Made of Money Chapter 20 Part 1

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Translator: Barb

Editor: WhitesRabbit


Chapter-20: Part 1 — “Xiao Yan, I already have the desire to possess you.”


Su Yan’s heart was beating loudly. She suddenly had an ominous premonition: Jiang Jingchuan’s expression didn’t look very good. And that man kept staring at her which meant that that man knew the original body. She didn’t think of Shen Peiran. Facing such a situation, she didn’t want to make unreasonable speculation so she calmed down and shook Jiang Jingchuan’s arm. She whispered: “Hubby, what happened?”


Jiang Jingchuan looked down at Su Yan. He found that he actually couldn’t see through Su Yan. Even if he didn’t speak to her before, he felt that he could still understand what she was thinking. Now, it was all changing. He didn’t understand, how could she pretend to be this way?  Obviously, That Person was at the front, yet she was still so calm as if the person right in front of them was a stranger. The corner of Jiang Jingchuan’s mouth pulled, the tone in his manner of speaking became ambiguous: “Won’t you go over and say hello?” 


As soon as these words were spoken, the premonition in Su Yan’s heart became even stronger, but there was no time left for her to either analyse or guess. She smiled at Jiang Jingchuan, “What?” 


Jiang Jingchuan did not speak anymore and retracted his stare. He calmly stepped ahead in the direction of the lift.


Watching helplessly as Su Yan got closer and closer, Shen Peiran stepped farther and farther back in a hurry. But he stopped after seeing the strange expression in Su Yan’s eyes. She had quickly given him a glance then continued to look at Jiang Jingchuan. No matter how calm Shen Peiran was, after seeing his sweetheart’s strange expression, he panicked and couldn’t stop himself from stepping forward. At the same time, Su Yan brushed past him holding Jiang Jingchuan’s arm. In this short span of time, she didn’t even spare him a fraction of her attention.     



It’s not like Shen Peiran didn’t feel inferior before, but in this A City, which person was capable of maintaining their former confidence and vigour in front of Jiang Jingchuan? Though his family also had several businesses and his qualifications were also quite good, compared to Jiang Jingchuan it was still not considered enough. Men and women were not alike.  Men were more concerned about each other’s ability and financial capacity In these two distinct things. Shen Peiran simply couldn’t be compared to Jiang Jingchuan and also didn’t dare to compare. Therefore at the beginning, he simply didn’t trust the sincerity of Su Yan.


However, Su Yan slowly convinced him. He began to believe that, no matter how much better Jiang Jingchuan was, Su Yan would not spare him a glance. She never mentioned Jiang Jingchuan in front of him, but she couldn’t avoid quarrelling with him because of her marriage. She firmly said that when the opportunity comes, she would certainly divorce Jiang Jingchuan.   


EzoicIt’s not like Shen Peiran didn’t have women throwing themselves at him; but, from the beginning till the end, he didn’t even give other people a glance because he trusted Su Yan, loved her. So he was willing to be the most shameful, most incompetent third party.


Yes, it’s not like Shen Peiran didn’t know that he was the third party in their marriage; but so what?



Su Yan didn’t like Jiang Jingchuan. Their marriage didn’t conform to their feelings nor their hearts. Shen Peiran never doubted Su Yan’s sincerity; but now, with the scene that was playing before his eyes, it simply felt more intolerable than being slapped in public.  


When Shen Peiran returned to reality, Jiang Jingchuan and Su Yan had already entered the lift. The door was gradually closing. Finally, as if time had frozen, his line of vision coincided precisely with Su Yan holding Jiang Jingchuan’s arm, smiling at him. The frame was filled with happiness.


Shen Peiran’s eyes turned red in provocation– he simply didn’t care anymore about face1or reason. He pressed the button of the elevator using all his strength. However, he couldn’t wait in the end so he turned around and ran towards the direction of the emergency stairs. He continued to run desperately and was panting by the time he arrived at the parking area. The anger and grievance inside his heart hadn’t diminished a bit. 



Su Yan was still bewildered and confused, but also couldn’t ask. She had no choice but to pretend that nothing was wrong. Just when she had reached the side of Jiang Jingchuan’s car, she suddenly felt someone pull her backwards. For a period of time, it felt dizzy and when she managed to react, her hands were already held by someone else. She screamed in alarm. Jiang Jingchuan quickly came over with large strides and without thinking pushed Shen Peiran away and pulled Su Yan behind him to protect her. Jiang Jingchuan was frowning as his tone dropped to a freezing point, “What are you doing?”


Shen Peiran’s both eyes were red, yet looking at Su Yan hiding behind Jiang Jingchuan, his chest fluctuated with emotions. Finally, he managed to control himself and endure. His voice slightly trembled, “Xiao Yan, must you hide from me?”


Su Yan secretly said not good. This man was really that Peiran, wasn’t he? She seemed to see a large pot of dog blood about to pour on her2and she couldn’t avoid it. On one side was her hubby, on the other side was the original body’s lover… How Su Yan wished to faint at this moment.


Jiang Jingchuan turned his head slightly to look at Su Yan. He noticed her head hung down as if pretending to be dead; he couldn’t see what her actual reaction was. Then Shen Peiran directly moved in front of him. Jiang Jingchuan was absolutely furious. With a frosty face he said: “This gentleman, may I ask why you are looking for my wife?”  


Shen Peiran didn’t want to fight Jiang Jingchuan. Instead, he ignored Jiang Jingchuan and continued to shout to Su Yan: “Xiao Yan, regarding the matter of that day, you listen to my explanation, okay?” 


It was not strange for Shen Peiran to run absolutely unrestrained because previously Su Yan’s relationship with Jiang Jingchuan was a bit better than with strangers. They each had their own fun. Jiang Jingchuan never interfered in Su Yan’s life. 


Su Yan didn’t want to know what exactly happened that day, she only knew that if she did not speak to make her stand clear, the consequence would be very severe, especially now that Jiang Jingchuan’s look was even darker than the bottom of a pan. She said as calmly and distantly as she could: “I am sorry, I am busy right now. I don’t have time.”


Don’t know whether it was her illusion, but when she uttered those words, the frosty air around Jiang Jingchuan dispersed a little bit.


Shen Peiran couldn’t believe what he was hearing; he looked at her incredulously. Just as he rushed to her, Jiang Jingchuan came to the end of his patience. He pushed him away with great strength and said with furrowed brows: “This gentleman, I and my wife have something to do. Requesting you to conduct yourself with dignity.”


The words of Jiang Jingchuan made Shen Peiran completely sober. He had no confidence or vigour in front of Jiang Jingchuan. Su Yan’s attitude at that moment, coupled with the words of Jiang Jingchuan, already made Shen Peiran’s self-esteem hit rock bottom. He was silent for a moment, then decided to smash the pot to pieces because it was already cracked3. At any rate, he had already come out in front of Jiang Jingchuan. Looking at Jiang Jingchuan’s attitude a moment ago, since he knew his existence, he didn’t need to pretend anymore.


“Mr. Jiang, I know that you and Xiao Yan were forced. Before you, I and Xiao Yan were together. If your and Xiao Yan’s feelings were good, I would absolutely not appear here. Mr. Jiang, since there are no emotions between you and Xiao Yan, why not free her early?” If Shen Peiran was rational and clear headed, he most probably would not have spoken these words. However, it was not the intimacy between Jiang Jingchuan and Su Yan that made him flustered, rather, her cold and detached behaviour towards him which made Shen Peiran unable to think calmly at all.


If it was possible, Su Yan really wanted to die. She was finally clear about the picture. This person! She really wanted to grab that Peiran’s collar and howl with rage: Why did you make such a mistake! 



Unexpectedly, these kinds of words were said in front of this family’s quality product hubby. Regardless of what kind of relationship there was between the original body and Jiang Jingchuan, such words were what a man couldn’t tolerate!


The mouldy blood toppled on her was unexpectedly this kind of matter! 


Jiang Jingchuan coldly looked at Shen Peiran. On the surface, it appeared as if there was nothing wrong with his emotions; but, actually, both of his hands were already formed into fists. 


Su Yan was taking note of the changes in Jiang Jingchuan’s mood constantly. With one look she knew it was not good. No matter what Jiang Jingchuan would say now, it wouldn’t be appropriate– it would only be harmful. Su Yan was keenly aware that her current actions would have a direct connection to whether or not the results of the thigh hugging of all these days would be eliminated. No matter what, she was annoyed to death. It was very difficult to improve the relationship between them! If that happened, all of her hard work would go to waste!



Barb: From this chapter onwards the VIP chapters begin. They are really really long so I have divided them into parts for your reading pleasure.

Now, what will Su Yan do?

Another confrontation -check. More to come.

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