Wife is Outrageous Chapter 185

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Chapter 185 — [Yue Wushang! What are you doing?]


Yue Wushang long eyes slightly narrowed; his voice indifferent as he asked: “Who’s on duty today?”


“Replying to the King, it was Yun Ji.”


Yun Ting respectfully answered.


Along with her words, an extremely delicate, charming looking female mermaid swam out, crawling to the front.


Yue Wushang’s eyes flashed. He suddenly waved his hand, sending out a purple ray!


The woman screamed, her whole body flying directly in the air!


A ‘bang!’ could be heard as her body slammed into the sea.


She struggled for a few moments, and then, she was still.


The others were scared so severely to the point where their spirit flew from their bodies as they all kneeled: “King, please calm down!”


The beaten woman’s face was utterly ashen, blood dribbling from her lips.


She struggled to support herself while getting up and then kneeled on the sea surface, her body trembling: “King, Yun Ji knows her wrongs. Begging for the king for mercy.”


Qi Luoer didn’t think that if he says he’ll beat someone up, he will beat someone up, so what happened earlier frightened her, as there was no sign beforehand.


She was born nosy, loving to fight against injustice.


At this time she even forgot how terrible the situation she was in, angrily saying:” “Yue Wushang! What are you doing? Why did you hit her?!”


After she said this, all of the mermaid’s faces changed.




” At the sound of the water echoing, a needle, glistening coldly, pressed against Qi Luoer’s neck: “Brazen human, actually daring to call the king’s name, you don’t want to live anymore?!” (T/N: the needle is called 娥眉刺 in the raws. It’s a type of weapon that has sharp points on both sides. Instead of just calling it a needle, I’ll call it an E-mei needle.)


That needle flew at an extremely rapid pace, coldly going straightforwardly towards Qi Luoer’s neck!


Just by continuing half an inch forward, her throat would immediately be pierced!


Qi Luoer’s gaze followed the tip of the needle-like weapon to the hilt of it. Holding the E-mei needle was precisely that female mermaid chief. Her face exhibited a harsh icy expression.


Qi Luoer stood motionlessly, towards the E-mei needle near her neck, it was as if she didn’t notice it. Unemotionally she said: “I’ve always called him that way, what can you do about it?”


That mermaid stared blankly. Before she could say anything, Qi Luoer’s body suddenly moved, left hand successfully grabbing onto the mermaid’s E-mei needle.


Her right hand swung out, and somehow, the mermaid’s e-mei needle could be seen in the hands of Qi Luoer.


“I really don’t like others using an object to point at me while talking, so you better put away that item!”


Qin Luoer indifferently finished speaking, waving a hand, a streak of cold light flashed by, the E-mei needle fell into the ocean water.




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