Wife is Outrageous Chapter 180

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[180] If not you, who else would I marry?

Yue Wushang glanced at Qi Luoer in his embrace and saw that her small face was somewhat pale, but her eyes were still tightly shut.

It appeared to be a very stubborn and strong appearance.

He smiled rottenly: “Little Luoer, open your eyes. Look, guess where this is?”

Qi Luoer didn’t speak. Her eyelashes trembled, but her eyes still didn’t open.

Yue Wushang sighed: “Little Luoer, you’ve been ignoring me the entire time. I really feel so hurt I could die. How about we die together for love, alright!”

As he said the last word, their speed abruptly increased, charging at the base of the mountain!

Qi Luoer heard the wind ferociously whistling in her ears. Her heart shook and she couldn’t help but open her eyes.

Only to see the mountain base right against her face!

The sharp rock was right about to smash against her face!

He was actually going to do it! That guy is absolutely mad!

Qi Luoer involuntarily screamed.

The scream didn’t stop before suddenly she heard a ‘pop’ noise, as if somebody had popped a very big balloon.

This——was this the sound of blowing a person’s brain out?

Qi Luoer tightly shrunk back into Yue Wushang’s embrace, bewilderedly thinking.

It doesn’t hurt… but when she was first hit by a car, it also didn’t hurt……

Yue Wushang looked at the koala-like Qi Luoer in his bosom, his smile seeming just like a sly fox’s.

He patted Qi Luoer’s head: “Little Luoer, open your eyes and look, we’ve finally arrived at the netherworld……”

Qi Luoer’s body was stiff as she slowly opened her eyes.

It was dark, dark as far as the eye could see. Faint bluish green flames danced in the halls.

Under her foot was a bridge. Murky, inky river water could be heard gurgling below, with faint ghost weeping sounds from the river.

The nether world? Is this really the nether world?!

No way, right? This guy was really too perverted!

Qi Luoer pushed him and grimaced, angrily shouting, “Yue Wushang, what were you thinking!”

Yue Wushang’s long eyes narrowed slightly, smiling simply, “Exactly what you thought. Little Luoer, in the sky to be two birds flying wing to wing, on earth to be two trees with branches intertwined, wishing for conjugal bliss. If I cannot grow old with you, then we might as well die together.

Look, the netherworld’s environment isn’t too bad right?”

“Not bad my ass!”

Qi Luoer couldn’t help but explode with that sentence, practically crying without tears.

My god, she still hasn’t lived long enough ok!?

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