Wife is Outrageous Chapter 176

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[176 ] She’s my wife, how could I leave her here?

He also no longer talked superfluous words, quickly flying to the lake’s surface.

Ling Xuzi opened his hand, revealing a silver white pearl. The glossy, jade pearl’s small plant soon flew to his hand.

The small plant had two long leaves that seemed to be enshrouded in moonlight, faintly releasing a silver-white glow. A light purple flower blossomed above the leaves, sparkling and translucent, pure and limpid, seeming like a crystal.

“Take it! Let go of her!’“

Ling Xuzi’s hand stretched out. The grass flew in the sky, slowly moving towards Yue Wushang’s hand.

Yue Wushang looked at him with a smile, “Oh, this grass’s condition looks pretty good. Alright! I’ll spare her life and not kill her!”

He laughed out loud. Everybody could only see a blindingly white light appear before Yue Wushang vanished tracelessly.

Ling Xuzi shouted angrily, “Yue Wushang, your words can’t be trusted!”

Yue Wushang’s faint laughter could be heard in the sky: “I only promised not to kill her, I never said that I would release her. She’s my wife so how could I leave her here……”

His voice grew more and more faint, his final words barely able to be heard.

Li Yu stomped his foot and couldn’t help but urge: “Shifu, why aren’t you chasing after him? He just kidnapped Xiao Shimei! Xiao Shimei is the Holy Maiden, what happens if he deals her a deadly blow?”

Yun Hua glanced at him before silently turning his head and walking away.

Ling Xuzi sighed, “Forget about it, chasing after him is useless. That bastard’s escaping abilities are top class so it’s pointless. Besides, even if we catch up, what would we do then? He might kill your shimei in a fit of anger and desperation.”

He shook his head, leaving with a brush of his sleeves.

“Then——- we’re just going to let it pass like this?” Li Yu was unresigned.

But not a single person answered……

………………………………………………The scene changes.

The whole journey was as fast as lightning. Yue Wushang’s left arm hugged Qi Luoer, repelling the wind as they flew.

Even though there was nothing below them, Yue Wushang’s flight was very stable, the same as Yun Hua’s.

Yue Wushang got the Moon Holding Grass and also snatched back Qi Luoer, so his mood was very carefree.

Against the wind, the lapels of his clothing fluttered wildly, unrestrained.

The sky’s wind was bitingly cold. The gale created ‘whoo’ sounds as they blew at his sleeves.

He released a large breath, absolutely delighted!

It’s been a long time since he had last seen Yun Hua’s fazed expression and it still really made one feel pleased!

However, Qi Luoer’s face was still tense. From start to finish, she had never said a word and also no longer attempted any meaningless struggles.

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  1. Hopefully now we get to see their relationship advance~? He seems very delighted by it all, but our poor girl cant make heads or tails

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