Made of Money Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 — What Auntie Wang really meant was to have her, the person with the most spare time, go and hug the elder parent’s thighs.



At Sun Jiayu’s farewell party, Shen Peiran wasn’t in the mood to drink. He was sitting by himself on a sofa in the corner booth and fiddling with his phone. Surfing Su Yan’s Weibo, he clutched a fistful of his hair in frustration. In this half month, Su Yan did not upload anything. Not only on Weibo but also on Moments in WeChat there were no new messages. It appeared as if she had simply vanished. That phone call was still circling his mind; how could he forget? 


“Brother Ran, why aren’t you singing?” Sun Jiayu smiled as she came over with a glass of fruit juice and sat down.


Shen Peiran shook his head, “No, you have fun.”


Sun Jiayu bit her lips and said with uncertainty: “Is sister1 Xiao Yan angry with me? Should I look for her and explain clearly?” 


“You have to travel by plane tomorrow, forget it.” It wasn’t that Peiran didn’t think of this idea; but, after recalling that Sun Jiayu has to go abroad tomorrow, he discarded that idea.


“As long as sister Xiao Yan is good to you, I am willing to do anything.” These words of Sun Jiayu not only did not soothe his depressed heart but, instead, made him even more angry.


He gritted his teeth and asked with a pause: “Jiayu, I will only ask once. Did you really not know that Xiao Yan was there that day?”


Shen Peiran’s question made Sun Jiayu’s complexion whiten. That day Su Yan had gone to Shen Peiran’s home to watch movies. The two people had restored their good relations. They also did not cross the boundary; they pulled or held each other’s hands and hugged at most. At that time they were leaning on one another and watching TV when she came in by unlocking the door with a key, which made Su Yan angry. Why did Sun Jiayu have Shen Peiran’s apartment key and would go so far as to carry a bag of food in her hands, as if she was the hostess?


Sun Jiayu ended up crying, saying that it was obviously because Shen Peiran’s mother gave her the keys. She didn’t know that Su Yan would be here and was only thinking of making Peiran some food.


Su Yan sneered, speaking in such a skilful manner and not coming in the morning but instead coming in the evening– when she was there.


Shen Peiran said a few words in support of Sun Jiayu. He simply wanted to ease the atmosphere at that time. Since Su Yan had a stomach full of anger she immediately left swinging her arms. 


Now Shen Peiran raised this matter again, Sun Jiayu’s eyes reddened, her voice trembling, “I really didn’t know. Brother Ran, you call for takeout every day, that day I just wanted to make dishes you love to eat. If sister Xiao Yan had a misunderstanding, I will go and explain it to her now.”


Shen Peiran wasn’t a complete fool. Since things had come to this point, there was no use in investigating who was right and who was wrong anymore. He sighed and pointed out: “Jiayu, I have always treated you as my younger sister. Now that you have grown up, brother shall explain it to you in this way– I sincerely like Xiao Yan. If I didn’t like her, I wouldn’t have pursued her persistently even though she was married. I hope you can live together peacefully. Her temper is not good; you should give in to her more.”


Those words simply punished her heart. After hearing those words, her body practically wobbled. Finally, she managed to straighten herself; the corners of her mouth pulled upwards, “Brother Ran, you…really like her? She’s already married.”


Shen Peiran abruptly downed the wine in the wine cup in one gulp, then licked the side of his teeth. His complexion was rather unsightly, “She will divorce. I just want to marry her.”


Sun Jiayu did not speak. Her head drooped, and her shoulders trembled suspiciously. Then she finally raised her head with a smile, “It is good as long as brother Ran is happy.”





When Su Yan woke up, Jiang Jingchuan was coming out of the bathroom. It seemed he was already much better. At least he wouldn’t pull her and pour out all his long-winded grievances. Su Yan heaved a sigh of relief.


After drinking Jiang Jingchuan really spoke a lot; it made Su Yan see him in a new light.


He clearly bore each particular grudge. From what he said yesterday, about a so and so someone who wouldn’t greet him at the company at first and intentionally caused trouble for him during conferences; and another so and so person who, when parking his car, ended up scraping a piece of the skin of his own car. In short, he really loathed these people!


A matter of a few chicken feathers and garlic skins2, he unexpectedly remembered pretty clearly– it could be traced back to three years ago when he took over the Jiang Corporation.


With regards to this man, Su Yan couldn’t help but laugh again.


Jiang Jingchuan’s last impression yesterday was of Su Yan coming to pick him up. He walked till he reached the front of the bed, his face rather embarrassed, “Yesterday, you came to pick me up?”


Su Yan saw that his complexion was not good. Once it crossed her mind, she immediately held his arm and began to act sweet and spoiled, “Yes, I was waiting for you to return home, but you did not return. When the butler helped in asking, they said you were drunk. I could not set my mind at ease and, hence, came to pick you up.”


Her nightdress was a white slip dress; it was slightly slipping off her body. In front of his chest, there was a wide expanse of scenery. Su Yan’s skin was almost white, the young body was covered with skin soft like an egg white; and, most importantly, the fingers of her two hands that were grabbing him were like the root of a scallion. Jiang Jingchuan, this big straight guy who had not come in contact with any women, in this early morning, immediately hardened.


Fortunately, the lower half of Jiang Jingchuan’s body maintained a safe distance from Su Yan, which made her unable to discover it. In an instant, the dry towel he was using to wipe his hair, covered his lower abdomen and he pushed Su Yan away. He put on an act as if he was unaffected and moved away turning his back to Su Yan; but, obviously, his expression was very alarmed. His tone was not at all calm or collected, “Get ready nicely today. In the afternoon I have a meeting so will make the driver come to get you. You need to be present at the banquet this evening.”


Su Yan was still baffled by Jiang Jingchuan but after hearing that she wasn’t in the mood to argue with him, instead questioned him seriously, “What do I need to prepare?”


It was no exaggeration to say that under the vigorous cultivation of the Qin Family and the Su Family, Su Yan understood the rules and customs very nicely. At least, in terms of etiquette, there was nothing to add. Jiang Jingchuan assumed that she was anxious about accompanying him for the first time to these sort of events– afraid that she would get it wrong. He then said after thinking a bit, “If you are free today, you can go and look for my Ma at the Ancestral Residence.”


After saying that, Jiang Jingchuan urgently rushed to the bathroom. The sound of water running could be heard. In an instant, a doubt sprouted in Su Yan’s mind: Jiang Jingchuan had a habit of bathing early in the morning?


After finishing breakfast, he hastily hurried to the company. Su Yan asked Auntie Wang to lend her a hand in getting ready. She was going to the Jiang Family Ancestral house later.


Auntie Wang was overjoyed after hearing those words, “Madam, if you will allow me to speak a sentence out of turn, Venerable Madame and Venerable Sir are fond of you. Other talented people of the Jiang Family don’t dare disrespect you. They say that as one ages, one becomes more and more like a child. These grandparents are getting old. As a matter of fact, they very much love if junior members of the family accompany them by their side. Sir is very busy with work on ordinary days; hence, naturally isn’t free. Madam, you can always go and visit the parents a lot. It is always good.” 


Su Yan felt that what Auntie Wang said was very reasonable. Father Jiang and Mother Jiang did not have too much time to spare. This couple always flew in different directions with confidence and ease. But Venerable Sir Jiang and Venerable Madam Jiang were very old, so they generally would not love going out. Though the rooms inside the Ancestral House must be very comfortable, they must be very lonely. What Auntie Wang really meant was to have her, the person with the most spare time, go and hug the elder parent’s thighs. As long as the parents were still alive, she would be as comfortable as she wanted in the Jiang Family. No one else wanted to see her face.


Perhaps Auntie Wang had her own selfish motives, but Su Yan still wanted to thank her, “Auntie Wang, if I slip by carelessness in future, I will have to rely on you to remind me.” 


Auntie Wang’s entire body became filled with happiness upon hearing those words. She felt that Madam was becoming more and more charming.


In the Jiang Family, leaving the others aside, it was enough to curry favour with three people— Jiang Jingchuan, Venerable Madame, and Venerable Sir. Then, perhaps, one could laugh till the end.





Meanwhile, Hu Hang ran up to Shen Peiran’s apartment and yelled, “My older brother said that at Venerable Sir Chen birthday banquet tonight, the Jiang Family would be coming and would bring Xiao Yan with them. Now everyone in the circle is waiting anxiously.”


Shen Peiran was brushing his teeth. Hearing those words, he spit out the foam in his mouth. He took a towel from the side shelf and wiped his mouth. With a gloomy face, he said: “Really? I will also be going tonight.”



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  1. Shen Peiran seems like the guy who won’t go up to her first, maybe Hu Hang will.

    Anyways, if none of them greets Su Yan, then she might end up just going pass them?

  2. Shen Peiran seems like the guy who won’t go up to her first, maybe Hu Hang will.

    Anyways, if none of them greets Su Yan, then she might end up just going pass them?

  3. ML is so nice and sincere, even in the situation of an unwanted marriage, he is honest. He deserves to be happy with Su Yan. ?

  4. Lol Jiang Jingchuan. She’s your wife anyway. Just made up with her soon and you dont have to take ‘morning’ shower anymore pfft
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