Made of Money Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 — No matter what form or type of infidelity, I have no interest in it.


Su Yan was sitting in the car as they left the Jiang Ancestral Mansion. Being highly sensitive, she quickly discovered that Jiang Jingchuan’s mood was not that good. 


At that moment she did not want to bump against the muzzle of a gun so began to feign ignorance. However, she was inwardly speculating what could have taken place. Could it be that the Venerable Sir Jiang rebuked him? But due to which matter?


Su Yan remembered the words of Venerable Madam Jiang then looked at the silent Jiang Jingchuan. She thought that it was unlikely that Venerable Sir also hinted at the matter of having a child, right? If so, then it was understandable for Jiang Jingchuan to not be happy. Her relationship with Jiang Jingchuan was just at the stage of breaking ice. Even she could not accept being forced to give birth to a child.  


Su Yan was somewhat depressed. If Jiang Jingchuan was not in a good mood, then she would again do her best to improve his good impression of her.    


Really does not let her take a break.


When the traffic light turned red, Jiang Jingchuan stopped the car and stared ahead with a heavy gaze. Suddenly he felt a warm, soft feeling on his hand. He lowered his head to look at it. Su Yan had put her hands on top of his in a comforting manner while smiling. Upon seeing Jiang Jingchuan looking over, she said with a smile: “You have worked hard.”


Jiang Jingchuan’s heart flipped a little. He was thinking about pulling away his hand but couldn’t harden his heart to refuse Su Yan’s comfort. Having no other options, he coughed stiffly twice and said: “Do you want to go and see the stars?”


Absolutely do not want to see. I just want to have a light meal, bathe, and go to sleep.


“Really? I would love to see it. It must be beautiful.” Su Yan had a smiling expression in her eyes while looking expectantly towards Jiang Jingchuan.


After ten minutes, Jiang Jingchuan parked the car near a river bank and leaned side by side with Su Yan against the front of the car. Looking at the stars in the sky, neither of them spoke for a moment. Suddenly Jiang Jingchuan said: “We need to talk.”


Jiang Jingchuan felt that his father and grandpa were concerned about it a bit too much. In the final analysis, he still hadn’t considered becoming a father. But after so much urging from the family, he felt that he should consider this matter carefully. The matter of a child was not his alone: Su Yan’s desires also had to be taken into consideration. No matter what happened, Jiang Jingchuan did not want to force Su Yan.


Talk? Talk about what? It was unlikely to be about the matter of giving birth to a child, right?


Su Yan’s heart was beating loudly, but her smiling expression outside did not decrease even a bit. She nodded: “Okay.”


Even when confronting big businesses, Jiang Jingchuan did not feel as nervous as he was feeling now. He couldn’t help but doubt if he was possessed by some ghost. How could he bring Su Yan here to talk earnestly about giving birth to a child? Jiang Jingchuan, however, knew that this was just the beginning. As his and Su Yan’s relationship became better with each passing day, their family members were bound to make even more persistent efforts in order to hurry them. This question would have arisen sooner or later.


“I am not looking forward to this marriage.” After deliberating upon it for a moment, Jiang Jingchuan decided to follow the way business was conducted, raising the other party’s anxiety then maintaining it by narrating slowly.


Su Yan glanced at Jiang Jingchuan unable to believe her ears. This male, it could not be that due to being hurried to bring forth a child in a short time he decided to mediate a settlement and then leave?


Impossible! The way in which she increased his favourable opinion of her these past few days was correct!! 


Jiang Jingchuan wasn’t aware of the expression Su Yan had. Pausing once, he continued: “Since we are already married, you are my wife. As long as you are Mrs. Jiang, I am responsible for you. I am generally very focused on my work. With regards to marital infidelity, no matter what shape or form of marital infidelity, I do not have any interest in it. You said you have straightened out your thoughts. I am very happy about that because I did not plan to develop another undesirable marriage.”


Upon hearing this, Su Yan’s heart finally settled down. It was good enough that the meaning was not to force a divorce settlement and leave.


“You went on a stroll today with grandma. She must have spoken to you regarding the matter of a child?” After expressing that Jiang Jingchuan looked away in embarrassment.


He felt odd mentioning that topic. 


Su Yan nodded slowly. It seemed that Jiang Jingchuan truly wanted to talk about children. How should she answer it satisfactorily? 


“You be at ease. I don’t mean to force you. You can simply say what your thoughts are. I will do my best to cooperate.”


To speak honestly, Su Yan did not desire a child at present. In essence, she was an extremely selfish person– that she was clear on. She did not want to be tied down by anyone or anything. She had not been here that long; strictly speaking, she had not adapted to this life yet. Though after giving birth to a child she could still continue living naturally and unrestrained, that child would end up existing in her heart and she would be concerned about them. If such a person existed it would end up greatly influencing her reason and judgement.  


She may not love Jiang Jingchuan, but it would be impossible not to love her child born after such a prolonged, hard effort. Once she gave birth to a child, it would mean that she would have a weakness in this world.


She did not want to be tied down by anyone and also did not want to have any weaknesses.


Su Yan was torn, she naturally could not tell Jiang Jingchuan the truth. How could she express her meaning and not make Jiang Jingchuan fly into a rage out of shame? 


This was a technical profession.


Su Yan thought for a moment; then, looking at Jiang Jingchuan, her gaze turned gentle and she softly said: “I want to be a good wife first and later be a good mother. Currently, I am still not prepared to be a mother…” She paused, her voice dropping low. Just when Jiang Jingchuan thought he was having an auditory hallucination, she continued, “I want to be with you more, just you.”


Jiang Jingchuan’s body quivered, his expression was somewhat abnormal. But since he had been in an eminent status for many years, he was capable of controlling his expression very well. He was quickly back to himself. In the night, his palms were slightly sweaty and his manner of speaking, quite calm, “I think so too. It is too early to discuss this.” 


Su Yan stretched her arms so she could cling to his arm and leaned naturally on his shoulder. She warmly said: “Children are lovely. I am also quite fond of them. I listened to what Grandmother told me. To be honest, I was very touched. I hope the children will come at the most appropriate time: when we are ready.”


One had no choice but to admit that Su Yan’s words were very good. At least, Jiang Jingchuan believed it. His brows, which had tightened, loosened.  He lightly turned his head to look at Su Yan. Under the moonlight, her smiling face, her entire person appeared very tranquil. 


On their way back home, Jiang Jingchuan carefully thought back to the matter that happened a few days ago. Perhaps Su Yan had truly straightened out her thoughts. It was good for both of them. This marriage may possibly be satisfactory; Jiang Jingchuan also did not want to enter another marriage without any rhyme or reason. 


Uncertain that the next one may not be as good as Su Yan.


In the end, he was a businessman– he would still seek to maximize his benefits. Divorcing and remarrying again would be a complete waste of time, mental effort, and physical effort for a busy man such as himself.


After returning the villa, Su Yan felt tired after taking a bath. Lying down on the bed, though she tried her best to stay awake, she ended up falling asleep. After coming out of the bathroom, Jiang Jingchuan was greeted with the sight of Su Yan sleeping. He had spent a long time making preparations in the bathroom. Jiang Jingchuan had been preparing his mind and body to get ready to begin behaving like a normal pair of man and wife from tonight onwards.  Walking till he reached in front of the bed, he looked down at Su Yan’s sleeping face. A smile slowly appeared on his face.


He gently covered Su Yan with a blanket then left the bedroom to go to the study room and continue handling official business. 


When Su Yan woke up in a daze, she found there was no person beside her on the bed. She quickly glanced at the clock, it was just a bit early. She quickly wore her nightgown and got up. Moving out of the room she walked towards Jiang Jingchuan’s study.


As expected, just before she reached the study, she noticed the lights on. Thinking it over a little, she went to the kitchen downstairs and clumsily made a cup of hot milk for Jiang Jingchuan. 


Arriving before the door to the study, she knocked even though it was not closed. Jiang Jingchuan looked up and, after seeing her, told her to come in.


Su Yan carried the cup of milk in and placed it down on the desk. She spoke in a tone of self-reproach, “You are still working this late while I was sleeping.” 


“It was nothing serious. Just some data I had to examine today so that I can enhance the efficiency of the meeting tomorrow.” Jiang Jingchuan took a big gulp of the milk. 


Thinking back to previous occasions, Su Yan recalled that His Majesty also used to be busy till late at night looking over the folded booklets. At that time she accompanied him by his side. Even though she merely grinded the ink on one side, she clearly perceived that His Majesty was happy.


“I will accompany you.” Su Yan then sat on one side and asked: “Do you want to eat?”


Su Yan had a deeply concerned expression in her eyes. It made Jiang Jingchuan slowly understand why brothers1would declare that being unmarried was inferior to having a wife who would inquire about your well being. Perhaps Grandpa was truly correct: Su Yan was the suitable person he was looking for. 


At least when Su Yan expressed such loving care it made Jiang Jingchuan extremely happy.


At this moment, Jiang Jingchuan’s mobile rang. He slid his finger over the screen to receive the call, “What’s wrong?”


It was a call from one of his brother’s2. Su Yan, however, tilted her head: not forgetting the movement Jiang Jingchuan made when he received the call.  


Su Yan could generally accept that this was a tool which allowed people to hear others voices and allows the person to speak to another who was far far away, but she still did not know how to use it. Su Yan then thought that the original body must also have such a tool. For more than ten days, nearly every day this tool would suddenly sing a song. At the beginning she was afraid, but now she knew what it was all about.


That was someone wanting to talk with her.


Tomorrow, in case the tool sang a song again, she would know how to receive it.


But who on earth was wanting to talk to her?


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