Wife is Outrageous Chapter 181


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[181] Girl, Give Grandpa a Smile

Qi Luoer couldn’t help but explode with that sentence, practically crying without tears.

My god, she still hasn’t lived long enough ok!?

With great difficulty, she had finally been able to get the man she liked to become her shifu but before she would do anything, she was seized by this guy again!

If he wanted to die, she wouldn’t stop him, but why did she have to drag her along too ah?

They weren’t familiar at all!

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3 thoughts on “Wife is Outrageous Chapter 181

  1. I’m loving this even though WuShang was a girl, now he’s back to being handsome and I cant stop myself from getting too excited! Hope new chapters come soon….

  2. Thank you for the translation of the past 180 chapters of this novel. I can appreciate why you might have wanted to drop it. I tired of the continuous display of the Yue Wushang as Bai Li and Luoer as would be lovers. But, after the great reveal of his true identity and Yun Hua attempt to rescue her, the novel picked up dramatically

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