World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: The surge of winds and clouds

Within the courtyard of the Murong manor, Murong Yu was practicing his martial arts. He caught the glimpse of a black shadow flashing and was immediately alerted: He raised his voice: “Who’s there?”

Gu Yu did not panic and appeared: “Yu gongzi has good martial arts, I am the guard of Shuntian Wang Ye, Gu Yu, I am here to deliver something to you on behalf of Wang Ye’s maid.”

On behalf of Wang Ye’s maid? He frowned slightly and said seriously: “What?”

Seeing that he was not in a hurry, Gu Yu pulled out a red handkerchief from his sleeves, which shocked Murong Yu. Before Cheng Xue went to the banquet, it was negotiated that she would bring with her a red handkerchief. If anything were to happen, someone would bring it to him, and now… how are the events occurring so quickly?

Slowly taking the red handkerchief, he was in a daze, completely forgetting that Gu Yu was standing there.

“Cough–” Gu Yu deliberately coughed, waking Murong Yu from his daze, he continued “Shuntian Wang Ye has a message to pass to Yu gongzi.”

Putting down the red handkerchief, and calming himself down: “What message does Wang Ye have, Gu Yu, please say.”

“Wangye guessed that Yu gongzi had already known that miss Cheng Xue was chased for the treasure map. Now, although miss Cheng Xue can return home, she still couldn’t escape!” Suddenly, Gu Yu interrupted, he approached Murong Yu, and whispered into his ear, “Wang Ye recently learned that the Emperor sent Haoyue Wang Ye and Murong daren to privately search for the treasure. The prince guessed that it might be a deep secret in Murong manor, leaking the news that miss Cheng Xue brought the treasure map out of the imperial city. As a result, miss Cheng Xue was hunted along the way. Wang Ye also said that the situation regarding the treasure map will not be solved in one day, and miss Cheng Xue will encounter a catastrophe soon! ”

“This… there is such a thing? Is father truly that heartless?”

“Why is Yu gongzi saying this?”

Gu Yu seems to be feigning busy “Gu Yu will leave!” He then hurried away…


Yue Wang manor.

Haoyue Wang Ye, this old minister has come in a hurry, there is important news!”

Canglong Haoyue’s eyebrows furrowed: “What is it that you’re so anxious?”

Murong Li did not even dare to breathe and even said: “Haoyue Wang Ye might not be aware, but this old minister’s daughter, Cheng Xue has received help from a noble person, and this noble person is Canglong Wang Ye!”

Canglong Haoyue’s voice magnified: “What? How can there be such a coincidence?”

After calming his mind: “Where is Cheng Xue now?”

Murong Li did not dare look into Canglong Haoyue’s eyes, he weakly said: “Haoyue Wang Ye wants to cut the grass and pull out the roots?”

  • cut the grass and pull out the roots: to eradicate/kill

The gloomy dreariness of Haoyue Wang Ye could no longer be contained: ” What do you say? If the third brother knows that Cheng Xue is only a victim from searching for the treasure map, he knows the insider and will certainly look for treasures privately. At that time, maybe we will have to give up!”

Murong Li’s eyes flashed as he said: “If Shuntian Wang Ye is involved in searching for the treasure privately, and the Emperor knows, what will he think?”

Hearing this statement, Canglong Haoyue seems to have realized something: “No, I must go to the palace to see the truth tomorrow. I will meet him outside the Royal Garden. At that time, third brother seemed to know of the treasure map. He said that he would ask Father Emperor. He heard that there are important policies to be offered to Father Emperor. If Father Emperor is the first to know about this, it is not good for you!”

Murong Li sighed: “In the following days, a crown prince will be established, what Wang Ye said makes sense, one must be on guard! How can Wang Ye be so sure that Shuntian Wang Ye will speak of this matter to the Emperor?”

He said in a dull tone: “Third younger brother likes to fight with me since he was a child. Even if he is covering up now, his nature is hard to change!”

“Since Haoyue Wang Ye said it is so, then this old minister is relieved!”

Suddenly, the voice of Canglong Haoyue was bleak and serious: “It is you, Murong daren, if you don’t sacrifice your daughter, how can you find the real treasure map, Murong daren, you must pay more attention to this matter!”

Murong Li’s tensed nerves that were relaxed tensed up again, as he felt his body having cold sweats: “Yes! Yes! This old minister will not be disgraceful!”

Canglong Haoyue and Murong Li did not know that Canglong Shuntian had arranged a good spy, that was lurking in their halls and listening to all of their conversations.

Although the evening is approaching, there are countless guards in the Yue Wang Fu patrolling, but no one has found him.

*Yue Wang Fu: Yue, the same as in Canglong Haoyue’s name; Wang means king/prince; Fu means manor or mansion.

Just like this, one waited till the night came.

Within Hui Wang Fu.

When Canglong Hui returned to the manor, he had a big temper smashed a porcelain cup on the table and chair. His face turned red with anger.

“Canglong Shuntian! You remember me!”

Cang Longhui’s personal bodyguard Shao Xuan was busy to appease his master: “Hui Wang’s anger! You must calm down and think about it. If the banquet is not the prince, miss Cheng Xue will be placed in the corner. I’m afraid the Emperor’s fancy is not Lin Yiyi! So, Wang Ye, you still have a chance! No matter how you get the beauty of the prince, but you also saw it at the banquet, miss Cheng Xue does not like Shuntian Wang Ye! Wang Ye still has a chance…”

As soon as he heard Shao Xuan said, Cang Longhui thought to himself: Yes, ben wang has a chance!

He threw the porcelain tea cup in his hand and let out a shout.

Everyone turned their heads: It turns out that the cup Hui Wang Ye was holding had shattered near Fu Jin.

Everyone said in a hurry: “Fu Jin, Fu Jin, are you alright?”

Fu Jin pushed everyone away, his face turned red, and shouted: “Cang Long Hui, the wildflowers on the roadside are not allowed to be step on!” This sudden anger caused the person’s legs to go soft, and a spell of dizziness washed overhead.

Cang Longhui actually squeezed a sweat: “Quickly! Send Fu Jin back to the manor, quickly fetch the royal doctor, it won’t be good to alarm Nian daren!”

“Yes! Yes!” The crowd was in a frenzy. The so called Nian daren is a general who built his reputation single handedly from the frontier. If he knew his beloved daughter was in Hui Wang manor at a disadvantage, the manor most certainly would not be spared, everyone knows how unruly the great general Nian can be!

Everyone knows the gravity of this matter, but they are afraid that it would get more heated!

Shao Xuan saw that everyone was dispersing, before he whispered to Canglong Hui: “Wang Ye, the treasure map is being tracked down. It seems to have fallen with a woman, her condition is unknown, currently, the jianghu swordsmen are searching for her body, if she cannot be found, then the treasure map will be gone!”

Canglong Hui said dismissively: “You believe that you can get the treasure map if you catch the woman? If so, then the treasure map will have seen the light long ago? Stupid!”

Then Canglong Hui turned and wondered: “This is also strange. Why are so many martial arts people from the jianghu all pouring into the search for treasure map? So many people know this woman?”

This time it was the turn of Shao Xuan to ignore the customs: “Hui Wang Ye, naturally not, I sneaked into Wulin and learned that they were holding the portraits in their hands, and they were chasing the person in the portrait. This small one also got a portrait, just…just… ”

Seeing Shao Xuan slowly swallowing back, he couldn’t help but hit him on the back of his head: “What is it? A portrait?”

Shao Xuan was careful, took the portrait out of his sleeves, and Canglong Hui casually unfolded the portrait, suddenly slammed on the spot, unable to manage a complete sentence: “How…how…could…could it be her?”

Shao Xuan secretly sighed: “Yes, Hui Wangye, the woman in this painting is the daughter of Murong family, Murong Cheng Xue!”

“It turns out to be like this! I said how third brother will get on the edge for no reason with Cheng Xue, then deliberately keeping Cheng Xue close,, it turned out that he is going after the treasure map! You can get this painting, third brother is also not vegetarian, very good!”

*Vegetarian refers to not eating meat, having a kind heart, to be very forgiving

Shao Xuan was happy, thinking there would be a reward, he smiled slightly: “Wang Ye, but is there a good plan?”

He waved his hand: “Naturally, no. If you say this, you will be more certain, I still have the chance to win the favor of Maiden Cheng Xue…”

Shao Xuan: …

No words to be said.


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