Wife is Outrageous Chapter 174

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[174] How can we play and kiss in the future?3

Yue Wushang sneered slightly, his appearance turning dark and menacing.

His lightning like mark turned dark red like blood as a sinister, dark qi filled the air. The faint sounds of a weeping ghost could be heard inside the dark air as demonic qi violently rushed forth. The entire area’s temperature seemed drop by 10 degrees!

Qi Luoer was the closest to him and was surrounded by the demonic qi. She couldn’t help but shiver.

The Holy Maiden Ribbon seemed to sense her anxiety and released a faint white glow.

The white glow appeared to have a power to purify living things and actually dispersed some of the demonic qi surrounding Yue Wushang.

Yue Wushang was slightly startled, a flicker of killing intent flashing through his eyes!

So– this Holy Maiden Ribbon was his bane!

Qi Luoer’s spirit force was so meager that it could even be called basically nothing yet her resistance with the Holy Maiden Ribbon actually managed to break up part of his defensive qi.

If she had time and cultivated, then soon, he wouldn’t even be her opponent!

It turns out that the Holy Maiden Ribbon was such a thing! No wonder Ziyun Sect was searching so frantically for her.

After some time, the Holy Maiden would definitely become his biggest threat!

How could this be good?

If the Holy Maiden was somebody else, Yue Wushang would’ve long killed her with a thoughtless wave of the hand. However, the Holy Maiden just had to be Qi Luoer!

He still really didn’t want to just destroy the flower…..

“Yue Wushang! I’ll tell you again, release that girl! You still won’t let go of her?!”

Yun Hua half floated in the air, the cold moon hanging behind him as if he belonged there.

His plain white robes fluttered in the air, free of any filth. Behind him, the net of swords flickered with cold light, carrying heaven destroying power! 1

Yue Wushang’s eyes sharpened as he sneered: “Release her in which way? Don’t release her in what form? Bringing out the Heaven Cleaving Sword which smashes both stone and jade indiscriminately, aren’t you afraid that your little disciple might accompany me in death? And besides–”

Yue Wushang’s lips curved, exposing a contemptful smile: “Besides, your Heaven Cleaving Sword might not even be able to hurt me…..”

Hearing this sentence, everybody’s faces all, without exception, changed. Li Yu couldn’t help but shout, “Shifu, don’t injure little shimei!

The Holy Maiden that had finally be found with great difficulty absolutely could not die just like this!

Ling Xuzi was also unable to remain calm: “Shidi, 2, don’t……”

Yun Hua’s black pupils held no emotions as he spoke indifferently, “Shixiong 3, don’t worry. The Heaven Cleaving Sword will only destroy evil demons. Nothing will happen to Luoer.”


Kiki (Translator): Hey guys! Do you prefer it if Yue Wushang calls Qi Luoer Little Luoer or Xiao Luoer? Xiao is an endearment which literally means ‘little’ or ‘small’. Also, did you know that if you click the little 4 floating number, it’ll show a footnote? I usually have footnotes if I made some changes to the text (like the emoji, or for pinyin terms (like shixiong)

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  1. Kiki you are awesome. I enjoy reading the pinyon terms. But I also like that I can have an understanding of the true meaning. Thank you

  2. You don’t even have to click on the number 🙂 Just hovering your mouse over it makes the words pop up. Very handy, and much easier to read than having to go to the bottom of the page and back. Usually I go for the pinyin, like with Shidi and Shifu and Shixiong, etc, but when he says Little Luo’er I have to agree that it sounds so cute.

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