Wife is Outrageous Chapter 175

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[175] How can we play and kiss in the future?4

Ling Xuzi was also unable to remain calm: “Shidi, 1, don’t……”

Yun Hua’s black pupils held no emotions as he spoke indifferently, “Shixiong 2, don’t worry. The Heaven Cleaving Sword will only destroy evil demons. Nothing will happen to Luoer.”

Ling Xuzi was startled, feeling relieved!

He already knew that his shidi was a once in a millennia genius. Back when he was only in his twenties cultivating to become an immortal, he was already the best in the immortal world.

But didn’t expect that now Yun Hua actually succeeded in cultivating the Heaven Cleaving Sword that Master had only understood when he was 2000 years old.

And furthermore, even manage to improve the Heaven Cleaving Sword by preserving its best feature while removing the dross!

Ling Xuzi stared at the net of swords that glittered like frost and snow, releasing bright waves of light.

It had matchless power and was brimming with dazzling rightenousness, with none of the baleful aura that previously radiated from Master’s……

Yue Wushang narrowed his eyes and laughed, slowly speaking: “Although the Heaven Cleaving Sword cannot harm the innocent…… you guys aren’t afraid that I’ll kill the Holy Maiden before I die so she can accompany me in my death?”

After he spoke, everyone’s faces changed.

Yue Wushang was very temperamental. He was ruthless and fond of killing, so nobody dared to doubt the authenticity of his words.

Qi Luoer didn’t know why but her heart suddenly ached, as if it had been punched by a fist!

Sure enough–

In his eyes, she was the same as everybody else!

Her heart slowly sunk. Qi Luoer’s heart was filled with an indescribable feeling.

She bit her lip, unwilling to say another word.

Ling Xuzi lost his cool: “Yue Wushang, just say it, what do you want in return to let her off?

Yue Wushang laughed, his smile capable of causing the downfall of a city, “Moon Holding Grass. Obediently hand over the Moon Holding Grass, then I’ll let go of her and spare her life.”

Ling Xuzi unexpectedly once again took the risk: “Fine! I promise you! However, you must honor your word and release her!”

Yue Wushang was beaming: “When does Laozi not keep his word?” 3

Ling Xuzi was slightly startled.

He and Yue Wushang have fought for many years and met many times. So, he knew that even though Yue Wushang was the Demonic Sect’s leader, he had never broken his word.

He also no longer talked superfluous words, quickly flying to the lake’s surface.

Ling Xuzi opened his hand, revealing a silver white pearl. The glossy, jade pearl’s small plant soon flew to his hand.

The small plant had two long leaves that seemed to be enshrouded in moonlight, faintly releasing a silver-white glow. A light purple flower blossomed above the leaves, sparkling and translucent, pure and limpid, seeming like a crystal.

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