Made of Money Chapter 13

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Translator: Barb

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Chapter 13 — Why would she abandon walking the smooth and broad path and instead tread on thin ice?




Su Yan leapt back in alarm. After she calmed down, she was considering what to say when the person on the other side, unable to hold back, began to talk, “Xiao Yan, you really misunderstood that day. Peiran and Jiayu are not what you think they are. You know Jiayu had lived in Peiran’s home since childhood. Peiran completely regards her as his younger sister. He really cares about you!”


Su Yan was not stupid with her head in clouds. She more or less understood the meaning. In short, this male called Peiran was the object of adoration of the original body. Just that, the words spoken by this person really made people unable to ridicule. After living in the Imperial Harem for many years, though she did not take the initiative to plan out any schemes or intrigues, these things could still be seen through.


First, he said that Jiayu lived in Peiran’s home since childhood. Even if there was not any sexual relationship, who would believe such a thing?!


Second, whether or not Peiran treated that Jiayu as a younger sister, she did not know. But hearing these words made her instinctively feel violent disgust.


Finally, if this Peiran truly cared about the original body, why was there not even a single shadow of him these days?


In a nutshell, Su Yan did not believe in any of this person’s words. 


Hu Hang noticed that Su Yan did not say anything. He glanced sideways at Shen Peiran who was reading a magazine while sitting on the sofa. He continued to patiently explain to Su Yan, “Xiao Yan, Jiayu is going abroad soon. She doesn’t want you to misunderstand her. We are holding a farewell party for her in two days. You must give her face, so come over ok?”


Su Yan sat down on the bed. She looked at her beautiful fingers and without batting an eye replied, “I am not free.”


Hu Hang had turned on the loudspeaker. On the other hand, Shen Peiran heard this and paused while flipping a page; but after a short while, as if nothing happened, he continued reading the magazine. 


“Why aren’t you free?”


These words were pretty grating on the ears. Su Yan took a deep breath before smiling, “I am very busy every day. I have to accompany my husband to a banquet in a few days. Oh, right, offer my best wishes to Jiayu to have a pleasant journey.”


Whether the original body kept in touch with that Peiran, she did not know, nor did she want to know. It was merely that she had already determined Jiang Jingchuan’s financial resources. Moreover, she was presently his wife in all seriousness. She would not think of stepping over the bounds nor did she want to.


Hu Hang was stunned after hearing those words. He couldn’t help but fumble in his words: “You and Jiang Jingchuan…really reconciled? Didn’t you say you didn’t like him?”


Su Yan continued amiably: “Do not ridicule. He is my husband, why would I not like him? Do not say those words again. If it passed on to the ears of others, it would have a bad influence.”


Just when Su Yan was wondering how to hang up the phone, a clear and cool male voice came over, “Have a bad influence, huh?”


The voice had changed. It was not the same as the person speaking before. Since Su Yan did not know the identity of this person, she had no choice but to stay silent.


Shen Peiran was also angry. When he wanted to establish a relationship with Su Yan, she suddenly married someone else. Which man could tolerate that? However, he tolerated. A man who stayed abroad quickly returned back here within six months; Su Yan pulled him and cried her hearts and lungs out. He also felt distressed and listened to her guarantee that she would divorce him soon. He was soft-hearted.


But now she even called Jiang Jingchuan husband? And even says she likes him?


The fury that Shen Peiran had piled up re-kindled. His speech became harsher, “Su Yan, I had already told you that Jiayu was the daughter of my mother’s best friend. I have treated her as a younger sister since childhood. When you again and again vented your anger on me because you were not happy with her, did you even consider my feelings? You were too busy being Mrs. Jiang!” 


It seemed that this person was Peiran. Though these sentences were full of finding faults, it didn’t affect Su Yan at all. She never thought of judging the original body or the way the original body lived, after all, she was currently occupying her body. However, pointing fingers at the original body’s behaviour and conduct was too ugly. 


In the end, Su Yan was an outsider. She did not get angry and instead calmly replied: “Peiran, it does not matter if she is your younger sister, or even if you have many younger sisters, that is not important. As you said just now, I am Mrs. Jiang. So I think it is necessary that we maintain some distance between us. What do you think?”


Jiang Jingchuan’s words were still ringing in her ears.


Unless a man looks out for himself, the Heaven and the Earth would destroy him1. She was not kind enough to abandon her smooth and steady life to love the original body’s partner. Anyway, she was already Su Yan. She had to carefully live for myself. 


In the final analysis, she was unclear about what kind of person this Peiran was. However, she knew that Jiang Jingchuan was capable of giving her the life she currently desired. Since it was like that, why would she abandon walking the smooth and broad path and instead tread on thin ice?    


Shen Peiran couldn’t believe it; he was stunned in shock. When he finally managed to react, the phone was already hung up. 


With his self-respect, he was unlikely to call again. Seeing that Shen Peiran seemed as if he lost his soul, Hu Hang couldn’t help but console him: “Xiao Yan also appears to be angry. It would be good to coax her after a few days.”


Shen Peiran didn’t speak. His expression remained gloomy.


After hanging up the phone, Su Yan’s mood wasn’t any better than Shen Peiran’s. She suddenly felt that what Jiang Jingchuan said the other night might have a profound meaning. Even after marriage, the original body and that Peiran kept in touch with each other. Although they did not cross the boundary, the relationship between the two people will not simply go nowhere. In the end, did Jiang Jingchuan know these circumstances?


Whether or not he knew about it, she had already broken off connection with that Shen Peiran.


Su Yan had already thought of nicely maintaining momentum by latching on to his thigh this evening. However, the sky had already darkened and Jiang Jingchuan had still not returned. She couldn’t wait any longer. After all, there was a matter concealed in her heart. Therefore, gritting her teeth, she went to look for the butler. He was busy ordering the freshest cherries. Hearing Su Yan, he felt as if there was a problem with his ears, “Madam, what did you say?”


“Jiang Jingchuan has not returned yet. Can you help me by making a phone call to him?” Of course, she thought about calling him herself; but she did not know how to do it, not to mention she did not know Jiang Jingchuan’s number. Therefore, she could only ask the butler for help.


The butler was delighted. He quickly nodded. Wiping his hands, he went to the drawing-room and called Jiang Jingchuan. After a few minutes, he hung up and said to Su Yan: “Madam, how about you go to sleep first? Sir is still busy at a dinner party. Perhaps he might not come back now: Young Master Sui said he was drunk.”


How could she let go of a good opportunity to hold his thigh! Su Yan urgently said: “I still want to welcome him back. Even if drunk, someone has to show him consideration.”


The butler also felt that it was a good idea. And the relation between Sir and Madam would also improve. Therefore, after enquiring the address, he made the driver take Su Yan to Jiang Jingchuan’s location.





When Su Yan appeared in the restaurant’s private room, let alone other people, even the person who was Jiang Jingchuan’s childhood friend cum brother, Sui Sheng, was stunned. Sui Sheng had only met Su Yan once at the wedding while the others hadn’t met her at all. Though Su Yan came over hurriedly, she did not neglect her attire. She was wearing a handcrafted, diamond bordered, slim, nude coloured, long, one-piece dress. Her slightly curly long black hair was draped over her shoulders. She advanced towards Jiang Jingchuan with some impatience in her eyes. 


Sui Sheng felt that Su Yan had gotten more beautiful since the time of her wedding.


Su Yan was aware of everyone’s stares; however, it was not the time to feel pleased with herself. She quickly signalled the driver to help support the drunk Jiang Jingchuan. Sui Sheng quickly regained his lively expression. He walked towards Su Yan and laughingly said: “Su Yan, long time no see.”


He did not call her Mrs. Jiang. His bearings was like that of a master of a family. It seemed that he was quite close to Jiang Jingchuan. Su Yan smiled at him courteously, “Long time no see.”


Surprise flashed through Sui Sheng’s eyes for a second, but he quickly regained himself. He teased, “What’s up? You can’t put your mind at ease if Jingchuan is with me?” 


Su Yan knew that he was not trying to embarrass her so she just smiled: “I can not be more at ease. However, it is also not good to cause you trouble. As it happens, I was nearby so I decided to pick him up and return home.”


Sui Sheng clicked his tongue in amazement inwardly. He did not speak much with Su Yan; however, he knew that Su Yan was not such a talkative person. She also paid no attention to Jingchuan. Although he was a great friend of Jiang Jingchuan, it also wasn’t good to shoot off one’s mouth with regards to the family matters of other people. But he had his own opinion in his mind: If he married his wife and she couldn’t even enquire about his well being, even if it was a great beauty, it would be in vain. 


Now that Su Yan even cared about Jingchuan, how could Sui Sheng not be shocked? However, after shock there was comfort. These days a lot of people looked at the scenery, who wouldn’t consider changing their wives frequently? Outside women, though, may not be as close as a wife. What’s more, he knew Jiang Jingchuan’s moral conduct. Let alone seeking a lover, he didn’t even give other women a glance. 


 After Su Yan and Jiang Jingchuan left, the private room exploded in gossip.


“Sui Sheng, who was that person? Dang, such a Heaven-defying beauty!”


“Yes, yes. Who was it? Was it CEO Jiang’s sister?”


Sui Sheng angrily clutched the pack of cigarettes on the table and flung them at several people. He rebuked angrily: “Are your eyes paralysed? Naturally it was Mrs. Jiang!”


Although several people did guess Su Yan’s identity, they were disappointed when Sui Sheng pointed it out so clearly.






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