Made of Money Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 — Yeah. She was his.


When Su Yan arrived at the Ancestral Mansion, Mother Jiang wasn’t even a bit surprised. She had already received a call from her son before. It most likely meant that Su Yan was accompanying him to Venerable Sir Cheng’s birthday banquet. She needed to instruct Su Yan on some matters, after all, this was her first time attending a significant occasion carrying the status of Mrs. Jiang.


Mother Jiang was unconcerned. Although the Su Family was not a wealthy, powerful, or prominent family, the two relatively well off families put their all into raising a child with high capabilities. She knew that even though Su Yan’s disposition was a bit cold, in these sort of occasions, she would absolutely not make a mistake. However, now that Mother Jiang had the opportunity to let loose her craving for being a mother-in-law, she was very happy. 


Venerable Sir Jiang and Venerable Madame Jiang had gone to the vegetable garden to work. These two people were relatively free during the day and had the servants make space for a vegetable field in the backyard. As people become old, the thing they looked forward to the most was leading an ordinary life while gardening or farming.


Su Yan was led to the bedroom by Mother Jiang. Mother Jiang gave a quick glimpse at the gifts Su Yan had brought, her high heeled shoes, and her jewellery and nodded: “Did you choose this? Not bad.” 


Before Su Yan could reply, Mother Jiang opened the door to the walk-in closet. She picked up a remote controller from one side of the closet and pressed a button. The shoe cabinet began to revolve. She stepped forward and picked out a pair of black high heeled sandals, then walked in front of Su Yan and smiled: “However, I feel that this pair of sandals will be more suitable with your red formal dress. Try it.”


Su Yan was shocked for a while.


Mother Jiang misunderstood her look and calmly explained: “I haven’t worn this pair of shoes.”


“No no no, I was just…” Su Yan paused before continuing, “just overwhelmed by this unexpected favour.”


Mother Jiang’s temperament could also not be regarded as very enthusiastic with regards to this daughter-in-law. Su Yan rarely talked. Now, suddenly hearing her speak such words, for a moment she couldn’t respond. After a short while, something flashed in Mother Jiang’s eyes, “Xiao Yan, I have no objection to you.”


Such a simple sentence made Su Yan associate it with much more. Fortunately, she had previous experience in getting along with Empress Dowager in the Imperial Palace.


She didn’t stay silent for a long time. She shyly laughed: “Mother, I know. I like this pair of sandals very much.”


After saying those words, Su Yan carried the red formal dress and black sandals and stepped inside the changing room. In the meantime, Mother Jiang was left alone to ponder deeply outside.


If Father Jiang wasn’t too dissatisfied with Su Yan’s family background, then Mother Jiang didn’t have any opinion regarding Su Yan. It was just that, as a mother, there was always the selfishness of hoping that her son would find the person he sincerely loved and would not be forced by the elderly in the family to get married like this.


But as a woman, Mother Jiang was extremely clear in knowing that Su Yan was good at everything except that she did not love her son.  


When Su Yan came out, despite the fact that she had seen many beautiful women, Mother Jiang was dazed. 


The formal red dress was somewhat similar in design to a cheongsam dress. It outlined the figure very beautifully. Su Yan’s skin was very white. Under the red dress, her skin appeared even lovelier than snow. Her soft, pitch-black hair was pulled up at random with a few locks resting on her bosom. Wearing those black high heeled sandals, her toned legs appeared slender, delicate, and white. Her curves were beautiful. 


Suddenly, Mother Jiang remembered her husband’s words: In case their son and Su Yan had children, then their appearance would undoubtedly be extremely exquisite. For a moment, Mother Jiang’s heart bubbled up with indescribable pride. She felt that the Jiang Family’s future genes would be improved by her and Su Yan. 


Su Yan had been in this era for a period of time, and she had slowly adapted to the dresses and personal adornments of this time. Although, she felt that she somewhat couldn’t adjust to the forked opening of the gown which revealed her thighs, but it was worth seeing herself in the full mirror. Su Yan felt satisfied. She knew that the original body from the past till the present had not accompanied Jiang Jingchuan to any occasions. It would be the first time this evening, so it held a different significance.  


Mother Jiang had already seen today’s invitation. Looking at the time she said to Su Yan: “After we have eaten a meal, I will take you to the beauty parlour and let the stylist help in working out your hairstyle. What do you think?”




Jiang Jingchuan was also quite concerned about the birthday banquet that evening. He had already been holding his breath since earlier. Many thought that he didn’t know that some people loved to speak that he and Su Yan were on bad terms. Even more, they said that Su Yan was so ugly that he didn’t dare bring her. Exactly whose face were these types of words hitting?


His work efficiency today wasn’t as high as usual. He had intended to get off work early and pick up Su Yan. While he was busy, his secretary suddenly knocked on the door and entered, “CEO Jiang, Miss Wang has arrived. She said she had some important matters to discuss with you.”


After hesitating for a while, Jiang Jingchuan nodded. The next moment, a tall and slender woman slowly walked in.


Wang Siqi looked at the serious working appearance of Jiang Jingchuan and couldn’t look at anything else. She and Jiang Jingchuan were classmates, and she had loved him since a very long time ago. She had thought that they would certainly get together, after all, looking at the family and the background, she and him were the most suitable. Yet, she didn’t expect Jiang Jingchuan to get married to another woman. 


After examining herself, although she was no match for Su Yan’s beauty, she wouldn’t lose anywhere else. She and him had undergone identical experiences and were obviously the most well suited. Except for Su Yan’s appearance which surpassed her’s, she was not equal to her in any other aspects, but that woman was quick-footed and climbed first1. How could it not make her angry?


Jiang Jingchuan put down the fountain pen in his hand and capped it, sat straight, then smiled lightly at Wang Siqi: “What brings you here today? Are you facing any trouble?” 


For classmates and close friends, Jiang Jingchuan was still very much willing to give them face.


Wang Siqi turned and walked towards the sofa then sat down naturally. Looking at Jiang Jingchuan she pretended to carelessly ask: “Are you going to Venerable Sir Chen’s birthday banquet this evening?”


“I am.”


“I am also going. Shall we go together?” Wang Siqi appeared to be relaxed outside, however, on the inside, her heart was beating like a drum.


If it was as usual, she would definitely not be anxious at all. Today, however, was a bit different… 


Jiang Jingchuan shook his head upon hearing those words and smiled softly: “I have to go pick up my wife. She will be coming with me this evening.” 


“It seems that the rumours are true?” Wang Siqi’s heart gradually sank, but she pretended to be interested and questioned further: “Your wife, the icy belle, is coming out at last?” 


Jiang Jingchuan frowned. Although Wang Siqi’s words sounded like she was teasing, Jiang Jingchuan still didn’t like it when others used such metaphors for his wife. He corrected her at once: “Siqi, don’t use those kinds of words. She is my wife. She is Mrs. Jiang.”


Regardless of how Su Yan was, it was not up to others to judge.


She was his wife, Mrs. Jiang.


Wang Siqi’s fair and unblemished hands slowly tightened their grip. Her smile remained unchanged, “You know, since you are unavailable, I will go and try to find a male companion.”


“I can’t escort you out.” Jiang Jingchuan lowered his head to look at his watch, “I have to go and pick her up.”


Wang Siqi detested it; yet, still pretending to be happy, she walked out of his office and rode the elevator to the parking lot. After entering her car she leaned over the steering wheel. Her eyes soon turned red, and nail marks could be seen clearly at the centre of her palms because her hands were gripped tightly in a fist.


Why? Why!







When Jiang Jingchuan saw the dressed up Su Yan, his expression remained the same. Even now, he was still as uninterested in love as before, but Su Yan was different. If she had never become his person– even if Su Yan was more beautiful– Jiang Jingchuan would have merely glanced at her, nothing more. It was different now. Looking at Su Yan who was so beautiful, an intention rose within Jiang Jingchuan: he wanted to kiss her.


Yeah, she was his. 


She was already his.


Not someone else’s, only his.


This was quite an odd feeling. but it was normal for Jiang Jingchuan. While he didn’t give a lot of consideration to the matters outside work, he was a person whose territorial awareness was much more powerful than anybody else’s. This was his wife. He was the one who would watch over her and take care of her.  


He just wanted to keep looking at her.


With an extremely meaningful glance, Mother Jiang stepped out first. Now, only Su Yan and Jiang Jingchuan were left in the room. Su Yan looked at the locked door and thought to herself that other people were unlikely to barge in forcefully; with these thoughts, she took a small step and stood in front of Jiang Jingchuan. She pulled at his sleeve, looked at him expectantly with her big eyes, and asked: “Do I look good today?” 


A bit of embarrassment flashed through Jiang Jingchuan’s face; he didn’t make a sound.


Su Yan said a few words inwardly while gently laughing: still think I can’t control you?


She bit her lower lip and asked coquettishly: “Beautiful or not beautiful?”


Jiang Jingchuan trembled but couldn’t endure it anymore, “…Beautiful.”


Truly beautiful.


Beauty that could reach a person’s heart.




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