Wife is Outrageous Chapter 188

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Chapter 188 — [Seems like this is the only way: 看来也只有如此了]

Before even getting to the front of the door, a group of people walked out of the palace, one after another.

In the front were two protectors of the Demon Sect, Lan Tao and He Qingfeng.

Seeing Yue Wushang, they secretly let a sigh of relief and then bowed: “Welcoming the king back to the palace!”

Yue Wushang waved his hand, without patience he said: “don’t use unnecessary courtesy,” What is Ziying’s physical state now?

Qing Feng lowered his head: “not very good……ghost doctor Shen is currently using all his power to save her.”

Yue Wushang’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled: “Ben Wang will go see!”

He flew up and suddenly disappeared!

Lan Tao briefly, bitterly smiled.

The King couldn’t possibly treat Zi Ying, this foster daughter, even better. Once there is a situation involving her, the emperor would be unusually nervous.

To save her, he didn’t even heed everyone’s dissuasion, solely charging into Zi Yun Sect.

Thankfully he safely came back, or else …….

Ai1, If the emperor happened to have a mishap, the devil world would have a round of ruckus again, unable to withstand.

He glanced at Qi Luoer, and his heart shook.

He is one of the Demon world’s protector and naturally has some extraordinary skills, a remarkable ability to read people’s minds.

“Isn’t she the same woman that was lying in the tent in Yuan Shi forest on Yun Wu mountain? The King also brought her?”

He slightly frowned. If he remembered correctly, this woman is also one of Zi Yun sect’s new disciple.

He saw her yesterday…….

“Why did the King bring her for? Although her martial level is good, the power of her spiritual level is super low, what use is there/ can she do?”

Lan Tao’s eyes were shining, examining Qi Luoer up and down.

Qi Luoer also recognized his and Qing Feng’s


Lan Tao doesn’t know why Yue Wushang brought a human girl here.

Yue Wushang was walking too fast, and he also didn’t have time to ask.

He didn’t know how to settle Qi Luoer’s matters.

Is he supposed to treat her like a prisoner and lock her in the dungeon?  Or treat her as a guest and invite her to the guest room?

He felt as if it was an awkward situation, so he looked at Qing Feng. Qing Feng understood and thought about it. Then whispered a few words in Lan Tao’s ear. Lan Tao nodded his head to agree, seemed like that was the only way.

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