Made of Money Chapter 18

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Translator: Barb

Editor: WhitesRabbit


Chapter 18 — “I only speak the truth.”





On the surface, it appeared that the people in the hall were toasting and having fun, but on the inside, within the words they were speaking, lay their hidden desire to gather the information they sought. 



Shen Peiran had arrived a long time ago. He was drinking wine by himself in a corner. After he arrived here, he somewhat regretted it. He didn’t understand why had he been so impulsive. Even if the Shen Family used all their strength to run forward in life, they still wouldn’t be able to measure up to even a bit of the Jiang Family. It was impossible for him to receive an invite to this party. However, Venerable Sir’s sunzi1was his close friend, so Shen Peiran took advantage of this connection. 



After looking around, Chen Mingxuan finally found Shen Peiran. He then came up to him and stood by his side. Chen Mingxuan took a breath and emptied his glass of wine in one gulp. Looking in a certain direction, he viciously cursed under his breath: “I didn’t expect the old fogey to be so ruthless!”     



Shen Peiran came back to reality but didn’t know how to comfort him. He wasn’t that well acquainted with Luyang and had only seen him several times. From an objective point of view, he could understand Venerable Sir Chen’s decision. Luyang was a capable person. He had started his own venture when he was still studying. Although it was a small company, it possessed standards and had a strong foundation. Looking at Chen Mingxuan, although he studied at a university abroad, he didn’t learn anything. All day he fooled around with rogues. He was a talented person before he went abroad, now his mind was no good, the whole person was very dismal.   



But Chen Mingxuan obviously didn’t want to seek consolation from Shen Peiran. After swearing at Venerable Sir Chen and Luyang, he recalled the main matter and asked: “Why are you so interested in the birthday banquet of the old fogey?” 



Chen Mingxuan was very good to his friends, even if his character was covered with defects. 



Shen Peiran quickly looked somewhere else. His and Su Yan’s matter was only known by Hu Hang and a few of his close friends. Their mouths were very tight. Chen Mingxuan was different. Shen Peiran wasn’t stupid; he didn’t want to stir trouble for him and Su Yan. After staying silent for a few seconds, he laughed: “Well, I had free time and was idle so decided to come here and have a look.”  


This reason seemed to be perfunctory, but Chen Mingxuan didn’t continue to question further. After casually chatting with Shen Peiran for a while he went elsewhere. 



Luyang had also noticed this scene. He didn’t care about Chen Mingxuan at all but was afraid that this useless tool would create some disturbance after drinking too much, so he sent a person to watch over him.



At this time, Luyang’s assistant hastily came over and whispered: “Mr. Jiang has arrived.”   



Luyang’s face had a serious expression. He subconsciously straightened his clothes. He and Jiang Jingchuan were old acquaintances. Now that he was going to take over the connections and business from his grandfather’s hands, he was full of confidence and knew that he would inevitably have to deal with these people. If he managed to build good relation with Jiang Jingchuan, his future path would be more comfortable. Most importantly, he believed that Jiang Jingchuan also needed this alliance.   



“Oh right, Mr. Jiang has brought a female companion with him. It ought to be Mrs. Jiang herself.” His assistant added. 



Luyang nodded to indicate that he understood and walked to the entrance with a smile. 



When Su Yan appeared in the hall holding Jiang Jingchuan’s arm, they swiftly attracted the gazes of almost all the people present. Even when Luyang noticed Su Yan, he was unavoidably dumbfounded for a few moments; however, Luyang quickly recovered and went up to welcome them. He stretched his hand towards Jiang Jingchuan with a smile: “Jingchuan, long time no see.”



Jiang Jingchuan held his hand and shook it, his face also had a slight smile, “Long time no see, and congratulations.” 



Luyang couldn’t help but laugh, “Wrong, today is my Grandfather’s birthday. You ought to congratulate him.” 



Some people who could speak in front of Jiang Jingchuan came around to greet him. Su Yan was already accustomed to these types of occasions. She held Jiang Jingchuan’s arm and smiled appropriately. Jiang Jingchuan patted her arm and said to Luyang: “I forgot to introduce her to you. This is my wife. Her health was not good before, so she was recuperating at home.”  



Jiang Jingchuan formally brought his wife out in public. Luyang understood. Mrs Jiang was different from other female companions. He extended his hand to give due respect, “Hello, Mrs. Jiang. I am Luyang. I was schoolmates with Jingchuan.” 



Su Yan was aware that other people were observing her, but she wasn’t nervous. Naturally and with great poise she gently held Luyang’s hand and then quickly released it, “Hello, Mr. Luyang.”  



When everyone noticed Su Yan they were all surprised. Since Mrs. Jiang was so beautiful, why didn’t Mr. Jiang bring her before? Could it be that her health was truly not good? Then, who passed the rumours that Mrs. Jiang’s features were common to the point of being ugly? If Mrs. Jiang’ beauty was ordinary then no one deserved to live anymore.  



Luyang actually wanted to talk a bit more with Jiang Jingchuan, but he couldn’t forget that it was his grandfather’s birthday party. His movements would inevitably make his grandfather form opinions. As a result, after saying a few sentences, he went to greet other guests. Everyone looked at Luyang’s manner, they understood Venerable Sir Chen’s decision a bit more. A person who knows when to advance and when to retreat and has a sense of propriety can be the only person to carry on the responsibilities of the Chen Family. 



When Luyang left, Jiang Jingchuan brought Su Yan to another area. Even if others wanted to use this opportunity to curry favor with him, they possessed insightful eyes. They knew that Jiang Jingchuan was impatient, so no one dared to go there by chance and invite a snub. 



Su Yan knew that today she had come here as a flower vase.  Obviously a moment ago her performance was very good, after all, Luyang was rendered dumbfounded after looking at her. She glanced at Jiang Jingchuan, leaned over to his ear, and whispered while giggling: “Hubby, how was my behaviour just now?”  



A warm breathe blew beside his ear carrying a hint of a fragrance. It felt a bit warm and itchy. He himself wasn’t aware that his expression had become much more joyful. Jiang Jingchuan deliberately lowered his voice, “Just now you said one sentence, what should I judge upon?” 




“That …” Su Yan inwardly roasted: This person, if he didn’t look handsome nor have wealth, he would certainly live as a bachelor, completely!



Jiang Jingchuan saw that Su Yan was a little annoyed. His voice was low and relaxed: “As for complimenting you, I already did so before I arrived.” 



Su Yan remembered that at that time he really had praised her beauty. She unavoidably became rather proud of herself and began to act pretentiously, “I don’t know if you were saying truth or lies.” 



Although it hadn’t been long since they started to get along,  Jiang Jingchuan had completely accepted her current settings. He wasn’t shocked or at a loss like before. He hesitated before saying: “I only speak the truth.” 



Despite the fact that this reply didn’t officially warrant 100 marks,  Su Yan still accepted it reluctantly. Expect Jiang Jingchuan to speak a few intimate words to her? Forget it, later it was still up to her to flirt. 



Su Yan hadn’t noticed anyone since she came, let alone Shen Peiran who was hard to see. Shen Peiran’s gaze was glued on her the whole time. After seeing her and Jiang Jingchuan’s intimacy with no regards to others, he couldn’t bear and almost charged right up to her and questioning her. Fortunately, he still had a bit of reason left. He coldly stared at Su Yan, the expression in his eyes rather angry…and forlorn. 



He didn’t understand. They had only argued once; why did she become like that?



On the other side, Wang Siqi was also watching the expressions of these three people. She did not go to greet them just now. She unexpectedly felt inferior. Su Yan had already succeeded; she didn’t want to think about it. By tomorrow, the entirety of the business circles of A city would know how beautiful Jiang Jingchuan’s wife was and how good their relationship was. The rumours that Mrs. Jiang looked mediocre had already collapsed.  


The male companion beside Wang Siqi was a person whom she had grown up with. Seeing this scene he sneered: “It really is a good play. Just direct the person named Shen, then at that moment, Su Yan would be unable to face anyone. It’s truly serious. Perhaps the divorce you wished for would also happen. Will Jiang Jingchuan tolerate his wife’s affair?” 



“Shut up!” Wang Siqi rebuked under her breath, her expression was gloomy, “What is Su Yan? The situation is grave. After all, who is the one that has no shame?” 


Originally, Su Yan had nothing to worry about; but if people outside knew that Mrs Jiang had an affair, who would get hit the most? Wang Siqi didn’t get carried away by the jealousy in front of her.   


Wang Siqi looked at Shen Peiran. She already had a plan in mind.



 Barb: We have confrontation scenes in the next chapters between the rivals-in-love. Keep a look out~


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