Wife is Outrageous Chapter 177

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[177] Not Allowed to Touch!

However, Qi Luoer’s face was still tense. From start to finish, she had never said a word and also no longer attempted any meaningless struggles.

“Wife, I didn’t even mute you. Why aren’t you talking to your husband?” 1

Yue Wushang smiled demonically, his eyes gleaming as they wandered, enticing Qi Luoer.

Qi Luoer glared at him and continued to carry out her “four-don’ts policy”: Don’t hear, don’t ask, don’t acknowledge, and don’t care.

“Your bright eyes staring at me is melting my heart. Fortunately I didn’t let go of you, otherwise I’d still be suffering in my yearning for you……”

Yue Wushang’s eyes were filled with smiles, stroking Qi Luoer’s head.

Qi Luoer just closed her eyes.

Yue Wushang was slightly confused, “Little Luoer, you’re angry?”


“Don’t be angry, alright? In fact, my Master really, really, really missed you.” A big, soft yellow head popped out of Yue Wushang’s sleeve. That’s right, it was Dou Bao.

Seeing her, Qi Luoer suddenly remembered Dou Ding.

Dou Bao was here, so where did that little guy go?

As if he knew Qi Luoer’s worry, another bulge rolled in Yue Wushang’s sleeves as Dou Ding’s head popped out.


So it turns out that this guy had long defected, running over to go up on Yue Wushang!

Qi Luoer’s face turned gloomy: “Dou Ding, if you continue to stay on him, then you don’t ever need to come back!”

Her words made Dou Ding droop his ears. He peeked at Qi Luoer’s face before obediently running over to her hand and crawling into her sleeve.

“Little Luoer, let’s stop our little fight. Those two are already married, how could you bear to tear apart their family?”

Yue Wushang smiled in such a way that it was like a smile, yet not a smile.

“Don’t talk about marriage; Yue Wushang, we aren’t even familiar with each other!”

Qi Luoer said coldly.

Not familiar? Yue Wushang provokingly raised a brow: “Little Luoer, in any case, we’ve already shared the bed for a month and now you say that we aren’t familiar with each other?”

Qi Luoer sneered: “And the one I shared the bed with was Bai Li. She was my good sister, but not you!”

Yue Wushang’s raised eyebrows went even higher as he replied provokingly, “But little Luoer, Bai Li and I was always one person……”

Qi Luoer closed her eyes and spoke emotionlessly: “No! She already died, and it’s you who killed her!”

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