Made of Money Chapter 12

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Translator: Barb
Editor: WhitesRabbit

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Chapter 12 — With these words Jiang Jingchuan was obviously not expressing his dedication to her– was he warning her to not have an affair?



By the time Su Yan arrived at his study, Jiang Jingchuan’s work had already ended. After hanging up the phone he stood up, turned off his computer, and walked towards Su Yan. Exhaustion was visible on his face as he said: “Let’s go to the bedroom and sleep.”


Like a well-behaved child, Su Yan followed Jiang Jingchuan to the bedroom, her brain still remembering the matter of the mobile phone. After returning to the bedroom, Jiang Jingchuan went to the bathroom to wash his face with cold water before coming out and lying down on the bed. Su Yan’s heart wasn’t even a bit perturbed. Why? If one’s husband, for the sake of supporting the family, was fully immersed in work till 1 or 2 am; would he still want to or have the energy to carry out vigorous exercise? It was obviously impossible, so Su Yan put her mind at ease and snuggled up against Jiang Jingchuan’s body.


Jiang Jingchuan certainly did not want to engage in nightly exercises. When he tried to turn to the other side, his lips accidentally brushed against Su Yan’s forehead. A very faint and light fragrance was wafting out and lingered in his nose. Suddenly Jiang Jingchuan couldn’t control his mouth: “I feel that we have already reached a common understanding. As I said, I have no interest in any form of affair. I hope your feelings are the same.”


Su Yan by now knew what the word affair meant and also knew that this world was monogamous, yet she didn’t believe in Jiang Jingchuan’s words. To be more precise, she only believed in herself. With these words Jiang Jingchuan was obviously not expressing his dedication to her– was he warning her to not have an affair?


Hei, Su Yan felt that she could be considered a person with high moral integrity. Thigh hugging was a full-time duty; she had no spare energy to hold anyone else’s thighs before giving up on Jiang Jingchuan’s thigh.


What did Jiang Jingchuan mean by saying those words for no reason? 


Su Yan did not understand. In the end, she was not that familiar with the matters of the original body. It was better to not say anything rashly at the moment hence she had no other choice than to reply with an ‘En’. 


Obtaining Su Yan’s confirmation, Jiang Jingchuan did not continue speaking. Within seconds it became extremely quiet in the bedroom. Su Yan still wanted to speak a few more sentences to Jiang Jingchuan; however, not knowing what to say to him in the current situation, she had no choice but to silently snuggle up against him.


Only after hearing the sounds of even breathing in her ears did Su Yan close her eyes and sleep. 


When Su Yan woke up in the morning, Jiang Jingchuan was downstairs and had already eaten breakfast. She leisurely washed and dressed before coming downstairs. At the dining table, she noticed a strange young girl. Before she could show an uncertain expression, the young girl enthusiastically and excitedly rushed towards her with arms spread out like a spoiled child, “I want a hug!”


Su Yan couldn’t dodge and was tightly embraced by that young girl. After a long time Su Yan finally got the girl finally to release her with great difficulty. The girl then began to speak, excitedly giggling: “Sister Xiao Yan, I told you I would come to see you as soon as I got off the plane. This time I have also brought you a gift. You will absolutely love it!”


It seemed to be a friend, Su Yan smiled, “En, thank you.”


Qin Xuan pulled Su Yan down to sit, “Brother-in-law, I also brought a gift for you. It’s not too expensive, so don’t dislike it.”


Jiang Jingchuan wasn’t close with Su family but was highly considerate of them, “You have a kind heart.” 


He did not speak much in front of people who weren’t his family or friends; saying a single sentence to Qin Xuan was already enough. Qin Xuan was somewhat afraid of him and did not dare to drag him into a conversation again. She then began to eat breakfast earnestly, winking at Su Yan from time to time. 


After Jiang Jingchuan left, Qin Xuan began to twitter away with Su Yan.


Since she had arrived in his world, in those few days, she had met many astute people. The other servants in the house did not dare speak to her. She didn’t dare to ask the butler and Auntie Wang indirectly about the matters of the original body. The elder brother she had met last time, she could have talked to him but she was in a hurry. The one before her eyes appeared to be simple-minded, never mind shrewd. She believed that she would be able to ask the girl about a lot of matters.  


Su Yan rose up excitedly and brought Qin Xuan to her room. As soon as they sat down, Su Yan pretended to be casual and asked:  “Did you have a good time?”


Qin Xuan was holding a fruit bowl about to eat cherries; after hearing Su Yan she couldn’t stop nodding while eating cherries from the fruit bowl in her hand, “It was really fun. I also sunbathed a bit.”


Before Su Yan could continue to ask, Qin Xuan put down the fruit bowl and scooted closer to Su Yan. Filled with interest she asked: “Yesterday, in our WeChat group, my brother said that you went to give brother-in-law a meal, is it true?”


Just now this girl had called her elder sister and called Jiang Jingchuan brother-in-law. In that case, she ought to be a family member from the branch family. And the elder brother she spoke about ought to be that person she met before, so it could be reckoned that they were related. Su Yan nodded and thought to herself: previously the original body and Jiang Jingchaun’s relationship was not good. Now that she was taking the initiative to reconcile with Jiang Jingchuan, her branch family members must be concerned.    


“Sister Xiao Yan, in fact, I feel that brother-in-law is very great. Not only is he handsome but also the head of the Jiang Family. Why don’t you like brother-in-law?” In Qin Xuan’s eyes, who’d never had a boyfriend, Jiang Jingchuan was simply a perfect adonis. Why, contrary to expectations, did sister Xiao Yan did not love him? It was not rocket science that she would not understand.


Like? What was like? Su Yan did not want to answer this question, “I do not dislike him.”


She was already Mrs. Jiang, regardless of what she thought, she had to show the appearance of liking him. 


Qin Xuan stared at Su Yan calmly then sighed, “I don’t know what grandpa and grandma said to you, but their expectations of you are too high. Sister Xiao Yan, I know you work very hard. Now that you have married brother-in-law and are already Mrs. Jiang, let alone my family’s lives, even my life has undergone earth-shattering changes. I don’t know what to say anymore. Anyway, sister Xiao Yan, it has been hard on you.”


Even before Qin Xuan tremendously enjoyed following Su Yan around. She really worshipped this older cousin of hers a lot.  Of course, she used to be jealous of this cousin when she was in the second year in middle school: at that time she felt that the whole family always surrounded her cousin. Grandpa, grandma, uncle and aunt, everyone liked her cousin better than her. Even father, mother, and older brother were extremely protective of this elder sister. Only when she grew up did she realize her cousin’s unfavourable situation.  


Su Yan was very gorgeous. The Su Family and Qin Family put all their efforts into raising her. When the Jiang Family revealed that they wanted to be joined with Su Family through marriage, Qin Xuan keenly sensed that the atmosphere at her home had become different. Everybody relaxed on the outside and inside as they were filled with happiness. It was an ideal1situation, like after a long time of studying one got great marks on the exam.


What did the Jiang Family indicate? What did Mrs. Jiang indicate? In other words, what did the future heir of the Jiang Family indicate? Qin Xuan wasn’t ignorant. Once her cousin married into the Jiang Family she discovered the truth in ‘when the river rises, the boat floats high’2: people’s manner truly became different. 


Before, she was treated in a cold and indifferent manner by that Chen Family’s young miss but now the young miss took the initiative to befriend her and even invited her to her birthday party. And the adonis she looked up to even took the initiative to speak to her. Qin Xuan felt conflicted: even though she loved this feeling, whenever she felt smug and conceited, she always ended up recalling the scene of her older cousin silently shedding tears the day before the marriage.


Her cousin was definitely not crying tears of joy, it felt as if her heart had died and turned to ashes.        


When Su Yan heard Qin Xuan’s words, her heart did not stir even a bit. She quickly analysed the words. It meant that the original body was forced to marry Jiang Jingchuan under pressure from her family. It truly did explain everything. Was it not the same for most of the Imperial Concubines in the Imperial Palace? The people within the clan always racked their brains to figure out a way to enter into the Imperial Harem, all for the sake of getting tremendous gains These type of people from the past till the present ignored the wishes of the parties involved.


But in the end, it had nothing to do with her. She could not pity the original body, nor criticize the family of the original body.


Su Yan just smiled and did not say anything.


Ultimately, Su Yan was able to get some useful information from Qin Xuan. The original body had never been to her home since she got married. She always kept her family at an arm’s length. Evidently, she still bore resentment in her heart and most importantly, before getting married, the original body had a target of admiration!  


Before leaving, Qin Xuan said, “Sister Xiao Yan, no matter what you decide in the future, I will always stand by your side. But, that Shen Peiran is not good at all. My friend told that he still goes in and out of the bars with different women.”


This Shen Peiran was probably the previous partner of the original body. 


However, there were no ups and downs in Su Yan’s heart. She just laughed lightly, “I understand. I am aware of my current identity.”


Qin Xuan couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. Su Yan was so knowledgeable; she was really different from others. No wonder her family spent all their efforts to raise cousin. She thought that in her whole life she wouldn’t be able to reach this level.


“Grandpa’s birthday is coming soon. Xiao Yan sister, will you come? Grandpa is looking forward to your and brother-in-law’s arrival.”


Su Yan thought for a moment, “Well, I will discuss it with Jingchuan.”


Happy with that answer, Qin Xuan left.


Su Yan returned to her bedroom and had just sat down when the phone inside the dress and makeup cupboard began to sing a song. She was frightened at first but then walked towards the noise and pulled the drawer open to see a string of numbers flash on the phone screen. Su Yan first calmed herself, then slid with her finger on the screen imitating Jiang Jingchuan, then put the phone beside her ear. Within seconds a man’s impatient voice resounded—


“Xiao Yan. You finally answered the phone!”



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