Wife is Outrageous Chapter 195~200

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Chapter 195~200 — [又一个美男出场]


 Qi Luoer raised an eyebrow: “Unrestrained where? When I first came here, your underlings locked me in a cell…… there isn’t any bit of freedom. This is called unrestrained? 

 “They made a mistake. Rest assured, it won’t happen again.” Yue Wushang smiled while promising. 

  “It won’t happen again? You mean you won’t ever imprison me again?”

Qi Luoer didn’t trust his words entirely.


    “Correct! I will arrange for you to live in a guest room. You can go wherever you want to go, no one will obstruct you.”

Yue Wushang made her eat a pill of assurance.

“Where is the musician?”

A gentle and pleasant voice suddenly came over.

 Along with the voice, walked in a person.

Qi Luoer only saw a bright flash. Her jaw almost fell!

Another enchantingly beautiful man!

The man was wearing a lagoon blue robe and holding a guqin in his arms. His hair neatly cascading down his back.

 His appearance was difficult to describe, but it seemed equally matched with Yue Wushang’s.

The difference was that his beauty was like a noble lily, delicate. An aura of a pure spirit isolated from the rest of the world.

Qi Luoer’s almost drooled. Is it possible that this world’s Feng Shui is too good? The people raised are all this type of beautiful character.

He lives in this palace. Could it be that he’s also a demon? 

She couldn’t help but sigh when remembering how Zi Yun Sect’s people were pretending to be grotesquely shape cultivators of the demon sect during the examination in Baiyun Mountain.

No wonder Bai Li was angry. Anybody who saw that wouldn’t be happy to see their own people degenerate to that caliber.

“This young lady—— is the musician?”

The man slightly curtsied to Yue Wushang. His melodious voice was very pleasant to the ears. 

His gaze towards Qi Luoer held astonishment and uncertainty.

Yue Wushang’s fingers lightly tapped on the table, like a smile yet not like a smile: “As expected, once you heard that there will be nice music playing, you immediately rush over. What? Not closed-door cultivating anymore? Did you finish studying the new music piece?”

Yue Chi’s face was a bit dejected: “No. It feels like it’s not finished like there is something missing.”

“Gentle as a jade, modest as a nobleman!”

When Qi Luoer saw Yue Chi, these eight words appeared in her mind.

Looking at Yue Wushang again: “Heard a servant report that brother Yue Wushang brought a musician here, could it be—— it’s this young lady?”

Yue Wushang grinned: “This young lady knows the melody of many new songs. Luoer, sing a song, see if it’s able to enter Yue Chi Da ren’s eyes.”

 “Ha, you think I sing for a living?! You’re selling me, yet want me to help you count the money earned?”

Qi Luoer hatefully glared at Yue Wushang, unenthusiastically saying: “ I know a few songs, but I’m afraid it’s not presentable. What’s more, I don’t know what type of genre Mr. Yue Chi likes…..”  

Yue Wushang patted Yue Chi’s shoulder, smiling he said: “This miss is very prideful. She is considering you. If it’s not her close friend, she won’t sing……”

 Yue Chi’s gentle eyes lit up, nodding his head: “Not bad, what brother Yue Wushang said is right. People who have the skills also have a temper. People that don’t have knowledge of music won’t be able to understand, she (Qi Luoer) certainly is the same musical level (as Yue Chi)! I will play a song now, I invite this miss to critique.”

Qi Luoer sweated. Before she was busy training, where did she have the time to listen to elegant music?

 There was only pop music in her head! Let her critique him? Killing her is much faster!

The sound of the gu qing rang.

 It’s not like Qi Luoer doesn’t understand music. It’s just that modern fast-paced rhythm caused her to rarely calm down to savor the wonders of traditional Chinese music.

But at this moment, she couldn’t help but hold her breath and listen. The drawn-out sound of the Guqing was like condensed dewdrops under the moonlight of the night, accompanied by the unique fragrance of grass and wood seeping into one’s heart.

Yue Wushang paused drinking the sake in the cup. His eyes half closed, slightly squinting, quietly listening with a slight hint of a faintly discernible smile on his lips. 

After the song ended, Yue Wushang applauded: “Yue Chi your technique is progressing more and more.”

 Yue Chi’s pair of clear and bright eyes fervently looked at Qi Luoer, eyes holding eagerness: “Young lady.”

 Seemed as if waiting for her ‘expert’ judgement.

Qi Luoer shuddered, for a moment she had a bit of a headache.

Letting her, an amateur, to make an evaluation is really asking for her life!

Apart from saying ‘it’s nice’, there wasn’t anything else she could say.

Suddenly a bright idea came up.

 Smiling she said: “Mr. Yue Chi’s piece is naturally good. I also invite Mr. Yue Chi to listen to one of mine.”

 Her heart secretly rejoiced as she pulled out her phone from the inside of her sleeve.

Fortunately, she specially downloaded a piano piece as a lullaby in order to make sleeping easier. This came in handy!

Yue Chi thought she would have taken out some kind of musical instrument, how would he have thought that she would’ve taken out such a ‘small box’ from her sleeve.

Other than this small box looking shiny, it didn’t look like a musical instrument any way he looked at it.

 He watched as Qi Luoer press here and press there on the small box.

A song played by a musical instrument he had never heard before floated out.

 The piano music, 《The Whisper of Autumn》, reverberated inside the room. Tinkling and jingling, like softly flowing water…… 

Just from listening to the beginning of the song, Yue Chi’s eyes widened. After listening for a while, his hands were slightly shaking.

 His appearance was that of a long-time old drunkard inadvertently getting a jar of precious wine……

 At the end of the song, Yue Chi was silent and not speaking. It seemed as if he was still intoxicated in the water-like sound of the song.

Yue Wushang smiled at him without speaking.

Qi Luoer secretly sighed: “ No wonder people say that music has no borders (a universal language). Hey look, this world-famous song has stunned this ancient musician……”

She was trying to put her phone away when a blue figure flashed in front of her. Yue Chi suddenly rushed over!

Qi Luoer flinched. Thankfully she responded quickly enough, side-stepping, Yue Chi pounced on empty air.

Slightly raising an eyebrow: “Mr. Yue Chi, what are you doing?”Yue Chi face was buzzing with excitement. His pair of eyes were full of craving: “Young lady, could you let me listen to that heavenly song again?”

Qi Luoer was surprised. Seeing his face full of anxiousness, her heart softened and was about to agree.

 However, Yue Wushang casually started to talk: “This song is only heard in heaven, and there are only a few times where the human world could hear it. Yue Chi, this heavenly song isn’t something that can be randomly heard. This young lady came here to ask for a favor.” 

 “What is it?” Yue Chi’s eyes we still focused on Qi Luoer’s phone and was reluctant to look away.”

Qi Luoer was shocked, she had something to ask from this person? Why didn’t she know what it was?

Looking at Yue Wushang, she suddenly realized.

She knew it! This guy came here to sell her! Using her things in exchange for his own interests. Humph, she just knew that this guy wouldn’t come here for no reason! 

 Yue Wushang pretended that he didn’t see Qi Luoer roll her eyes. Smiling towards Yue Chi: “ This young lady’s origin is a bit special. Can Yue Chi see where?”

Yue Chi faltered and looked Qi Luoer up and down.

Being sized up by him, Qi Luoer felt as if there was a searchlight that swept across her whole body, quite uncomfortable.

Yue Chi’s eyes held a flash of surprise, slightly nodding: “ It doesn’t seem like this young lady is from this world. Not fairy, not devil, not human……” 

Qi Luoer had black lines. Describing her this way! 

 Yue Wushang smiled: “Sure enough, Yue Chi is extraordinary. Even though you didn’t open your heavenly eye you could still see this young lady’s origin.

Yue Chi indifferently said: “The aura around this young lady is completely different from this world. It can be seen even without opening the heavenly eye.”

 Qi Luoer’s eyes widened: “Mr. Yue Chi can open the heavenly eye? Wonder what can be seen after opening the heavenly eye?”

Yue Wushang rubbed her head: “Yue Chi’s heavenly eye is phenomenal, it can see a person’s past and future.”

Able to see the past and future? Qi Luoer interest was piqued: “Can Mr. Yue Chi give me a look?”

Yue Chi subtly frowned: “This heavenly eye can’t be causally opened. Don’t talk about the amount of spiritual energy it wastes, because it is a mystery only known to heaven, leaking too much would cause an unexpected calamity……”

Yue Wushang unconcerned said: “There are many similar songs inside her ‘small box’, Yue Chi old pal doesn’t want to hear it?”

 This single phrase is truthfully more useful than anything.

Yue Chi gritted his teeth: “ Fine! I will open it once for her sake! But, I have a condition. I want to borrow this young lady’s ‘small box’ for a day!”

Yue Wushang saluted with a palm hold fist: “ Ok! This young miss promises you!”

 The edge of Qi Luoer’s lip twitched a bit.

 She hasn’t even said yes or no yet? When did she promise him?

 Yue Chi’s black jade-like eyes looked at Qi Luoer: “ Can this young lady agree to part with it?”

 Although this phone is precious in this world, using it won’t easily break it, it would be alright even if he borrowed it for a day.

Nodding her head: “Ok, I promise you. But, after a day you need to give it back.”

Yue Chi repeatedly nodded his head: “This is natural. After I borrow it for a day I guarantee that I will give it back to this young miss in perfect condition. This young miss please be prepared, I will open the heavenly eye for you.” 

Properly sitting up straight, in Qi Luoer’s heart,she was slightly nervous.

Looking at Qi Luoer from the side without speaking a single word, nervousness could be seen on Yue Wushang’s face.

Yue Chi took a deep breath, his fingers were moving as if they were flying, it seemed that he was in the middle of completing a type of extremely complicated incantation.

 A strand of white light emitted from his fingertips. He softly tapped it between the space above his eyebrows.

 There was a dark red flash. The original perfect jade-like skin between his eyebrows slowly split open. Revealing a mysterious soft white light.

 As the white light circulated, the shape of an eye gradually appeared between his eyebrows…..

Qi Luoer’s eyes were opened wide. This—— this Yue Chi can’t be Er Lang Shen’s reincarnation right? He even has three eyes! ( pics of Er Lang Shen 二郎神)

The eye emitted a single beam of red light, shrouding on Qi Luoer’s body.

 Qi Luoer merely felt as if there was a sun suspended over the top of her head.

 Vaguely felt as if some kind of light slowly illuminated across every inch of her body.

 Qi Luoer felt her skin prickle with apprehension because she was nervous, she held her breath. At this moment, her face was about to turn green from holding her breath.

After approximately the time needed to brew half a cup of tea, The eerie eye on Yue Chi forehead finally closed shut. (T/N: A time measurement of about 5 minutes)

 He let out a breath, appeared as if he wasted a large amount of spirit power, there was sweat beaded on his forehead.

 Yet his face was full of awe, muttering: “amazing, this person is amazing!”

 Qi Luoer blanked: “Amazing? Isn’t it very special and outstanding?”

 Yue Chi didn’t nod or shake his head, murmuring: “ You’re really dangerous, you will have a major event that will occur in the future……”

 Listening to it Qi Luoer’s was unable to figure out what’s it all about. What does he even mean?

 Yue Chi took a glance at Yue Wushang, apparently, he was about to speak but hesitated.

Yue Wushang’s complexion was unexpectedly somewhat pale, apparently, he was more nervous than Qi Luoer.

Hand moving (Yue Chi), a beam of white light flashed by Qi Luoer’s head.

Li Luoer only felt a bit dizzy in her head when a rush of drowsiness overcame her. She fell asleep lying on the table.

 Yue Wushang looked at Yue Chi meaningfully, “Exactly what is going on?”

Yue Chi sighed, “Do you still remember what I said to you about your life trial two hundred years ago?

 Yue Wushang raised an eyebrow, “I remember! At that time you told me it was a very dangerous life trial, I would maybe even lose my life if there are any mishaps. Could it be that she is my trial?”

Yue Chi nodded his head, “According to the prophecy, that is correct.”

 Yue Wushang’s pretty brows slightly wrinkled, the light in his eyes slightly unfathomable. “Are you saying that she will kill me? Impossible! Given her ability, even if she trains for eight hundred years without resting, she still won’t be a match for me.  Besides, my life is tough, even if I stand in one place and let her chop me, she won’t necessarily be able to make a single scratch on me”

Yue Chi sighed, “Have you forgotten that she is the Holy Maiden? There isn’t anything that isn’t impossible”

Yue Wushang lifted his eyes to look at him, “What exactly did you see?”

 Yue Chi’s gaze turned icy, “A massive sea of blood, there’s a strong aura of Buddha on top of the blood sea.”

 Yue Wushang frowned, “What does that mean?”

Yue Chi shook his head: “It’s very strange, I’m also not sure. She may not be the one that kills you but your life trial is definitely related to her.”

Yue WuShang was silent for a while before muttering: “Then… are there any countermeasures?”

Yue Chi looked at the sky and calculated, then sighed again: “Your life trial is extremely dangerous, dispelling it is hard, unless…” 

“Unless what?”

“Unless you kill her right now!” (lol…)

On Yue Wushang’s face, you could see that his emotions were unstable. Looking at Qi Luoer who was sleeping soundly on the table, his eyes lit up. Suddenly laughing: “Since it’s unavoidable fate, how is killing her going to solve the problem?” My fate is for me to decide and not the heavens. I don’t believe that I am unable to reverse this hopeless situation! Lao Zi has survived up until now and gone through countless calamities, not to mention this trivial matter.”

Yue Chi “I’m aware since she’s the Holy Maiden, she won’t be easily killed. But for the sake of the demon world’s well-being, Your Highness should distance yourself from her. Do not…harbor any feelings for her.”

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