Wife is Outrageous Chapter 173

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[173] How can we play and kiss in the future? 2

“Yue Wushang, won’t harassing a young lady like that ruin your reputation as the great demon lord? Release her!”

Yun Hua pointed his sword at Yue Wushang as he spoke coldly.

“Release her?” Yue Wushang smiled brightly, “Me and my wife are talking, what nonsensical things are you saying?”

The words that flew out of his mouth so smoothly made the subject of his sentence, Qi Luoer exceptionally angry: “Yue Wushang, if you talk anymore rubbish, I’ll bite my tongue off and kill myself!”

After she shouted, Qi Luoer’s face faintly reddened.

To first weep, second, fake illness and third, hanging herself were precisely the three big steps to subduing a man. Qi Luoer never expected for herself, a great special forces soldier, to one day do the same.

Ai, Qi Luoer, you’ve fallen!

Yue Wushang narrowed his eyes, his hand rubbing Qi Luoer’s head: “Be obedient. You mustn’t bite no matter what. If you bite your tongue off, how can we play and kiss in the future? Plus, biting your tongue is extremely painful……”

@.@ All of his sentences were all so ambiguous!

Pervert! Super pervert! Qi Luoer badly wished that she could just stuff his mouth shut 1.

And she didn’t know what sort of demonic skill he had used, but after he rubbed her head, her mouth had become stiff and difficult to move.

Nevermind biting her tongue, just talking was already very difficult……

Yun Hua watched as his newly accepted disciple was held and teased in Yue Wushang’s embrace. Even though he had very strong self control, right now he still couldn’t help but speak coldly: “Yue Wushang, let go of her right now! Or else, I will extinguish both your body and soul.”

His longsword hummed, releasing a faint white glow.

After a sword art was activated, the longsword suddenly flew up, streaking across the sky like lighting within a cloud.

In a flash, it changed into countless swords. It was impossible to tell which ones were real and which ones were fake.

Under the cold moon, innumerable identical swords arised abruptly, interweaving with each other to form a huge net, shrouding Yue Wushang below it.

Heaven Cleaving Sword!

Yue Wushang’s face changed slightly. He didn’t expect that after just a few years without a fight, Yun Hua had actually managed to succeed in cultivating Ziyun Sect’s certain kill skill– Heaven Cleaving Sword!

Legend was that once the Heaven Cleaving Sword was unleashed, it would destroy indiscriminately. Almost no demonic cultivators could avoid it; even Yue Wushang’s father had lost his life to this skill!
Yue Wushang sneered slightly, his appearance turning dark and menacing.

His lightning like mark turned dark red like blood as a sinister, dark qi filled the air. The faint sounds of a weeping ghost could be heard inside the dark air as demonic qi violently rushed forth. The entire area’s temperature seemed drop by 10 degrees!

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  1. Oooh! I love the descriptions at the end there of their abilities. I would love to see this as an anime or live action! Thank you for the new chapters!

  2. Master for a day, father for a life time. Daddy Yun Hua will protect his new daughter, i mean disciple, to the death.

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