Wife is Outrageous Chapter 184

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Chapter 184 — [Mermaid?!]



“Then how do you plan to deal with me? Scare me to death?”


Qi Luoer’s small face was slightly pale.


“Oh, that’s actually a great idea! Only–”


He looked at Qi Luoer’s already white as snow face and smiled evilly, “But I would really hate to. I still have another way, want to hear it?” 


Qi Luoer clenched her teeth and glared at him, “What way?”


Yue Wushang just gave her a long smile.


He suddenly moved closer, as fast as lightning, landing a light feather kiss on Qi Luoer’s lips: “Marry you! If you become my wife, you naturally wouldn’t leak your husband’s secrets……”


The unexpected sneak attack was successful. Qi Luoer’s face turned red.


She slapped him without thinking: “You’re dreaming! No way I will never marry you!”

They two were currently unclear about their feelings. The calm sea suddenly surged with white waves, blossoming over with countless surges of seaweed as people walked out from the ocean one by one.


There were men and women, and the young and old. 


Each person had a head of long, green, seaweed-like hair with eyes dark green like jadeite.


Although everyone looked different, they were outstandingly beautiful and handsome.


Their clothes were also different from what humans who lived on dry land wore.


The important places were all covered by something that was made from strung-together seashells, causing a light, crashing sound to echo every time they moved.


Even stranger was how past their waists, they lacked a pair of slender, beautiful legs——


And instead only had a long fishtail, gently swaying in the water……


Mermaids?! Mermaid! [Footnote] In Chinese, she says mermaids twice but with different characters that both mean mermaid (美人鱼 and 鲛人) [/footnote]


Qi Luoer’s eyes widened. She actually saw mermaids that only existed in fairy tales!


They bowed in greeting at the water’s surface: “We respectfully welcome the King back to his palace!”


Among them was a young lady who appeared to be the chief, standing at the very front.


Her long, seaweed-like hair drooped, waving at the sea’s surface: “Yun Ting was slow in greeting King and deserves to atone 10,000 times.”


Her voice held a fascinating echo to it when she spoke, it made a person uneasy.


You didn’t even need to look at her face; just from the voice, you could already know that she was a stunning beauty.


Yue Wushang long eyes narrowed slightly, his voice indifferent as he asked: “Who’s on duty today?”


“Replying to the Monarch, it was Yun Ji.


Yun Ting respectfully answered.


Along with her words, an extremely delicate, charming looking female mermaid swam out, crawling to the front.

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