Wife is Outrageous Chapter 179

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[179] Then let’s die together for love, alright?

So when Qi Louer criticized him, rather than fumble an explanation, he simply chose to remain quiet instead.

He merely grabbed Qi Luoer by the arm before tightening his embrace on her. Upon meeting her furious gaze, Yue Wushang’s only action was to quietly raise his head, a smile being all he could offer.

He continued to act cheerfully and mischievously: “Little Luoer, of course you’re more precious than any flower or grass. En, as long as you’re obedient, I guarantee that I won’t kill you.”

“Then—— what if I’m not obedient? Will you hit me?”

Qi Luoer casted him a sidelong glance, snorting coldly.

“If you aren’t obedient… oh, that really is a difficult problem——”

Yue Wushang rubbed his chin, appearing to feel somewhat embarassed. Suddenly, he smiled rottenly, “If you aren’t obedient, then I will…. re-luc-tant-ly~ marry you. Then as my wife, you’ll naturally be obedient.”


Qi Luoer was so angry that her face changed color. She’s lived for so long, but she’s never met such a licentious man before!

This guy’s skin was too thick, at a once in a millienia rare thickness. It was probably so thick that even a steel nail wouldn’t be able to penetrate it!

She really wanted to beat the crap out of him.

What a pity, this damn demon’s cultivation was matchless. Even if it was 10 vs 1, they still wouldn’t be able to touch a single hair on his body.

If she wanted to take revenge, she needs to first become an immortal then talk……

Right now she was the Holy Maiden, so cultivating into an immortal should be very fast.

While there is life, there is hope. 1

She had to work hard to one day turn it around for a better life! 2

Qi Luoer thought hatefully.

She closed her eyes and no longer thought about what he said.

This continued for almost two hours. Up ahead, a large mountain range could be seen.

The mountains was far taller than the others; Lan Xicui Mountain Range 3, majestic and imposing. More than 10 peaks could be seen through the dim light of night.

Although Qi Luoer didn’t want to say anything, when she saw such a beautiful scene, her heart was filled with amazement. Unexpected words flew from her lips:

“Wasn’t it said that demonic cultivators lived in barren hills and wild rivers? Look, these mountains are so quiet and elegant.”

Yue Wushang directly brought her to the mountian. They went through many twists and turns before arriving at a cliff. In front of it seemed to be a mountain peak.

Nothing was special about the mountain peak, with no difference from any of the other peaks. It wasn’t very notable in the big mountain range.

Yue Wushang glanced at Qi Luoer in his embrace and saw that her small face was somewhat pale, but her eyes were still tightly shut.

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