Shen Peiran was very outstanding. He had a well off family, a good academic record, and his self-esteem wasn’t inferior to anyone. At first, everyone was very optimistic about him and Su Yan. In the end, Su Yan did an about face and got married to Jiang Jingchuan. If it wasn’t a smack to the face then what was? Shen Peiran of course tolerated her marriage because he loved her, but he also inwardly resented Su Yan. 


Loved her, yet also wanted to hurt her to let her taste his feelings.


Hu Hang asked: “What exactly happened today?”


Shen Peiran continued to be in a stupor and didn’t answer directly, rather, he asked: “Hu Hang, do you think Xiao Yan would forgive me? I really love her. Jiayu has gone. I will keep a distance from her in the future then will she still speak to me?”


Upon hearing his words, Hu Hang was sure that Su Yan did something today. Why would Shen Peiran be so depressed otherwise?  Since he didn’t know what had happened today, he could only offer comfort: “It will be fine. Xiao Yan likes you so much. Surely, she won’t be willing to ignore you.”


These words were not enough. Su Yan was a Goddess since childhood. It was said that the white moonlight2 wouldn’t pass from the minds of most schoolboys. Even Hu Hang fell in love with her in the second year of middle school. Of course, he didn’t dare confess. After the second year of middle school, Shen Peiran and Su Yan mutually liked each other. Hu Hang naturally let her go and treated her as a girlfriend of his younger brother. In Hu Hang’s heart, Su Yan treated everyone with an attitude which was not cold yet not warm. She wholeheartedly liked Shen Peiran; otherwise, how could you ignore a personality like Jiang Jingchuan?


Hu Hang always thought that Su Yan would divorce Jiang Jingchuan and marry Shen Peiran. He believed it unquestionably– until now.


What Shen Peiran needed the most now, was this kind of solace. He whispered: “What shall I do to make her forgive me?”


Hu Hang really had no experience in this field, so he couldn’t give any useful advice.




Anyways, on the other side, Su Yan had made up her mind to explain to Jiang Jingchuan; but upon seeing him silently driving the car in low spirits, she was forced to give up. She decided to wait till they reached their home then carefully talk to him behind closed doors. If it was no good, then she could appropriately squeeze out a few tears.  


Jiang Jingchuan, upon returning to the Villa, immediately went to his study room. Yes, he was angry. Anyone who encountered a situation like today’s would be angry. He did not want to cast his anger on Su Yan because he knew that what Shen Peiran had spoken wasn’t wrong. This marriage wasn’t what he desired and Su Yan also didn’t want to marry him. Most importantly, Su Yan’s attitude a moment ago had already expressed it clearly. Anyways, Jiang Jingchuan did not want to lose his temper at Su Yan.  


That didn’t mean he didn’t have doubts or wasn’t confused. How could Su Yan have such an attitude?


In the past, Su Yan had never encountered such a situation; it wouldn’t be too much to say she was stupefied. Fortunately, she still was clear on the problem. She followed Jiang Jingchuan into his study. Closing the door behind her, she walked in front of Jiang Jingchuan before speaking with uncertainty: “Jingchuan, you don’t have anything to say?”


Putting herself at a disadvantage, Su Yan took the initiative to relinquish the power to Jiang Jingchuan. 


Jiang Jingchuan turned his back to Su Yan, his voice heavy: “Do you still remember what I said before?”


Su Yan’s mind turned quickly and immediately recalled what Jiang Jingchuan meant. Not long ago, he said that he hoped she was the same as him and wouldn’t cheat in the marriage. At that time, without knowing anything, she had immediately nodded and agreed. Now, wasn’t it asking to be sent for a punitive expedition3? Even if Jiang Jingchuan condemned her, it was understandable. From Su Yan’s point of view, no matter how much the original body didn’t want to marry Jiang Jingchuan, no matter how deep the feelings were between the original body and Shen Peiran, in the end, she was already married to Jiang Jingchuan. As the husband, Jiang Jingchuan had the complete right to reproach her actions.   


Even though this marriage left much to be desired, since they were already bound to each other, one needed to give the other some respect.

Su Yan didn’t know to what stage had the original body and Shen Peiran’s relationship advanced, but there was no doubt that the two people absolutely didn’t have any sexual relationship. She believed that Jiang Jingchuan knew of this point. Thinking of this, Su Yan suddenly felt a trace of confidence. She stepped forward, taking Jiang Jingchuan’s hand, and softly said: “Previously I had said to you that I have straightened out my thinking about a lot of things. Even if you do not believe it, I now truly treasure our marriage very much and desire to become a good wife.”


He must believe her!! 


The words she said were very sincere: Su Yan was very afraid to lose her present life. She was fearful because, compared to her, who would know better that Jiang Jingchuan’s feelings for her were not that deep. Naturally this wasn’t strange of him; after all, it hadn’t been that long since they had started getting along. Men were like this, if there was no love for the woman, their heart would be very hard.  Frankly, when Su Yan was living at the Imperial Harem, she was in a much more dangerous environment as compared to now; but she wasn’t afraid. Why? She had nothing to fear because of her strong backing; she knew that the nine-five supreme reigning person loved her.      


Possessing the romantic love of a husband was tantamount to having firm control of him. Who could be clearer about this than her? 


Jiang Jingchuan was silent for a while. Then in front of Su Yan’s uneasy expression, he whispered: “I gave you a chance.”




Su Yan was confused and did not understand what Jiang Jingchuan meant.


“You thought I didn’t know about Shen Peiran?” Jiang Jingchuan’s one line made Su Yan’s heart jump to her throat.


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  1. If the roles were reversed and it was Su Yan who loved Shen Peiran and he married someone else for his family. He’d be considered slag . And she’d be reincarnated to have a chance to get over him and be with a richer dude.

    1. Yeah no kidding.

      We don’t know why she was “forced” to marry Jiang Jingchan though so maybe there’s some sort of justification idk

    2. Thanks for your comment, a good perspective hala adel. I have seen really many plots like and I can see where you are coming from and it really makes you wonder what exactly happened to the original Su Yan, agreeing with what sinking ship said, and unlike many novels our ‘Su Yan’ didn’t automatically get the skills and memories of the past body which leads to many funny situations in the future. Keep reading!

    3. Some edits and addition to my reply:
      In the future chapters we come to know what really took place during that time and it is really sad. Happy reading!

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