Wife is Outrageous Chapter 171

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[171] After we return, I’ll eat you bite by bite~…4

“What does it have to do with you? Just let go of me!”

Qi Luoer was afraid that he would deal her a fatal wound the next moment and violently struggled in his embrace.

Yue Wushang’s hand was delicately white, but extremely strong.

It was like a metal pincer, easily restraining Qi Luoer with only one hand.

Qi Luoer’s wrist was about to snap from struggling but still couldn’t shake off his grasp.

It seems like to survive, she has to break her wrist!

But Qi Luoer didn’t want to snap her own wrist. Then in that case, she could only wrong Yue Wushang!

Her hands have no strength, but doesn’t she still have a mouth?

She clenched her teeth and steeled herself. She ducked her head, her speed like lightning as she opened her mouth and bit Yue Wushang’s wrist!

She was also forced to do this. When she took the bite, a sweet, fishy liquid poured into her mouth.

She broke through! Let’s see if you still won’t let go!

Qi Luoer thought hatefully.

Yue Wushang’s hand shook. He looked at her and smiled, “Little Luoer, is my blood very tasty? Do you want another bite?

“En, bite then, bite then. After we return, I’ll bite and bite back~”

His intonation was very ambiguous. Qi Luoer’s body turned stiff, shouting violently in her heart, “You damn pervert!”
She stared at Yue Wushang’s careless attitude and no longer bit down.

She reluctantly loosened her mouth. Yue Wushang’s white as jade wrist had deep row of marks, with clear teeth imprints.

This…… This shouldn’t be like the first time with the dagger. It’s just another diversionary tactic, right?

Qi Luoer couldn’t help but touch it. It was bumpy, and didn’t feel fake……

“Oh~~ Little Luoer, your touch is soooo comfortable~”

Yue Wushang narrowed his eyes. His voice wasn’t very quiet, just enough to allow everybody to hear his words.

Everyone’s faces collectively went black! 1

Qi Luoer shook even more, itching to stitch Yue Wushang’s mouth shut!

His damn words really weren’t ordinary ah!

She never had a pure reputation but now, it’s completely destroyed!

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