Made of Money Chapter 17

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Translator: Barb

Editor: WhitesRabbit


Chapter 17 — “Just follow by my side.”


While sitting in the car Su Yan felt a bit uneasy. Her dress was too slim fit; she felt very uncomfortable wearing this dress. To divert her attention she whispered: “Can you tell me more about this banquet? I feel that when the moment comes, I will end up making a fool of myself.”




Jiang Jingchuan was extremely surprised when Su Yan asked this question. But on second thought, it was very good that she had such awareness. Although she need not worry about the business of the Corporation, but in this banquet, it was better to have nimble senses to be aware of the direction of the wind. Jiang Jingchuan thought briefly then said: “Although Venerable Sir Chen has retired, the connections that he has accumulated over the years will not disappear in such a short time. His successor is his waisun1.” 




It’s not like Venerable Sir Chen wasn’t close with his sunzi2, however, he was too disappointing. Jiang Jingchuan had heard earlier that this grandson3 had things he could touch and things he couldn’t. Venerable Sir Chen was not so stupid as to leave it all up to chance. He would not hand over his family fortune to the hands of that grandson4. His son’s qualifications were mediocre, and it was said that he really liked his waisun. As a result, before he stepped down, Venerable Sir Chen paved a nice path for him. Now, firstly, this banquet was for the sake of congratulating an elderly on his birthday; and secondly, it was to formally introduce his waisun to everyone.




At first, Su Yan only wanted to divert her attention, but now she was interested. After all, she had lived in the Imperial Harem for many years, she had a sharp intuition. She frowned: “Waisun? So the banquet this time is actually for this grandson?”


Jiang Jingchuan nodded. After all it was his wife, not a secretary or any female companion. He happily said a lot more, “Didn’t my mother tell you today?” 


Su Yan thought back to what mother-in-law said and very quickly found the point, “Mother said something about Venerable Sir Chen’s daughter. It seemed that ignoring his opposition, she insisted on marrying a teacher. Didn’t it mean that their relation faded? How could the successor be his waisun?”   


Jiang Jingchuan glanced at Su Yan, “Venerable Sir Chen’s daughter gave birth to a good son. Luyang is quite a capable person who needs means and has skills. I once worked with him on a project abroad. He doesn’t know how many times better he is compared to Venerable Sir Chen’s son and sunzi. Venerable Sir Chen has never failed in his life. Of course, he will hand over the family business to someone who can support it.”



On one hand, Su Yan listened to it and on the other hand, she had a lot of gains. She discovered that Jiang Jingchuan didn’t speak a lot; but once this gossip was mentioned, he had a lot to talk about.



More communication shall enhance feelings; Su Yan continued to question minutely: “So, Venerable Sir Chen’s son and sunzi are satisfied?” 


As Su Yan guessed, Jiang Jingchuan indeed held more gossip. Of course, his gossip only revealed useful information. Jiang Jingchuan paused for a while before continuing: “Although Venerable Sir Chen has advanced in years, he didn’t become dim-sighted with age. Venerable Sir Chen has made up his mind to train Luyang and Luyang himself possesses high skills. There is simply no one fit to be his match in the Chen Family.”




Don’t know whether or not it was Su Yan’s misconception but when Jiang Jingchuan spoke the last line, there was disdain followed by ridicule in his tone. Su Yan thought it seemed that Venerable Sir Chen’s son and sunzi were good for nothings. Or else why would a close pair of good secondary cards be left to rot?  


“What should I do today?” Su Yan officially came to the main topic. As a lady of high rank, diplomacy was not like indulging oneself in eating and drinking and acting as a flower vase as she had in the past. She always sought useful information of her own accord.   


Don’t even mention how much comfort these words provided Jiang Jingchuan. In the previous dinner parties, he used to go with his secretary, yet a secretary was not a wife. If a wife heard some news they could discuss it further.



“Just follow by my side.” It’s not that Jiang Jingchuan did not want Su Yan to know a lot about this, but he knew that this was Su Yan’s first time accompanying him to this kind of event. She may not be used to it.






Shen Peiran stood in front of the mirror while straightening his tie. Hu Hang stepped forward with hesitation. He clenched his jaw and said: “Are you really going? Peiran, it will be a little too much for Xiao Yan to talk this time. If you go over, then she…”


Hu Hang felt that even if Su Yan was wrong, if Shen Peiran intentionally ran into Su Yan, it would be bad for her in that situation. At the end of the day, they were friends. What’s more, even though Su Yan was usually frosty, she wasn’t a bad person. He couldn’t let others get stuck in an embarrassing situation. Hu Hang was unable to say offensive words, but Su Yan was Mrs. Jiang now. Shen Peiran’s action may tarnish her reputation.


Shen Peiran looked like a psychopath to Hu Hang. It was hard for Hu Hang to believe. Shaking his head, Shen Peiran said in a hoarse voice, “I am only going to see her. I will not talk to her.”


What Hu Hang could think of, naturally, Shen Peiran would also consider. 


He sincerely liked Su Yan. Even if he was looking forward to her and Jiang Jingchuan divorcing, he would not go and do anything bad to her. However, after ten days of not seeing her, he couldn’t go to her and Jiang Jingchuan’s house to meet her. The whole person was in an extraordinary powerless situation. He did not want to do anything, he just wanted to see her, that’s all.


He never imagined he would be so dishonourable. Even if he liked her, she was married. Would he still want to brazenly get entangled with her? In the beginning, he suppressed his anger and profound pain and went away from here. Previously, he had thought that he had let go of it; but afterwards, when he looked at her, all of his reason collapsed. 


Hu Hang couldn’t bear to see Shen Peiran like this. He patted Shen Peiran’s shoulder, then sincerely and earnestly said: “Peiran, little brother5. Although some words are not pleasing to hear, I have to say them. Xiao Yan is good, but what about the Jiang Family? She can’t leave even if she wants to. It is better if you find someone else. I think she can’t leave her marriage. Don’t waste your feelings and time.  If you really dawdle with her I am afraid that, when the time comes, the one to suffer losses will be you.”


Shen Peiran’s complexion wasn’t good. He didn’t say anything.







The atmosphere in the car between Su Yan and Jiang Jingchuan was very harmonious. She pretended to be upset and asked: “I haven’t been with you to these sort of events. Will the others know me?”


Actually this question was very foolish. Su Yan also knew that but nothing could be done about it. She had to get closer to Jiang Jingchuan. It wasn’t all about engaging in body contact to get close with a man, you had to master talking with him. It was highly frustrating, she and Jiang Jingchuan have known each other for several days yet she did not even know what he liked. The two people often faced awkward silences with each other. 


In the past, Su Yan was the image of elite, cool, and elegant. Suddenly asking such a question, Jiang Jingchuan was amused by Su Yan. However, while exchanging words, he became a bit closer to her. “Sui Sheng has already spread the news. Today everyone already knows that I am bringing Mrs. Jiang with me.”


Upon hearing Jiang Jingchuan mention a name, she did not know whether or not the original body knew this Sui Sheng. However, she was clear about the fact that the topic of conversion could be extended further. She asked in puzzlement: “Sui Sheng?”


Jiang Jingchuan looked at her, “When you came to pick me up that day, you should have seen him, right? He was there.”


He suddenly thought that maybe Su Yan didn’t remember who Sui Sheng was. Previously she had only seen him at the wedding. 


Su Yan immediately remembered who Sui Sheng was. It seemed that Sui Sheng and Jiang Jingchuan’s relationship was pretty good. She asked: “Will he come today?”


Since he was a good friend of Jiang Jingchuan, naturally, in these events the chances of meeting were very high.


“Yes. He will come.”


After receiving a confirmation, Su Yan tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear. She smilingly said: “I was in too much hurry that day so could not greet him carefully.”


Jiang Jingchuan did not mind.


Jiang Jingchuan’s manner made Su Yan even more certain. This Sui Sheng was Jiang Jingchuan’s very close friend. The relation with one’s husband’s great friends must be carefully balanced. It must not be too familiar and also not too distant. Upon further thought, the original body’s relationship with this quality product husband was very cold, it would have been even more so with Jiang Jingchuan’s friend.   


Later she needed to properly brush up good feelings with Sui Sheng. Not for anything else, but having a secondary attack6was also good. In case tomorrow Jiang Jingchuan’s mind conflicts with her, Sui Sheng may perhaps help by saying a few words in her favour.


Anyways, Su Yan didn’t want to make any errors in even the smallest details. 



Barb notes:

-Since there are two grandsons so it can get confusing when who is being referred, so I decided to keep the pinyin.

-When Venerable Sir Chen or similar is mentioned, it refers to that it is an elderly grandfather with surname Chen or somename’s elderly grandfather.

-Here we again get a subtle thought difference between ancient times and modern times through Su Yan. Did you find it?

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  1. I really don’t know what to feel towards Shen guy. Original owner and him were in love but Original owner was forced to marry Ml. Its difficult for him to abandon his feelings but still MC is not the original owner. She is not obliged to continue her relationship with him. But I do feel pity for him (even though I don’t really like the fact that they entangled with each other while she is married). I wish in parallel world he would be happy with Original owner

    1. If it is so then it is because most likely, in ancient times if you are convicted of crime or become estranged with your family then it also ends up affecting your children and they won’t be given any time of the day by your parents or the society. But here the grandpa clearly gives a chance to his grandson from his daughter side hence, Su Yan’s confusion.

      1. I would say a married daughter is spilled water, so how could the chen raise up someone not with the same surname to take care of family business?

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