Made of Money Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 — However, I prefer it if others addressed me as Mrs. Jiang.

Shen Peiran unconsciously stepped in Su Yan’s direction. 



Jiang Jingchuan didn’t need to exchange social niceties at all with other people. Whenever he ran into an acquaintance, he didn’t forget to introduce Su Yan. Knowing that this was the first time she came to an occasion such as this and didn’t know many people, he couldn’t abandon her. Sui Sheng came over with his female partner, all smiles, and said with a wink: “A certain someone seems to finally feel proud and elated today.”


Su Yan displayed an appearance as if unable to make sense of what she was hearing; the smile on her face didn’t dim even a bit. On the other side, Sui Sheng’s female partner couldn’t stop looking at Su Yan.



Jiang Jingchuan wasn’t annoyed hearing Sui Sheng’s words but also didn’t plan to reply. He just smiled lightly.


Ezoic…acting like a pretentious prick again. Sui Sheng was inwardly roasting Jiang Jingchuan. When he turned his head slightly, he noticed his female partner’s unbridled gaze. His face sank, he lowered his voice, “Don’t you know how to address a person? This is Mrs. Jiang.”


Sui Sheng’s female partner got startled. She knew that he was warning her and hurriedly bowed her head and said in a small voice, “Mrs. Jiang.”



Su Yan originally didn’t plan on arguing with her. Hearing what was said, she just smiled generously and didn’t take it to heart. Sui Sheng had been paying attention to her expressions. Upon noticing that Su Yan truly didn’t take offense, his tone wasn’t as unfamiliar as before, “In the past, Jiang Jingchuan was always alone. It’s good now; it’s making me extremely envious.”


Jiang Jingchuan’s expression was rather helpless. Although he lowered his voice to speak, it was still loud enough for Sui Sheng to hear: “Don’t pay attention to him. Today he went out without taking his medicine.”


Su Yan was amused. Holding Jiang Jingchuan’s arm, she laughed while leaning on his shoulder. 


The action she made was intimate yet didn’t seem deliberate– it was just right. Jiang Jingchuan had already gotten slowly habituated, so his expression didn’t change. Sui Sheng looked at it and marvelled. He intentionally sighed in lament: “I ended up eating enough dog food1for 82 years. Breaking up with you!”


The female partner by his side couldn’t get a word in. Of course, she knew that she was not qualified to speak. If Jiang Jingchuan’s female partner wasn’t Su Yan but rather his secretary or someone else, she might have been able to speak a few words. Now, she was in front of Mrs. Jiang. How could she be brave enough to be impetuous? She had no other choice but to continue being a board in the background.Ezoic


When the atmosphere was just right, Su Yan said appropriately, “The other day I was in too much of a hurry and still have not greeted you properly.” 


Sui Sheng wasn’t acquainted with Su Yan and Jiang Jingchuan did not speak about Su Yan in the past. Yet he still knew that, although Su Yan was not how the rumours painted her to be in that her facial features were average, some rumours were still somewhat correct about the man and wife having no emotions between them. Previously, Sui Sheng believed that it was Jiang Jingchuan’s rejection to being married that lead to such a result, but now it seemed that it wasn’t so. At least from his point of view, if she wanted, Su Yan could easily win Jiang Jingchuan over.  


However, it seemed that the relationship between the couple was slowly changing for the better. The smile on Sui Sheng’s face became even more brilliant, “It’s okay. We will have many chances to meet in the future.”


“What are you talking about so happily?” Wang Siqi came over with a glass of wine as she continued with a smile, “Sui Sheng’s exaggerated laughter could be heard from far away.”


When Sui Sheng saw that the person who arrived was Wang Siqi, his smile dimmed.


The change in his expression couldn’t be concealed at all. Su Yan wondered: Sui Sheng did not like this woman very much, did he? Who was this woman?


As Su Yan was guessing, Wang Siqi smiled at her, “Ms. Su, we met at the wedding ceremony. Long time no see.” 


Su Yan discovered that something was fishy within seconds. Other people called her Mrs. Jiang. This woman obviously knew Jiang Jingchuan and also knew her. So why did she not call her Mrs. Jiang and instead called her Ms. Su? Problems, problems. Women were generally like this when they were jealous. Why was this woman jealous? Most probably because of Jiang Jingchuan.


As long as the man was powerful there would be no shortage of women. No sooner had one fallen, than the next one stepped onto the branch.2 Su Yan was already used to it. She didn’t plan to directly cross swords with this woman; she instead looked at Jiang Jingchuan.


After these days together, Su Yan understood what kind of relationship the original body had with the other people around Jiang Jingchuan. The relationship with Jiang Jingchuan’s family members wasn’t particularly warm, let alone friends. Therefore, when she displayed an appearance of neither remembering nor recognising this woman, it was quite normal.


Jiang Jingchuan readily took the hint, he whispered: “This is Ms. Wang, Wang Siqi. She is a friend of mine.”


After that Jiang Jingchuan looked at Wang Siqi and lightly corrected her: “She is now Mrs. Jiang. Don’t call her wrongly again.”


Actually Wang Siqi calling her Ms. Su wasn’t wrong, others could also call her that; but on today’s occasion, they were obliged to call her Mrs. Jiang.


It wasn’t that Wang Siqi wasn’t aware that she was making an elementary level mistake, but she couldn’t control herself. Now that she heard Jiang Jingchuan say those words, she laughed mockingly at herself and didn’t speak anymore. On the other hand Sui Sheng, watching both sides, smirked. His face was full of disdain. 


Su Yan took Jiang Jingchuan’s arm then smiled sweetly at Wang Siqi: “Hello Ms. Wang. Although Ms. Su sounds more youthful, however, I prefer it more if others called me Mrs. Jiang. If you don’t mind, you can also call me directly by my name.”


Receiving the light rebuff, she still smiled but on the inside she was cursing Su Yan from head to foot. She endured and nodded: “Yes, Mrs. Jiang.”


Sui Sheng almost burst out in laughter, he happily said: “That’s right. Mrs. Jiang is more pleasant to hear. Right, Jingchuan?” 


Jiang Jingchuan didn’t pay any attention to Wang Siqi’s expression at all. All he could think about were the words Su Yan said just now. She preferred it more if others called her as Mrs. Jiang? Jiang Jingchuan couldn’t stop himself from smiling, “En.”


Yes, Mrs. Jiang.


He glanced at others in the hall, thinking to himself, these people dare talk about the feelings between man and wife behind their backs and would dare to secretly laugh whenever he brought his secretary. 


Wang Siqi felt that Su Yan had reached new heights of shamelessness. How could she be worthy of Jiang Jingchuan? She must have begged to be allowed to marry him at once. This Su Yan was obviously cheating, yet she still had the face to sway the musical score of Mrs. Jiang in front of her.


Seeing that Wang Siqi’s complexion was bad, Su Yan was laughing on the inside. Anyways, she was a firm believer of if others leave me alone, I will leave them alone, if others offend me, I will offend them similarly. Who would not allow her to be happy; she would not let that person be well off either. 


Wang Siqi was angry and annoyed; but when she glanced at Shen Peiran, who wasn’t standing far off, she felt relaxed.


Just let Su Yan jump around for a while, after all, she would have to leave the stage and the position of Mrs. Jiang.


Shen Peiran was waiting all evening for the chance to spend some time alone with Su Yan but Jiang Jingchuan never left her side, he simply had no chance to talk with her.


Although he was thinking of Su Yan, he didn’t forget what kind of event this was. No matter what, Jiang Jingchuan was her husband. If he charged up rashly then Su Yan’s reputation would take a drastic hit. Thinking of that, Shen Peiran had no choice but to endure his belly full of longing as he silently gazed at her. 


Venerable Sir Chen seriously introduced Luyang to everyone present. Everyone knew that from today onwards, the Chen Family was going to change its master. Venerable Sir’s son and sunzi’s3face were very dark.


Su Yan stood by and watched Luyang give a speech on the stage. From time to time, following everyone’s pace, she clapped to encourage him. To speak frankly, she really admired him. Although he was the waisun4, he still had a completely different surname. Yet he unexpectedly managed to seize power from his relative’s son and sunzi– this man was definitely not ordinary.


After the banquet finished, Su Yan walked out of the hall with Jiang Jingchuan. Just as they were about to go towards the lift, she saw Jiang Jingchuan suddenly stop in his tracks. He looked ahead expressionlessly. Not knowing why he did that, Su Yan also followed his gaze. 


A man with an impressive bearing stood not far away——


Looking at her.


Barb: One confrontation- check

More confrontations coming up.

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