Wife is Outrageous Chapter 178

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[178] You’re not allowed to touch! 2

Qi Luoer closed her eyes and spoke emotionlessly: “No! She already died, and it’s you who killed her!”

Yue Wushang frowned, an expression he rarely has and touched Qi Luoer’s head: “Little Luoer, you don’t have a fever, right?”

Qi Luoer’s body suddenly pushed backwards, “You aren’t allowed to touch….. Ah!”

Yue Wushang didn’t expect her sudden struggle and during it, she had unexpectedly escaped Yue Wushang’s embrace.

Qi Luoer screamed, her body like a broken kite as she plunged to the ground!

Right now, they were high in the sky. How could she survive falling down from such a height?

“So when I came to this world, I was just destined to fall to death!”

While Qi Luoer was dizzy with blurred vision, the corners of her lips exposed a bitter smile.


Her body was dragged into a warm embrace as a teasing, smiling voice sounded beside her ear: “Little Luoer, you really aren’t obedient. Falling down and being squashed into a meat patty definitely won’t be fun.”

Qi Luoer opened her eyes and immediately saw a magnified, handsome face right in front of her. She was both confused and angry as her eyes filled with a layer of tears.

She couldn’t help but shout: “Yue Wushang, didn’t you always want to kill me? Shouldn’t it be your intention to have me fall to death?! Why do you still save me? To play with me like a cat with a mouse?!”

Yue Wushang’s body stiffened slightly, his eyes turning dark.

But it was then immediately replaced by a sloppy smile as he rubbed Qi Luoer’s small face: “Little Luoer, you don’t trust me? But you’re my only friend. What do you mean, I still haven’t hurt you enough? How could I be possibly be willing to kill you?

Qi Luoer sneered: “Only friend? So your only friend’s life is worth about as much as a piece of grass, I’m honored!”

Only now did Yue Wushang realise what she was troubled about, his heart faintly sinking.

He had never acted according to common sense. Earlier when he had used Qi Luoer to threaten them, it was only something prompted by a sudden impluse.

Even if Ling Xuzi didn’t give him the Moon Holding Grass, he still wouldn’t have killed her and would’ve just thought of some other way.

But with how things had played out, she was unlikely to believe him even if he explained it to her. He couldn’t bear the thought of begging for forgiveness with excuses either.

His pride bade him no attempt to explain his actions to Qi Luoer. He had always been arrogant and naturally disdained to make a big fuss and nag at her about it.

So when Qi Louer criticized him, rather than fumble an explanation, he simply chose to remain quiet instead.

He merely grabbed Qi Luoer by the arm before tightening his embrace on her. Upon meeting her furious gaze, Yue Wushang’s only action was to quietly raise his head, a smile being all he could offer.

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  1. Aww he really likes her too bad shes as dumb as you can get, woman ask to be treated equal but it’s more like they want everything to go their way, if I had my way I would be on my way and being reincarnated into a world that gives me a meaning to live

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