Wife is Outrageous Chapter 201~206

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Chapter 201~206 —Yue Wushang is not afraid of me seizing an opportunity to run away? [月无殇不怕我趁机跑掉?]


  Yue Wushang laughed out loud: “Harbour feelings? Haha, don’t worry, In any case, I have been alive for more than a thousand years, how can I possibly harbor feelings for a little girl.  I only think that she is quite amusing, that’s all……”

   When Qi Luoer woke up, it was already the early morning of the second day. She opened her eyes and looked at her surroundings.  

   Decorated bed, mermaid silk bed canopy, and azure muslin/chiffon curtains fluttering in the wake of the morning wind.  

    The entire room was decorated with a touch of classic elegance, aromatic brocade canopy hung around the soft and warm bed. Just like an intricate boudoir belonging to a young lady of a rich family.

    Where is this place? I remember eating at that restaurant, and then Yue Chi came…… He was going to open his heavenly eye to tell my future, and then, and then…… why did I fall asleep? 

    This place isn’t a guest room from that restaurant, right? 

    Qi Luoer looked around but didn’t see a trace of a single person. The door of the room was unlatched

    She jumped off the bed, opened the door and looked outside. 

    Huh? there unexpectedly aren’t any guards! Yue Wushang isn’t afraid that I will take advantage of this opportunity to run away? 

    Qi Luoer was filled with doubt. From the corner of the building, a green figure flashed by. A girl wearing a jade green jacket walked towards her, respectfully greeted her with a bow: “Young lady, you woke up?”   

    Qi Luoer took a glance at her, her hair was combed into two buns, she had an apple-shaped face, her cheeks were flushed a soft rosy red. She looked youthful and adorable. Supporting in her hands was a tray, in the tray were several exquisite appetizers. 

    Seeing that Qi Luoer was looking at her, she took the initiative to introduce herself: “Young lady, the king assigned this servant to serve you.”

   “Where is this place? Where is your master?”

   “Replying young lady, this place is the inside of the Sea-Serpent Palace, the king…the king is most likely attending court duties right now”, the little girl answered respectfully. 

 “ Attending court duties? Never thought that Yue Wushang would attend court duties like a king in the mortal world.”  

  Turns out I’m brought here by him again. But, what kind of result did Yue Chi see? Why did I suddenly fall asleep?” 

  In her heart, she felt somewhat weird, but since Yue Wushang isn’t here, she’s unable to inquire about it either. 

   She washed up and mindlessly ate breakfast.

    After a while, she couldn’t remain calm anymore and tried to walk around.

   Yue Wushang really did as promised, as expected he did not lock her up. 

   Even though she encountered a few guards along the way, no one had stopped her. 

    With her ability to remember being extremely good, she quickly found Yue Chi, who was staying at Tianlai Restaurant. 

   Yue Chi didn’t seem to think her visit was odd, he cheerfully letting her into the quiet room. 

   Qi Luoer didn’t beat around the bush, she straightforwardly stated her purpose of visit: “Gentleman Yue, what did you see in my future? Please explain it clearly.” 

   Yue Chi smiled lightly: “ Young lady is someone of powerful influence, you will have unlimited future prospects”

   Qi Luoer slightly raised an eyebrow: “ I don’t want to hear these empty words. Exactly what did you see?” 

    Yue Chi shook his head.

   Qi Luoer’s face fell: “ Is there something that can’t be said?” 

   Yue Chi replied unenthusiastically: “This is a matter of heaven’s will, cannot divulge too much information. Young Lady’s future accomplishments are extraordinary, but be sure to leave yourself with some leeway when handling matters. Do not foolishly engage in matters of love.”  

   Qi Luoer rubbed her face, once again another person saying she’s the Holy  Maiden. 

   After hearing about Holy Maiden for so long, Qi Luoer still doesn’t know whats the purpose of Holy Maiden.

 The Holy Maiden’s level should be higher than celestials and demons, right? 

   But looking at her current self, she honestly doesn’t look like some Holy Maiden 

   Moreover, she didn’t really think too far, only wanted to return to her original world. If she couldn’t go back, then successfully pursuing and eloping with Yun Hua isn’t a bad idea either.

    She knew that no matter how much she asks there wouldn’t be an answer, might as well just stop asking. 

   Even though Yue Chi has Qi Luoer’s phone, he didn’t know how to use it. After a casual chat and teaching him how to use the phone, she left.. 

  She walked in front of the Sea-Serpent Palace gates again to take a look. This Sea-Serpent Palace seems as if it’s floating on top of the sea, hanging ten miles off the ground 

   The rainbow bridge is descended whenever people enter and leave the Demon Palace. 

    The seawater doesn’t seem like normal seawater either. When Qi Luoer threw a rock at the seawater, the rock was instantly reduced into fine powder.

    Normal humans simply cannot go down. Only mermaids can swim freely here.

    No wonder that scoundrel wouldn’t imprison me again, turns out it is nearly impossible to go out without his order.

   She could only walk back dejectedly.  ,As for her plans, she could only take it step by step for now. 

 Qi Luoer did not see a trace of Yue Wushang for multiple days. She tried to look for him before, but if he wasn’t dealing with court matters then it would be that he already left Sea-Serpent Palace. It was impossible to meet him, she doesn’t even know where he had gone to.  

   Apart from the little girl serving her, there wasn’t anyone that asked about her.    She was quite happy and carefree, seems like everyone had forgotten about her existence.  

   This feeling was unpleasant, Qi Luoer’s mood would often get irritated for no reason. 

   Luckily the Holy Maiden Ribbon is still on her. One day Qi Luoer (casually danced?) and unexpectedly discovered rows of characters on the Holy Maiden Ribbon. The characters glowed with every movement. 

   Curious, she touched it and an indescribable cooling sensation rushed through her head as countless information flooded in. She sat crossed legged as her head felt a burst of dizziness, only to slowly opened her eyes after a long time.

 There were some things that appeared in her mind after thinking about it.

    She closed her eyes and quietly sat still, in her head, there were some cultivation manuals that naturally appeared.

    “Don’t tell me that I actually unintentionally acquired some kind of martial artsno, some kind of rare secret cultivation manual?” In her heart, she was delighted.

    But that manual was profound and difficult to understand,,abscure and complicated, and entirely written in an ancient language. Basically, she can’t read it.

    She couldn’t help but sigh. Thinking of Yun Hua Shi Fu, maybe he would know if she asked him. But right now she couldn’t get out by herself.

    Furthermore, they can’t come in either.

    She intended to ask Yue Wushang, but he kept avoiding her. What is this scoundrel planning? 

  Simply placing her under house arrest and turning a blind eye towards her existence really puzzled her. It makes her really puzzled.  

    All the people around her had some sort of hidden malice towards her, she didn’t have any interest in talking to them. 

   Extremely bored, she could only go find Yue Chi. 

    The two chatted about music and gossiped. Gradually, Qi Luoer and Yue Chi became good friends.

    Today, Qi Luoer walked out of Yue Chi’s residence, seeing that it was still early in the morning, she went to see what was going on at the Sea-Serpent Palace.

    Just when she arrived at the front door, she saw the two clamshells slowly open towards both sides. The rainbow bridge was lowered again.

    Then a high pitched voice rang: “ His Highness has returned!”

    Qi Luoer’s heart throbbed, and she looked towards the rainbow bridge.

    At the end of the bridge, Yue Wushang led Yue Ziying by the hand. 

 The two people were extremely fast, they landed on the side of the rainbow bridge in a blink of an eye. 

   “Foster Father, walk slower, I want to look at the sea view”  

  Yue Ziying’s voice was slightly hoarse but very pleasant. A little familiar, yet a little foreign. Her fairly weak voice was tainted with fatigue as if possessing the ability to hypnotize people to sleep.

dressed in a lavender dress, the hem of the dress swept along the floor, trailing her movements like undulating purple clouds. 

  Yue Wushang was in white like always, his beautiful eyes half narrowed, a faint smile hung at the corner of his lips, looks as if dispising worldly affair yet dissolute. 

 The two of them stopped on the rainbow bridge.  

  Yue Ziying’s glistening eyes to look at Ye Wushang, then slightly hung down.  

  Her eyelashes were very fine, dark and long. A slight tremble can stir a person’s soul, “Foster Father, many thanks for celebrating Ziying’s birthday, Ziying likes it very much”  

   Yue Wushang brushed away a strand of stray hair from her face: “Silly girl, your birthday is ought to be celebrated, did you enjoy yourself today?  

  Yue Ziying’s smiling dimples were like blooming flowers, a flash of blush appeared above her dimples. Furthermore, her eyes had a dreamy tint to it : “Heavenly Lake, Snow Mountain, and Stained Glass Forest are all Ziying’s favorite places. Today Foster Father had put aside busy work to take Ziying to sightsee around these places, Ziying really likes it. 

   Her eyes were glistering, the gentle sea breeze blew her purple hair like fluttering ribbons in the wind. 

   Standing there, like a fluttering fairy, giving off the feel of a captivating beauty. 

   Yue Wushang laughed heartily and said:” There’s still something that’ll make you even happier, watch carefully——” 

 At the end of the last two words, his sleeve raised, a source of purple light floated out from inside of his sleeve. Boom—Brilliant fireworks exploded above the sea.  

 The fireworks immediately lit up the whole night sky.  Splendid and dazzling to the eyes. 

    The sea churned, ,countless mermaids adorned in colorful dresses danced on the sea surface. 

   The moon in the sky was round as a circular disk, the mermaid’s dances were dreamy and mesmerizing.  

 Groups of people had gathered in front of the palace gate to watch the bustling scene, everyone cheerfully called out “May the King lived for millions of years, may the Princess live for thousands of years!” 

    The wild cheers were like rising sea waves, crashing higher and higher. 

  Qi Luoer was packed in the crowds. She felt as if something was going up and down in her heart when looking at this scene.    

    A little bit of distress and disappointment all mixed together into an unfamiliar feeling snaking into her heart, causing a small piercing pain.

   Just like a sharp object puncturing through the soft spot of her heart.

   The scene that fell into her eyes was unexpectedly glaring. 

    Her gaze dropped, there seemed to be a slightly bitter taste in her mouth.

    She slowly backed away.

   “Young Lady Qi, you’re also here?” 

   Someone lightly patted her shoulder. 

    Turning around, a gentle-jade like face entered her view. 

   “Gentleman Yue Chi, it’s rare to see you out”  

   Qi Luoer smiled and kept her bitter emotions hidden.

   Yue Chi lightly smiled: “Today is Princess Ziying’s birthday, I heard there will be a festive event, so I came to take a took”  

  At this moment, the fireworks are still in full bloom, that split second of firework explosion seemed as if it was brighter than the moon. 

  Qi Luoer looked back at the firework, her small face cheerful: “The show is truly brilliant. Look, there are even fireworks above the sea surface. I’ve never seen fireworks this bright before and there’s even dancing mermaids.” She clicked her tongue: “ Truly a feast for the eyes.” 

  Yue Chi watched her rather exaggerated smile, a flash of sadness in her eyes. 

  Yue Chi held on to her hands: “Young Lady Qi, you don’t seem to be very happy”  

   Qi Luoer was dazed, forcefully smiling “How did you reach that conclusion? How am I unhappy?” 

   Yue Chi only looked at her in silence. 

   Qi Luoer sighed: “Speaking of being unhappy, I indeed feel a bit unhappy. I’m starting to miss my Shi Fu a little, not sure when your King will release me.

 She glanced at Yue Chi, smiling “Alright, I’ll also take it easy. This Sea-Serpent Palace isn’t bad, there’s plenty to eat and drink. Moreover, I can be a leech that doesn’t have to work, exactly what I had wished for. 

   Even though she was cheerfully saying that there was sadness in the corner of her eyes that she couldn’t hide with her smile.

  Looking at her state, Yue Chi suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart, slightly regretful.  

   Perhaps if there wasn’t his prophecy, the King wouldn’t have treated her coldly like now.  

      But according to the King’s character, if there is even the tiniest bit of threat to the Demon Palace, he would unhesitantly remove the problem right away. 

   Even after learning that Qi Luoer could be the one that takes his life in the future, he still could not bear to deal with her and can only lock her in the palace.  

   Perhaps this Young Lady Qi is different in the King’s eyes.  

  “Oh, Young Lady Qi, you…” 

  He was just about to say some comforting words.  

 “Yue Chi, You and I are very close, stop calling me Young Lady this, Young Lady that. Since I call you Yue Chi, then you should call me Luoer.” Luoqier magnanimously looked at him.

  Yue Chi slightly paused, he wasn’t sure what to do when looking at her sparkling eyes. 

  In his heart he felt touched, nodding his head, “Good! Young Lady Qi—no, since Luoer is frank and straightforward, I will comply just as you requested”   

  Qi Luoer’s mouth curved, and she smiled  

   “Her features isn’t the most beautiful, her eyes aren’t very big, her skin is not light enough.

   But with this one smile, all the stars in the sky seemed to have fallen into her eyes, glowing in the most beautiful splendor. 

   Yue Chi’s heart jumped, it was as if a small rock had been tossed into a tranquil pond, causing ripples. 

    He was somewhat dazed.

   Qi Luoer looked at his blank face and couldn’t help but giggle “Yue Chi, why did you suddenly become a dumb goose?” 

    “Oh…ke (coughing) I… I was thinking of the song you hummed yesterday….there was a few syllables that I couldn’t remember clearly” 

   Yue Chi’s face had a flash of fluster. 

  Qi Luoer smiled “That isn’t hard, I’ll just sing it again for you. Let’s go to your restaurant again, we can eat as we chat”  

  She pulled Yue Chi’s hand, wanting to go. 

   Yue Chi stayed rooted in one place, his expression somewhat strange.  

   “What’s wrong? Let’s go! It’s not like I’m going to eat you!” 

   Qi Luoer felt a little funny when looking at his somewhat uncomfortable expression. 

   It’s just holding hands, how come he has the expression of someone being caught in an affair?  

  Suddenly the atmosphere around them felt somewhat strange and abnormally quiet.


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