Wife is Outrageous Chapter 187

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Chapter 187 — [Can I say no?: 我可以说不吗?]

“Xiao Luoer, do you want to go in to see my palace now?”

Qi Luoer smiled bitterly: “Can I say I am not going?”

Yue Wushang grinned like a fox, shook his head: “Most likely not.”

Humph! I knew he would say that!

“Xiao Luoer, do you want me to carry you there, or do you want to walk there yourself?” Yue Wushang happily smiled, his pair of beautiful eyes glimmering.

Qi Luoer leaped up, running towards the rainbow bridge like there was fire burning her butt: “don’t dare to inconvenience you, I can walk myself!”

From behind, there was unscrupulous laughter that came from Yue Wushang: “Xiao Luoer, you are so well-behaved.”

“Well-behaved my ass!” Qi Luoer hatefully cursed in her heart.


This rainbow bridge is really similar to a rainbow arc. Stepping on it felt a little soft, abnormally comfortable. On the bridge there was a faint amount of mist permeating when people were on it, it’s like being in the clouds.

Even though right now Qi Luoer was worried about the unknown future, but since she came here, there is no turning back. Looking at the extraordinary sight in front of her, she may as well relinquish the worrisome things from her mind.

Willing to do whatever then do whatever. The future isn’t something she can control, might as well let go of her worries and play happily to her heart’s content. Even if she died, she wouldn’t regret it!

If she got out now, she wouldn’t even care what Yue Wushang wanted to do to her.

Taking massive strides forward, gallantly, full of vigor and spirit.

It seemed like the wind was howling, the water was freezing, and the warrior was off to the battlefield, not coming back. (T/N: 大有风萧萧兮易水寒,壮士一去兮不复返的架势 is a poem written by Sima Qian. Here is a ……. photo of him on Wikipedia.)

The walls of the sea serpent palace were all established with large crystals, majestically imposing, brilliantly glittering, bedazzling.

But the city gates were two enormous shells. Don’t even know what kind of shellfish it was, it was thick and five-foot-tall, softly glowing a gem-like luster. There were two tall dragon pillars in front of the door, and also don’t know what type of materials it was made of. Like jade unlike jade, like stone unlike stone, along the wake of the ripples swaying, colors were fluctuating.

This jerk is really rich!

This building is basically the legendary Crystal Palace! Glorious and magnificent!

Before getting to the front of the door, a group of people walked out of the palace, one after another. In the front were two underlings, Lan Tao and He Qingfeng of the Demon sect. Seeing Yue Wushang, they secretly let a sigh of relief and then bowed: “Welcoming Emperor back to the palace!”

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